What Does “SOS Only” Mean and How to Fix it

The coverage of iPhone networks is continuously expanding, and 4G is available in many seemingly remote areas. However, not every place on Earth has internet access, and the coverage offered by your mobile network provider …

what does sos only mean

The coverage of iPhone networks is continuously expanding, and 4G is available in many seemingly remote areas. However, not every place on Earth has internet access, and the coverage offered by your mobile network provider may vary.

Your iPhone may occasionally display “SOS” or “SOS Only” where your network connection normally appears. This issue is not the same as when your iPhone is stuck in Emergency SOS mode, which usually prevents you from using any other features of the device.

You may use this article to assist you in solving the issue if your iPhone displays SOS Only or anything similar. We’ll go into the reasons for this message on your smartphone as well as some potential fixes.

What Does the iPhone’s SOS Only Mean?

When your iPhone displays SOS Only, it indicates that you are unable to transmit or receive non-emergency calls using the device. Generally, the signal shows up when you’re in an area outside of your cell carrier’s network coverage, such as a desert or a mountain hike. If you’re at sea, you could also see the SOS Only message.

You may continue to use Bluetooth and connect to Wi-Fi even if your iPhone displays SOS Only. It only indicates that you are now unable to access your mobile data.

How to Fix the SOS-Only Problem on iPhone

Now that you are aware of what SOS Only on your iPhone entails, let’s examine possible solutions. We’ll list your alternatives below and emphasise the steps you need to take.

Turn Airplane Mode On and Off Again

When you get the SOS Only notification on your iPhone, you need to switch to Aeroplane Mode first. Though it’s not always effective, turning the function on and off again is a straightforward solution to many network connectivity problems.

Here’s how to restart and switch on Aeroplane Mode on your iPhone:

From your iPhone’s upper right corner, swipe down. That’s where your battery and Wi-Fi will reside, as well as the SOS symbol.

Resolving the above will allow you to access the Control Centre. To turn on the functionality, click the Aeroplane Mode icon once.

Once more, touch the Aeroplane Mode symbol after a little while. After that, your iPhone will try to get back on your cell network.

Turn Off Your Device

Try rebooting your iPhone to see if it helps you reconnect to the internet if going off and on Aeroplane Mode doesn’t work.

If the home button on an iPhone is absent, users may rapidly access the volume up and down controls by holding down the standby button until the Apple logo displays again. If all you want to do is switch your iPhone back on and off, press and hold the standby button until the “Slide to power off” option appears.

what does sos only mean

You may need to take the same actions as above if your iPhone has a home button. On previous models, however, press and hold the standby and volume-down keys.

The process of restarting your iPhone generally entails holding down the power button until the slider requesting that you switch off your device displays. To turn your smartphone back on after it has shut off, hold down the standby button.

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Turn Cellular Data Off and On Again

Try turning your cellular data off and back on again if the SOS Only issue on your iPhone is still bothering you. Here’s how to carry it out.

Locate Cellular towards the top of the screen when you launch the Settings app.

Turn the toggle for cellular data off.

Once you have turned off Cellular Data, press the same area on your screen to turn it back on.

Manually Select Your Carrier

You can try manually choosing your carrier if you think you’re in an area where your cell network should be able to reach you but your iPhone is still showing SOS Only.

You may choose an iPhone carrier manually by following the instructions in this article. Soon after selecting your carrier, you ought to see a list of possibilities.

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Wait until You’re in A Different Location

Have you attempted every suggestion in this guide but been unsuccessful? Regretfully, it’s possible that your mobile network connection is not available to you. No matter how many tips and tactics you try, you won’t be able to use your mobile data to access the internet after this.

You can always hold off till you’re somewhere else. Hopefully, you will be able to utilise your internet connection once more when you’ve relocated.

It may be worthwhile to attempt contacting your network provider if the issue still exists after relocating to a more metropolitan region. It might be necessary for you to use a friend’s smartphone or log on to Wi-Fi when you can.

Try These Tips for Fixing the “SOS Only” Problem on Your iPhone

It’s simple to forget that not everything on the globe will always have access to your cell network if you reside in an urban location. Your iPhone may notify you that you can only make SOS calls when it detects that you are occasionally out of range.

If you are in a region where there is actually no cell network coverage, there isn’t much that you can do. To find out whether your iPhone is saying that for real, you may try a few different adjustments before deciding if that’s the case.

This is a handbook that you may always have on hand in case you need to refer to it later. If there are circumstances in which you are unable to connect to your mobile network, it can be worthwhile to take a screenshot of it.

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