Zoë Kravitz Net Worth 2023: Let’s Look at The Famous American Actress!

American Zoë Kravitz was born on December 1, 1988, in the busy city of Los Angeles. She is a famous actress, singer, and model. She is the only child of the famous artist Lenny Kravitz …

Zoë Kravitz Net Worth

American Zoë Kravitz was born on December 1, 1988, in the busy city of Los Angeles. She is a famous actress, singer, and model. She is the only child of the famous artist Lenny Kravitz and the famous actress Lisa Bonet. She comes from a long line of talented and creative people.

Kravitz has had supporting parts in many well-known movies, including “No Reservations” (2007), “The Brave One” (2007), “X-Men: First Class” (2011), and most recently, “The Batman” (2022). Besides that, she has been in well-known movie series like “Mad Max” and “Fantastic Beasts.” She is a famous actress in Hollywood for playing complex, quiet women with a lot of power.

What Is Zoe Kravitz’s Net Worth?

Net Worth $37 Million
Salary $6 Million
Assets & Investments $15 Million
Taxes Paid $910,000
Cars Owned 4
House Properties 1
Weight 110 lbs (50 kg)

Zoe Kravitz is an actress, singer, and model from the United States. She is worth $37 million. Zoë is best known for her parts in “The Divergent Series,” “Big Little Lies,” “High Fidelity,” and “X-Men First Class.” Lisa Bonet and rock star Lenny Kravitz have a kid together.

Zoe Kravitz’s Early Life

Zoë Isabella Kravitz was born in Venice, California, on December 1, 1988. The singer/songwriter Lenny Kravitz and actor Lisa Bonet only have one child together. From 1987 to 1993, Kravitz and Boney were married.

Zoë grew up in a very different way because her parents are a mix of African American and Ashkenazi Jewish heritage. Zoë considers herself to be a liberal Jew. Zoë lived with her mother in Topanga Canyon most of the time until she was eleven years old. When she did, she moved to Miami to live with her father and spent the summers with her mother.

Zoë Kravitz Net Worth

Kravitz graduated from Miami Country Day School and Rudolf Steiner School in Manhattan in 2007. After high school, Kravitz started learning acting with Scott McCrea at The Acting Conservatory that same year.

Zoë dropped out of college after her first year and moved to Brooklyn, New York, to hone her acting career, which was already taking shape. Even though Zoë had to move around a lot for school, she was able to start her professional playing career in high school when she was in the movie “No Reservations.”

Zoe Kravitz’s Personal Life

Zoë dated Ezra Miller for a short time while shooting “Beware the Gonzo.” After that, she dated actor Penn Badgley for two years, from 2011 to 2013.

Zoë Kravitz Net Worth

When Kravitz started dating actor Karl Glusman in 2016, she said in an interview that they were engaged as of February of that year. The interview came out in October 2018. In Paris on June 29, 2019, Zoë and Karl got married at Kravitz’s dad’s house. In 2021, they got a divorce.

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How Old Is Zoe Kravitz?

Zoe Kravitz was born on December 1, 1988, making her 34 years old in 2023. Los Angeles, California, where she was born, is famous for its rich culture and importance in the entertainment business. As Zoe Kravitz moves into her mid-30s, her work continues to do well, solidifying her status as a respected singer, actress, and fashion icon.

 zoë Kravitz Net Worth

Her rise to fame as an independent artist has been marked by drive, skill, and a dedication to her work. She is the daughter of two famous artists, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. She has strong ties to the Los Angeles entertainment industry, and she has honored her heritage while making her own way in the business.

Musician/Modeling Career

Zoë Kravitz has also had a different kind of job as a musician and model. She has been in ads for Tiffany & Co., Vera Wang, Coach New York, Calvin Klein, and many other brands, including as the face of YSL Beauté Chanel.


She is the lead singer of the band Lolawolf, which put out the albums “Calm Down” in 2014 and “Tenderness” in 2020. Lolawolf has opened for big names like Lily Allen and Miley Cyrus and played at music events like South by Southwest. They have also worked with famous artists like Janelle Monáe and Drake.

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Zoe Kravitz Car Collection

Zoe Kravitz has five cars. A brand-new Audi A6 worth $120,000 USD was just bought by Zoe Kravitz. Zoe Kravitz also has a Tesla Model 3 that is worth $60,000. Zoe Kravitz owns a few other cars, which are mentioned here along with their prices.

  • The Aston Martin Vantage
  • The Range Rover Evoque
  • Corsair from Lincoln


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