Protect Your Privacy by Watching YouTube in Incognito Mode!

Are you worried that YouTube is watching your personal activities? What steps should you take to stop unauthorized data collection? You may attempt to view YouTube using the Incognito mode. So, how can I take …

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Are you worried that YouTube is watching your personal activities? What steps should you take to stop unauthorized data collection? You may attempt to view YouTube using the Incognito mode. So, how can I take advantage of YouTube’s private mode? For further information, see this MiniTool article.

YouTube analyzes the history of videos you’ve seen to suggest new videos to you when you log into your Google account. Theoretically, this is advantageous as YouTube can customize its suggestions based on what it believes you would enjoy. There are others who find that to be advantageous.

You might not, however, want YouTube to be aware of every video you see in some circumstances. Fortunately, Google now lets users hide their watching habits on YouTube, so you may continue using the site even if an awkward video makes you feel uncomfortable.

The Meaning of Incognito Mode

Google has brought to YouTube an Incognito mode akin to their Chrome browser. All you have to do is activate this function, which will let you conceal your activity from Google overlords and YouTube.

You may now watch all of your guilty pleasures without worrying about being judged. In addition, there are further advantages for people who are worried about their safety.

All of the videos you watch on YouTube are tagged, as was previously discussed. This serves two purposes: gathering information and suggesting other films you might enjoy.

YouTube gathers data about the videos you watch in order to better target consumers with advertising. If you are uncomfortable with this data harvesting approach, you may restore some privacy by turning on Incognito mode.

How to Turn on Incognito Mode on YouTube?

You may be wondering how to use the Incognito mode on YouTube at the moment. YouTube’s Incognito mode is now limited to Android-powered devices. Regretfully, it’s not known whether or when additional devices will be able to use the function.

Remember that your employer or school can still view your activities as long as you’re connected to their network, even if you disable YouTube from collecting your search and browsing history.

incognito youtube

Open the YouTube app, then press the circular profile symbol in the upper-right corner of the screen to activate the incognito mode. The page for account administration will open as a result. Locate and choose the Turn on Incognito option.

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A notification that describes Incognito mode in detail appears on the screen when you enable it.

You should now be able to access YouTube in private mode. Basically, YouTube won’t remember anything you see when you’re using Incognito mode. As a result, what you view in Incognito mode has no bearing on what is recommended to you.

Update YouTube If You Can’t See the Incognito Option

Make sure YouTube is up to date on your device if you are unable to view the incognito option. Click on the three lines piled in the upper left corner of the screen when the Play Store app is active to do this.

You may select My Applications & games from the option that appears. Next, select UPDATE ALL to download and install any outstanding updates for all of your applications. Alternatively, you can click the UPDATE button next to the YouTube app to update it directly.

Pause Your YouTube History to Be Collected on IOS

You can still secure your online activity even if you don’t use Android. Thankfully, you can disable YouTube’s history collecting on iOS devices to prevent the company from tracking and documenting your usage of the app.

Use these guidelines to stop the YouTube history gathering from happening. Click the circular account symbol after opening the mobile app on your iOS device. Next, choose Privacy > Hide browsing history. Following that, YouTube won’t be able to record the videos you look for using the app.

You can still stop YouTube from spying on you if you watch it mostly through a web browser. To access, just open a Private or Incognito window in your preferred browser. YouTube will be forced to treat you like a total stranger if you open a Private or Incognito window.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, this essay has thoroughly shown how to stop data gathering and how to view YouTube in private mode. Please share any other clever suggestions you may have in the comments below to stop unsolicited data collecting.

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