Carl Bot: Features, Commands List, and Dashboard Overview 

What is Carl Bot? Carl Bot is your virtual handyman, handling the tedious chores for you so you can run your Discord server more efficiently. Let’s take an example where you would like to have …

carl bot

What is Carl Bot?

Carl Bot is your virtual handyman, handling the tedious chores for you so you can run your Discord server more efficiently.

Let’s take an example where you would like to have the server post a good-buy or welcome message each time someone comes in or goes out.

With a server that is even somewhat popular (a few hundred users at most), all you might be doing is that course.

Alternatively, you could let Carl Bot handle it.

Preset welcome messages, role-assigning to selected members, custom commands, activity logs, and a plethora of other helpful functions are all possible with the Carl bot (a complete list of instructions is below).

Put another way, if you choose to employ Carl Bot, it will save you time.

Indeed, compared to earlier bots (such as Dyno), Carl Bot is a little more sophisticated now.

But after you give it a try, you’ll realize how easy it is to use and wonder how you lived without it.

Next, let’s talk about the Carl bot’s features.

Carl Bot Features

The following characteristics make Carl Bot incredibly helpful for owners of Discord servers.

1 Reaction Roles

carl bot

You have the option to assign some of your duties as a server owner to other capable community members. You may improve engagement by assigning responsibilities to community members by utilizing the Reaction responsibilities functionality.

Members can have their positions allocated to them depending on the emojis they use. Suppose your goal is to provide the most devoted users the ability to monitor chat messages as a reward.

For this job, you can select an emoji to act as a trigger. For example, you may make community members moderators by selecting the “salute” emoji.

There are more than 250 roles in the Reaction Roles, so you have a lot of alternatives.

It’s also important to note that you can deal with spammers with the aid of this tool. You may increase Discord security by blocking (whitelisting and blacklisting) them right now.

Carl Bot is available in several modes, such as reversed, unique, binding, verified, temporary, and more, allowing it to play diverse roles with distinct responses.

Whenever necessary, there’s also a self-destructing message.

2- Logging Chats And Everything At Once

Carl Bot is an ideal tool for maintaining a reasonable backlog. It’s essential for monitoring activity on your Discord server.

You may record all of the data pertaining to the activities on your server by using this feature:

Updates to the server (new emojis, roles, channels, etc.)

All message kinds, including texts that have been purged, altered, and deleted

Updates about members, such as roles, name and avatar changes, and bans and unbans

Details about people who sign up for or quit your community

More significant upgrades.

3. Robust Moderation Through Automod That Works Even When Offline

One function that Carl Bot has is auto-moderation. It may be used to handle potentially dangerous files, rude language, and spammers. All you need to do is establish the guidelines and penalties for your Discord group; the system will take care of the rest.

In order to facilitate server moderating, Carl Bot also provides server owners with the option to establish the Drama Channel (this function is accessible for premium users only). By using this tool, you may identify the people of your community who engage in inappropriate behavior and take complete control over events there.

carl bot

For all Discord servers, but especially for those pertaining to education, effective atomized moderation is crucial. How come? It is vital to keep high school communities, students, teachers, and authors safe from derogatory language and inappropriate content sharing.

As the owner of a Discord server, it is your duty to make sure that members of your community feel comfortable and safe when interacting with one another.

Additionally, Carl Bot can assist you in effectively managing things without going crazy.

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4 A Granular Permission System

This feature is intended to assign a unique set of guidelines to each command.

Adding global rules (rules that apply to all channels) and managing Carl Bot commands in bulk are made possible by the Granular Permission System.

Most significantly, this clever method lets you store all commands that appear spammy in a certain channel.

carl bot

5 Suggestions

The most important element for community growth is this one. You may allow people to vote on the best suggestions and submit other subjects and ideas by turning on this option.

In order to avoid prejudice, voting is anonymous, and the Carl bot notifies users via SMS whether or not their suggestions have been approved by the community.

6 Custom Commands

Parameters like member count, user ID, channel subject, and other variables are included in the custom instructions for Carlbot.

With the help of this tool, you may create a community that is stronger and more active than it would be without it.

7 Welcoming New Members

Everyone who moves into (or out of) your community expects a customized greeting.

You may write customized messages using Carl Bot to give community members a sense of worth and specialness.

carl bot

8 User Engagement

This bot’s Starboard function is just another fantastic feature. You may start a Starboard channel and ask the people in your community to “star” any post that they find offensive. The postings on the Starboard that receive the most stars (stars are equivalent to “votes”) will be highlighted separately.

carl bot

9 Custom Tags

Owners of Discord servers can use tags to invoke a function or designate a role.

Discord defaults are typically included to facilitate first navigating.

You can create sophisticated custom commands with Carl Bot that aren’t included in the Discord template by default.

These are known as Custom Tags, and they are readily identified by the curly brackets {} that surround them.

When organizing an event and needing participation from your server’s members, custom tags come in handy.

Custom tags may be used for straightforward tasks like crafting personalized greetings or constructing whole announcements.

In essence, they free up a lot of your valuable time to help you engage your audience.

How Can Custom Tags Be Made?

For Carl Bot to understand your instruction, a Tag script is required, and even the smallest linguistic alteration might provide an entirely different meaning.

Since humans learn best by observation rather than reading, here is a YouTube video that shows you how to use Carl bot to generate a contribution command.

10 Advance Mod

Carl Bot’s AutoMod has amazing features that help you keep crowds under control and enforce regulations.

With AutoMod, you are able to:

remove spam;

provide a cautionary note to the possible transgressor;

silent those who are obnoxious;

oust disparagers;

automatically remove offensive content.

Here’s one instance:

You manage a Japanese manga-focused Discord server. All series and titles, whether well-known or not, are very welcome.

Hetai and other pornographic content, which is obviously a separate genre from Japanese manga and animation, is, nevertheless, strictly prohibited.

You thus configure Carl-bot to detect and apprehend violators by adding trigger words and phrases to your spam filter.

Carl-bot will thus swiftly intervene to erase the message and provide a warning to the offender not to breach the rules again when someone disobeys them.

Furthermore, Carl Bot handles everything automatically in each unique situation, saving you the trouble of doing anything.

How To Create An AutoMod Action

In the main right-hand panel, the Moderation tab is where you’ll find the AutoMod feature.

Suppose you would like to block a specific kind of content.

Select “AutoMod,” then scroll down to the “Bad words” area and type in the terms you would want to be banned.

You may choose to include trigger phrases on the form, and it will also allow you to designate an appropriate penalty for the offender.

11- Preset Messages

You can pre-send messages to Carl Bot to be shown to members. (welcome, goodbye, and ban messages).

This practical feature saves you the trouble of having to write a whole welcome message each time a new player joins your Discord channel.

A welcome message that you have preset will appear whenever a new user joins the service.

Additionally, all of your messages may be modified with an embedded builder to better fit your brand.

With the aid of this sophisticated function, you may further customize your messages by using avatars and GIFs.

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How To Create A Welcome Message?

First, choose the “welcome” option after logging in via the Carl Bot dashboard.

After that, a new window will appear with many boxes where you may write welcome, good-bye, and ban messages.

Add tags, enter them here, and save the changes.

Additionally, there is an embed builder where you can add a custom message, just beneath the description box.

The embed builder may be accessed from the main panel or used immediately on the welcome message.

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