How to Find Link in Bio on Instagram?

You’ll undoubtedly see “Link in bio” in every Instagram post you view, but it might be harder than it should be to discover that link on Instagram. What does this enigmatic link in the bio …

how to find link in bio on instagram

You’ll undoubtedly see “Link in bio” in every Instagram post you view, but it might be harder than it should be to discover that link on Instagram. What does this enigmatic link in the bio signify, and where can you find it? And how do you make your own Instagram bio if that’s your goal? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to locate the Instagram bio link and add your own.

What Does Link in Bio Mean on Instagram?

The phrase “link in bio” refers to a clickable link that can take you from the main profile of that Instagram account to the product’s website, product page, or any other external page that tells the entire narrative behind the image. This link is not accessible from the post description itself. (Therefore the uncertainty over the link in the bio!)

The cause of this occurrence? Links that are directly placed in posts on Instagram are not clickable since the social media platform dislikes them when users leave its site. Thus, individuals or businesses (like Real Simple, for example) would include a link to a comprehensive list of links pertaining to current material in their bio (where links are permitted).

Here’s exactly how to discover the Instagram bio link to help you navigate and make sure you never miss another recipe, story, or list of suggestions from your IG profiles. (Note: These particular instructions and pictures are designed with a smartphone user in mind, but they work just as well for desktop Instagram users.)

In case you lack the time or patience to go through each step or simply want a fast reminder, the following is a concise and helpful walk-through via an Instagram video:

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How to Find the Link in Bio

Thankfully, you only need to click a few times to get from an Instagram post to the bio and the information the user wants you to view. This is how you do it:

Step 1: tap the Instagram account.

how to find link in bio on instagram

Look for the circular profile photo and account name/handle in the top left corner of your screen once you locate a post on Instagram that you like. Since we’re using some Real Simple material in this instance, tapping the Instagram handle or name will take you to the post grid and account profile.

Instagram Stories may be accessed through the circular profile photo instead of the bio.

Step 2: Check the Bio for the Link.

how to find link in bio on instagram

Find the link once you’re in the Instagram bio. (It may be mingled with hashtags, emojis, and other information that users can add to their Instagram bios.) Feel free to click it!

Step 3: Locate the Story You Want to Tell

how to find link in bio on instagram

When you tap the bio link, a new window including a supplementary grid will appear. This is your desired location. With the exception of each image in this secondary grid pointing to an external link, it will resemble the original image grid nearly exactly. The post will be closer to the top the more recent it is.

Not finding the post you were looking for? Remain calm. Just keep navigating down the grid until you locate it. When you do, open the relevant link by tapping or clicking on it once. (If it’s missing, it’s possible that they neglected to include a URL in their Instagram post; this occurs.)

Step 4: Take in the Information

how to find link in bio on instagram

We succeeded! Your screen will display a new link that is prepared for reading, sharing, saving, copying, etc. Press the back arrow in the bottom left corner of your screen to go back to the secondary grid and read more bio links (we won’t stop you); press the X in the upper left corner to go back to the account’s main Instagram page.

How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio

It is rather simple to add links to your Instagram bio and to change your profile in general.

Step 1: Select “Edit Profile” from the menu on your profile page.

how to find link in bio on instagram

You may “Edit Profile” by clicking the button underneath your photo on your own Instagram profile page. Feel free to click it.

Step 2: Select the area with links.

how to find link in bio on instagram

You may edit or add your name, user name, links, and bio information in a number of sections on the Edit Profile page. Select the area labeled “Links.”

Step 3: Click “Done” after adding your link.

how to find link in bio on instagram

In the URL field, either write or copy your URL. Then, in the area provided below it, create a title for the link. To save the modifications you’ve made, tap the “Done” button.

One link may be added to the Profile box. However, if you would want to include more than one link (like we at Real Simple do), you will have to register with a site that generates links, such as Feedlink, Lnk.Bio, or Linktree. The link page may cost a few bucks to build each month.

How to Use Instagram Link in Bio

Sharing the things you love on Instagram may be accomplished by adding links to your bio. This is especially useful if you want to promote your own business or embark on a career as an Instagram influencer.

To share stuff that they might find interesting, you can utilize it to direct users to other accounts or websites that are linked to yours. For example:

Make use of it to market yourself and your goods and services.

A link in your bio may take readers right to the content you want them to view if you’re selling something. It can be used to announce impending deals or promotions, highlight brand-new items or top-selling items, or provide free samples.

If you’re looking for work, you may also utilize the link in your bio to direct visitors to your LinkedIn profile, CV, or personal website.

Share some of your own or your favorite material.

Have you published a fantastic new blog piece or a new episode of your podcast? Put that in the bio link so folks can stay up to date on your most recent creations.

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Feature contests or giveaways

Who wouldn’t be interested in the chance to win something? An Instagram giveaway is best promoted using the link in your bio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which advantages come with including a link in your bio?

If you would like to increase traffic to your personal or commercial pages, including a link in your bio might be quite beneficial. Additionally, it makes it easier for others to find more information about you than if they had to go for it elsewhere.

How frequently should the link in your bio be updated?

Unless you wish to direct people to a new website, there’s no need to update the link in your bio. It’s up to you how often (or seldom) you want to update it based on your preferences.

Is it crucial to have a link in your bio?

Whether it’s a side project, a personal website, or a central location for your writing or art, a link in your bio tells readers more about you. However, it’s not required. Consider it an addition to your page where visitors may find out more details.

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