7 Legit Ways to Get Discord Nitro for Free!

With Discord Nitro, you can support the servers you participate in and enjoy additional features like larger file uploads, a greater selection of emoticons, HD video streaming, customizable profiles, and more. Nevertheless, the Nitro costs …

how to get nitro for free

With Discord Nitro, you can support the servers you participate in and enjoy additional features like larger file uploads, a greater selection of emoticons, HD video streaming, customizable profiles, and more.

Nevertheless, the Nitro costs $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year to purchase. However, there are genuine methods available for you to obtain the Discord Nitro for nothing at all. The ones that are currently operational for you are listed below.

1. Salad

You may install Salad, a free cryptocurrency mining program, on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. It mines cryptocurrency for you using the power of your computer. You can redeem your cryptocurrency to a cryptocurrency wallet or use it to purchase Amazon gift cards, in-game currency, deals on services like Spotify, and even the Discord Nitro after you start earning some income from it.

how to get nitro for free

If you have any questions, you may visit Salad’s support page to create an account, begin mining, view your amount, redeem it, and access further frequently asked questions. You make more money from your computer the more powerful it is.

2. Nitro Giveaways

Nitro giveaways are held on several Discord servers. The majority of these Discord servers are heavily centered on ads and reward you with nitro to promote their services. To be eligible to win the Discord Nitro, simply take part in those giveaways. It is not assured that using this approach will result in Nitro, as with all giveaways, there can only be one free winner.

In any case, you should choose to join any of the top Discord servers listed below ◤ Open Advertisements; Jet’s Dream World; Sound’s Spooky World; Dank’s Dungen; Custom’s Magical World; and Self-promotion Central. To prevent bots from joining, the majority of these servers feature a brief verification procedure, similar to a captcha.

3. Promotions

Similar to the Nitro Giveaways, businesses occasionally give out free months of Nitro to each and every one of their clients as a promotion or welcome present. For instance, all of Epic Games’ subscribers used to receive free Discord Nitro.

You can now get YouTube Premium for free if you own Discord Nitro. Thus, if you’ve never had a YouTube Premium subscription and would like to give it a try, simply purchase the Nitro for $10 to receive a $33 three-month subscription.

how to get nitro for free

Keep in mind that the majority of these promos, including the previously mentioned YouTube Premium, are only accessible in select regions.

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4. Discord Partner Program

Nitro upgrades are given away for free to owners of partnered Discord servers. Your server must be active, have 500 users or more, be at least 8 weeks old, and be seen as a positive atmosphere free of foul language in order to be eligible for partnership.

Open your Discord server, choose Server Settings, and then select the Partner Program option from the sidebar to become a member of the program. To apply for a partnership, use this link if your server meets the eligibility standards listed above. Discord occasionally stops the partner program as well, so you may apply later or wait.

how to get nitro for free

 5. Download the Mobile App

When you download the Discord mobile app, Discord itself gives you a free month of Discord Nitro. There’s a catch, though. It only functions if you haven’t already installed the Discord app on your phone and your account doesn’t have Nitro. Essentially, new users.

When it downloads for the first time, a pop-up window requesting that you continue should appear. Recall that Discord requests your payment information even if you are not required to purchase anything. In any case, Nitro isn’t a membership service, so you may stop using it whenever you want.

Download the Discord app for iOS and Android.

6. Events

Discord Nitro prizes are frequently offered at Discord-related events. While it’s not a guarantee, this is one way to get Nitro for free. For instance, Discord typically hosts Snowsgiving events around Christmas or on their anniversaries. Along with the Discord Nitro, these events often give out a ton of free things, like Xbox, Play Station, keyboards, headsets, game licenses, etc. However, the odds of winning a gift are the same as those of a giveaway.

how to get nitro for free

7. Talk on Servers

A leveling system is included on many Discord servers; sending messages earns you experience points (XP), which eventually raises your level. A small number of servers offer prizes with every level up, and some servers additionally offer Discord Nitro as a choice. Additionally, on some servers—like Planet Roonie—the most active user will receive Nitro. Thus, taking part in these servers might enable you to obtain Nitro at no cost.

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Wrapping Up: Get Free Discord Nitro

Installing the Discord app and taking part in giveaways are two of the easier methods to obtain Nitro, although salad is still a better option if you want Nitro regularly. You can utilize any method available to you for producing Nitro from various sources.

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