How to Gift and Redeem Discord Nitro on Desktop and Phone?

Discord Nitro provides a number of features, including the ability to customize the about me and profile sections, boost servers, increase the server limit, and add unique emoticons to everything. Discord allows you to give …

discord nitro gift

Discord Nitro provides a number of features, including the ability to customize the about me and profile sections, boost servers, increase the server limit, and add unique emoticons to everything. Discord allows you to give Nitro to people in addition to purchasing it for yourself. This post will explain how to redeem Discord Nitro on desktop and mobile devices as well as how to gift it.

How to Give a Desktop Discord Nitro Gift

1. Launch the Discord website or app in your browser. Click the Nitro option located on the sidebar of this Discord site.

discord nitro gift

2. Select the Gift Nitro button from the Nitro page.

discord nitro gift

3. Choose Nitro or Nitro Basic as the gift option in the pop-up window. In comparison to Nitro Basic, Nitro offers more upload storage, server boosting capabilities, weekly super responses, HD streaming, and other features. Discord provides a comprehensive list of perks when selecting plans, albeit they may vary.

discord nitro gift

4. After deciding on a plan, choose if you want to give the Nitro as a present for a year or for a month. Nitro plans are available as a one-time purchase, but they also feature a subscription option. They will therefore forfeit the Nitro advantages at the expiration of the Nitro plan you gifted, and you won’t be automatically billed for the next month or year.

discord nitro gift

5. Choose your preferred payment method from Card, PayPal, or Venmo on the following screen, then complete the transaction.

discord nitro gift

6. To finish the transaction, accept the terms after the money has been made and click the “Buy Gift” button.

7. You will receive a gift link that you may share with others by copying it.

If you haven’t copied the link, click the Gift Inventory option in the User Settings. You may create a new link under Gifts You Purchased at any moment, up until the purchased gift is redeemed.

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How to Gift Discord Nitro on Mobile (Android and iOS)

1. Turn on your phone, open the Discord app, hit the profile symbol in the lower right corner, and choose Nitro Gifting.

discord nitro gift

2. Choose whether you wish to give Nitro as a gift for a month or a year under the Nitro or Nitro Basic option.

3. Finish the transaction using Apple Pay on the iPhone or Google Play on the Android device.

discord nitro gift

4. Upon completion of the payment, you will receive a link that you may send to whomever you choose to give Discord Nitro to.

The link is located at the top of the Nitro Gifting page, if you haven’t copied it after making the payment.

How to Use Desktop and Mobile Devices to Redeem Discord Nitro

Redeeming Discord Nitro is done in a similar way on desktop and mobile devices.

You may easily click or touch the Accept button on the Discord embed if you received the Nitro gift link over the Discord server channel or direct message. Next, to redeem the Nitro gift, click or touch the I accept button in the pop-up window.

Open the link, log in to Discord if needed, select Accept, and then click the I accept button to redeem the Nitro gift if you got it from another source.

Your awarded Nitro advantages will begin after your Nitro membership expires if you are already a Nitro user at the time of redemption.

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1. What distinguishes a Nitro Code from a Discord Nitro gift link?

Nitro will be given to you for free via Nitro Code and Nitro Link. However, Nitro links are created and gifted to you by people. On the other hand, businesses provide the Nitro code as a promotional offer.

These Nitro Codes may be redeemed by going to User Settings > Gift Inventory. All you have to do is copy the code from the Redeem codes area and click the Redeem button. In any case, once engaged, Nitro Codes and Nitro Gift Links function in the same way.

2. Why Are Nitro Gifts More Expensive Than Nitro Subscriptions?

Depending on the national economy, Nitro subscriptions are less expensive in other nations. However, Nitro Gifts’ global prices are all expressed in US dollars. This is to prevent individuals from giving out Nitro for very little money. For this reason, a Nitro membership costs more in many countries than Nitro Gifts.

Nitro Gifts for Discord

Discord Nitro is a great way to get access to exclusive features and improve your experience. You may share the advantages of this premium service with your friends and family by giving them access to Nitro through gifting and redemption.

Nitro offers something for everyone, whether your goals are more server boosts, higher audio quality, or distinctive badges and emoticons. Keep in mind that there are several additional ways to obtain Discord Nitro for free than Nitro Gifts.

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