Directorate Higher Education Uttarakhand

In Uttarakhand, the Directorate of Higher Education was set up in July 2001. When the Directorate was made, there were only 34 government degree schools. At the moment, Kumaon University and H.N.B.Garhwal University are the only two universities that offer general higher education. They have 5 university campuses and 113 affiliated degree and post-graduate schools, some of which are supported by the government and some of which are not.

There are 71 colleges that are connected to Sridev Suman University and 42 schools that are connected to Kumaon University. Also, the number of schools and universities that pay for themselves is growing all the time. This makes it clear that the directorate has more administrative and monitoring work to do. Also, because of the focus on the level of higher education, the role and responsibilities of the directorate have grown.

Expansion Of Higher Education In Uttarakhand

The Directorate of Higher Education in Uttarakhand has witnessed a remarkable expansion since its establishment in July 2001. Initially consisting of only 34 government degree colleges, the state now boasts 70 government colleges, along with 16 aided colleges. This growth reflects the increasing emphasis on higher education in Uttarakhand and the rising demand for educational opportunities among its residents. The directorate has played a crucial role in facilitating this expansion and managing the administrative and supervisory tasks associated with the growing number of institutions.

Problems In Uttarakhand With Higher Education

Uttarakhand is mostly made up of hills, which makes it hard to get a better education there. The land’s shape makes it hard to get to and makes it hard to build facilities. But the Directorate of Higher Education is aware of these problems and is working on ways to use information and communication technology to get around them. By using technology, the directorate wants to make sure that all students in the state can get a good higher education and have the same access to educational options, no matter where they live.

Skill Development And Vocationalization Of Higher Education

In today’s fast-changing job market, improving your skills is a key part of making yourself more employable. The Directorate of Higher Education in Uttarakhand knows that students in higher education need to work on developing their skills. Traditional courses are becoming less and less useful, so there is a pressing need to adapt education to new fields and business needs. The goal of the directorate is to make sure that higher education is more focused on giving students practical skills and information that match the changing job market. By putting more emphasis on vocational education, Uttarakhand hopes to close the skills gap and give its grads more jobs.


To give young people who have finished secondary school the chance to go to higher education based on their needs and wants, to teach them about cultural heritage and how to protect it, to encourage research-based development, and to start professional courses along with traditional courses. To make the state of Uttarakhand educated and wealthy by making it a knowledge hub.

The arts, culture, and science will help the kids grow and become more independent if they learn more about them and how they work. They will make a big difference in the progress and growth of the state. Information and communication technology will be an important part of the process of growth, and it will speed up the process.


To make Uttarakhand a model state with high-quality education for its young people, to focus on arts, science, and culture, to make sure that young people develop in all ways so that they can reach their full potential, to get rid of poverty and unemployment by giving young people the skills they need to get a job, to create a good environment and infrastructure for the growth and development of centers of excellence in teaching, research, and application, and to train young people so that they can get jobs. Higher education gives all aspiring and deserving students the chance to get both a good education and a skilled education.


What is the focus on skill development of higher education?

The Directorate of Higher Education knows that education needs to keep up with new fields and business needs. It wants to put vocational education at the top of the list to help kids get jobs and close the skills gap in Uttarakhand.

How does the directorate ensure quality education and infrastructure?

The office tries to even out differences between regions and keep a balance between demand and quality. It focuses on improving infrastructure, adding more classes, and making sure skilled teachers are available.

What is the vision of the Directorate of Higher Education in Uttarakhand?

In line with India’s goals, the directorate wants to help build a society that is built on knowledge. By encouraging higher education and giving people access to good education, it hopes to give people more power and help the state’s economy grow.