Best 8 Fixes for Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Turning On

Fix Galaxy Watch Not Turning on Issue All Samsung Galaxy smartwatches should be compatible with the solutions listed below. 1. Charge the Watch As obvious as it may seem, if your watch hasn’t been used …

galaxy watch won't turn on

Fix Galaxy Watch Not Turning on Issue

All Samsung Galaxy smartwatches should be compatible with the solutions listed below.

1. Charge the Watch

As obvious as it may seem, if your watch hasn’t been used in a few days, you should charge it first. Before turning it on, place your watch on the Dock and allow it to charge for a few hours.

Advice: Verify that the Watch is positioned properly and from the appropriate side on the charging dock cradle.

 2. Use Another Power Outlet

The Galaxy Watch frequently stays off since it isn’t being charged. It’s conceivable that the watch cannot be charged because your current power outlet is broken. Thus, try switching the watch’s power source.

3. Clean Charger and Watch Connections

Digital gadgets frequently stop charging because dust builds up in the charging ports. Your Galaxy Watch could be going through the same thing. Use a cotton swab or air blower to try cleaning the charger connection and the watch’s charger receiver. Next, attempt to charge the Galaxy Watch once again.

4. Check the Charger Cable and Adapter

It’s conceivable that the adapter or charging cord for your Watch has broken. Seek for any obvious cable damage. Additionally, if at all feasible, try replacing them both with alternative ones and updating them independently.

galaxy watch won't turn on

5. Place the Watch on the Dock Cradle

In case the aforementioned methods fail to activate the Galaxy Watch screen, several users suggest letting the device rest on the docking cradle for a couple of hours without any charging activity. The Watch will activate on its own. Try charging it and see whether the Samsung Galaxy Watch turns on now if that doesn’t work.

6. Charge From Laptop

By charging the Galaxy Watch via the laptop rather than a direct power source, those who were having the same problem were able to resolve it. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. Try it out, then. Is there still no way to switch on your Samsung Galaxy Watch?

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7. Restart Watch

Numerous Galaxy Watch owners have expressed gratitude for the physical buttons’ assistance in resolving their problems. Basically, if your Galaxy Watch isn’t turning on, you need to restart it. Try the following methods for that:

For ten seconds, press and hold the Power button.

Hold down both of the watch’s buttons until the Samsung logo appears.

When it’s charging on the cradle, press and hold either the Power button or both buttons if the first two don’t work.

Should nothing transpire, the Watch may have malfunctioning power buttons. To free the stuck buttons, try pushing them many times or blowing air on them from all sides. Proceed and attempt to restart the Galaxy Watch.

8. Factory Reset Watch

You should also try your luck at resetting the watch in case everything else fails. To factory reset the Galaxy Watch, follow these instructions and use the power button.

1. Hold down the Power button until the screen displays the words “Rebooting.” Let go of the buttons.

2. Until you reach the “Select Reboot mode” prompt, keep pressing the same button—that is, the Power button.

3. To stop on the Recover option, press and hold the Power button to go through the available options.

4. Press and hold the Power button until the Galaxy Watch restarts when the Recovery option is chosen. Let your watch finish rebooting by waiting a few minutes.

To switch on your Galaxy Watch, nevertheless, if nothing seems to be functioning, you should get in touch with Samsung customer support.

galaxy watch won't turn on

Bonus Fix 1: Galaxy Watch Not Turning on After Swimming

Try cleaning your Galaxy Watch with fresh water if it does not turn on after swimming. Sometimes seawater or chlorinated water can be corrosive, which might lead to issues with the Watch. Should the freshwater method be ineffective, let the watch air dry over two to three days inside a bag of rice. Next, attempt the above-mentioned remedies to turn on the screen.

Bonus Fix 2: Galaxy Watch Not Turning on When Turning Wrist

Your Galaxy Watch ought should awaken when you twist it. If it still doesn’t work, go to Advanced > Screen wake-up in the Watch’s Settings. Verify that the Wake-up gesture is activated.

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Conclusion: Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Charging

I hope that using the above methods will repair the black screen issue on your Galaxy Watch. Once you’re back on track, see which Galaxy Watch applications are the finest. The Watch even has gaming capabilities. Check out the top water reminder and timer applications for your watch as well.

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