Suzanne Somers’s Net Worth 2023: Let’s Talk About the Richness of The Famous TV Personality!

It is well known that Suzanne Somers can sing, write, and play. About $100 million is how much she is thought to be worth. She is a great businesswoman and entrepreneur, so it looks like …

Suzanne Somers Net Worth

It is well known that Suzanne Somers can sing, write, and play. About $100 million is how much she is thought to be worth. She is a great businesswoman and entrepreneur, so it looks like she can do more than one thing at once.

Her work in “Three’s Company” and the comedy Step By Step made her famous, but she has been in many other projects as well. Along with that, she has been involved in a lot of scandals. However, she is still a successful woman. Scroll down to read about Suzanne Somers’s life and how much money she has.

Suzanne Somers’s Net Worth

Name Suzanne Marie  Somers
Net Worth (2023) $105 Million
Profession Actress, singer, businesswoman,
Author, health spokesperson
Monthly Income And Salary $0.5 Million +
Yearly Income And Salary $6 Million +
Last Updated 2023

Suzanne Somers is an American woman who has done very well for herself. There is a huge name for her in movies and TV shows. In the years since 1963, Somers has been in a lot of movies and TV shows. She later started writing books and did really well with them.

She has written many books, including autobiographies, poems, diet books, and more. A lot of people have said bad things about her work in medicine, but it has also been praised by many. Suzanne Somers is worth $105 million right now.

Suzanne Somers’s Early Life

Suzanne Somers Net Worth

Suzanne Marie Mahoney was born in San Bruno, California, on October 16, 1946. Suzanne had a hard time as a child. She grew up in an Irish-Catholic family with three brothers.Her father was a big drinker, and when Suzanne was young, he scolded her. Suzanne joined the high school cheerleading squad when she was a teen and got married when she was 19. She also had her first child that year. After three years, the marriage ended.

Suzanne Somers’s Personal Life

Suzanne got away from her abusive father when she got married when she was nineteen. The marriage did not last long, though; it ended after only three years. She and her ex-husband have one child together. After that, she worked as a prize model for a show called The Anniversary Game. After that, she met Alan Hamel on the set of this show. Alan was the show’s host. Both of them fell in love, and in 1977 they got married. Lucky for us, they are still together and love each other.

Suzanne Somers Net Worth

She was told she had cancer in its second stage in 2000, which was very sad. It was stage two breast cancer. She first chose radiation treatment, and then they moved on to a surgery called a lumpectomy. Then they had the choice of treatment, which Suzanne herself turned down.

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Suzanne Somers’s Career

Suzanne Somers first became well-known in 1969, when she was a prize model on the TV show Anniversary Game. Alan Hamel, a Canadian TV star, was the host of the show. They started going out together at some point, and in 1977 they got married. They stayed married until 2023 when Suzanne died.

In George Lucas’s big hit movie American Graffiti, she had one of her first big parts. Suzanne Somers got parts in TV shows like The Rockford Files, The Six Million Dollar Man, and One Day At A Time over the next few years. She also has a small part in the movie Magnum Force that isn’t recognized.

Suzanne Somers Net Worth

Suzanne Somers got a major part in Three’s Company in 1977. She played the traditional dumb blonde, and because of that, she quickly became a sex symbol. The numbers for Three’s Company were really great. In 1980, Somers started to ask for a much higher wage, and he was fired because of it.

Because of her controversial exit from Three’s Company, Suzanne Somers had a hard time getting roles in comedies after that. But she finally got back into sitcoms with 1987’s “She’s the Sheriff.” There were two years of the show. Somers got another well-known sitcom part in Step By Step after being in a number of made-for-TV movies. The show began in 1991 and had seven seasons, which made Somers an even bigger star.

Suzanne Somers has also been the host of several talk shows over the years. She has also been in shows on Broadway and competed in Dancing with the Stars, where she came in ninth place in 2015. A big name in pop culture, Suzanne Somers has been talked about a lot in shows like South Park and Beavis and Butthead.

How Much Did Suzanne Somers Make Per Episode?

If You Remember Back in The 1970s, Somers Decided to Make $3,500 a Week on Three’s Company. That was a Lot of Money for Her at The Time. As soon as The Show Became Popular, Somers Was Brave Enough to Ask for Equal Pay with Her Co-Star John Ritter.

Suzanne Somers Net Worth

This Would Have Raised Her Season 4 Pay from $30,000 per Episode to $150,000 per Episode, Which Is What Ritter Was Making. the Hollywood Reporter Says that Instead of Giving It to Her, the Directors Gave Her a $5,000 Raise. Somers Turned Down the Job Offer and Was Fired Because of It.

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Suzanne Somers’s Real Estate

During her lifetime, Suzanne owned a number of beautiful houses in Southern California. In 2008, Suzanne and Alan put their big Palm Springs home on the market for $35 million. It sits on 73 acres of land. Since the late 1970s, they’ve owned this land. In 2018, the price dropped more than half to $14.5 million. In 2019, it dropped even more, to just $9.5 million.

The land size also went down when the price did in 2020. The land had been cut down to 20 acres by this point. They took $8.5 million in May 2021. Here’s a movie tour of their old home in Palm Springs

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