Top 10 Best Places to Visit on Lake Michigan That’ll Surely Get You New Experience!

A number of the Great Lakes’ most beautiful and distinctive beaches can be found in Lake Michigan. The golden sand that extends for miles along the east and southern shorelines of the island is a …

Best Places to Visit on Lake Michigan

A number of the Great Lakes’ most beautiful and distinctive beaches can be found in Lake Michigan. The golden sand that extends for miles along the east and southern shorelines of the island is a major magnet for vacationers who want to get away from the heat during the summer.

It’s common to find sand dunes behind the beaches on the east side of Lake Michigan, which makes exploring such beaches a lot of fun. There are little lakes with sun-warmed water in some locations behind the sand dunes. These lakes make swimming in them a far more pleasurable experience than swimming in a large lake, which has colder water.

Beach places can range from urban centers in the heart of Chicago to beach communities that burst to life each summer to lonely lengths of sand where the only sound is the waves slamming on the coast.

Best Places to Visit on Lake Michigan

Some beaches have lifeguards who keep a watchful eye on bathers, but not all of them do; thus, you should make sure to check if you are not an experienced swimmer or if you have young children with you.

Be prepared to pay an entrance charge and probably a parking fee in order to access some of the nicest beaches on Lake Michigan, which are located within state or national parks.

1. The National lakeshore that encompasses Sleeping Bear Dunes

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore should be at the top of your list of locations to visit in Michigan if you are looking for a diverse selection of beaches, scenery, and activities to choose from during your vacation.

Best Places to Visit on Lake Michigan

The park provides visitors with an unparalleled selection of seven different beaches from which to choose. There are vast sections of sandy shoreline along Lake Michigan, as well as beaches on interior lakes like North Bar Lake

2. The Beach at Silver

Silver Beach, which can be found in the charming town of the same name, has a long tradition of serving as a popular summer resort for people living in the area around the lake’s southernmost point.

Best Places to Visit on Lake Michigan

The Saint Joseph River and a granite seawall frame the beach’s gorgeous expanse of golden sand, which is roughly in the shape of a triangle. Bring all of your water toys with you to Silver Beach, or rent a stand-up paddleboard or kayak from the concessionaire. Silver Beach is an excellent location for getting out on the water.

3. Beach on North Avenue in Chicago

In a manner comparable to that of other cities along the lakefront, such as Toronto, Chicago has done a respectable job of developing and preserving its urban beaches.

Best Places to Visit on Lake Michigan

The North Avenue Beach in Lincoln Park is widely considered to be among the city’s most beautiful beaches. Beachgoers have been coming to this stretch of beach since it was first developed in 1940 due to its expansive length and width.

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On sweltering days throughout the summer, the beach is crawling with people who are there to take in some rays and watch the action. Stand-up paddleboards, wakeboards, bikes, kayaks, and Jet Skis are just some of the watercraft that can be rented on the beach.

4. State Park in Ludington, Michigan

The primary attractions and activities that may be enjoyed in Ludington State Park include seven miles of breathtaking beaches, a lake that spans 5,000 acres, and even a historic lighthouse.

Best Places to Visit on Lake Michigan

This wonderful park, which is situated close to the small town of the same name approximately midway up the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan, has been attracting guests ever since it first opened in 1927.

5. State Park of the Indiana Dunes

Indiana Dunes State Park features some of the most natural beaches that are located in close proximity to the most populous areas on Lake Michigan. The park’s 15 miles of sandy beach offer a welcome relief from the oppressive heat of the city and are located just a little over an hour from the heart of Chicago.

Best Places to Visit on Lake Michigan

There are eight different beaches with names to pick from in this park; the decision is entirely up to you. One of the most popular beaches is West Beach, which features a bathhouse, picnic tables, restrooms, and lifeguards who are on duty throughout the day.

6. Parkade del Estado Warren Dunes

Visit Warren Dunes State Park if the idea of climbing a big sand dune that is 260 feet high and then rushing and tumbling down sounds like something that would pique your interest.

Best Places to Visit on Lake Michigan

The park is conveniently located approximately an hour and a half outside of Chicago, making it an excellent choice for a day trip or weekend escape.

The beautiful, calm waves of Lake Michigan wash over a three-mile stretch of golden sand beach in addition to the enormous dune.

7. Park of Holland’s State

Holland State Park is well-known for having sand that is described as having the consistency of powdered sugar and can be found in the state of Michigan’s city of Ottawa, which is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

Best Places to Visit on Lake Michigan

You have your pick of beaches on either Lake Michigan or Lake Macatawa, as the park extends all the way to the water’s edge of both of these lakes.

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It goes without saying that the water in Lake Macatawa is warmer, but the sand on Lake Michigan is much prettier, so choosing between the two will be difficult for you.

8. The Beach of Grand Haven State Park

Along the stretch of coastline that is home to Grand Haven State Park, you’ll come across the sand, more sand, and even more sand, in addition to a historic lighthouse.

Best Places to Visit on Lake Michigan

The Grand River Channel is the beginning of an endless stretch of beach that stretches southward, making it possible for anyone to locate their own little piece of private sand. Bring every piece of beach gear you can think of; the walk from the parking lot to the sand is really short, so transporting your belongings won’t be difficult at all.

9. The Beach in South Haven

In spite of the fact that South Haven Beach is one of the nicest on Lake Michigan, the town that lies behind it is what truly sets it apart from the rest.

Best Places to Visit on Lake Michigan

South Haven is the epitome of a classic summer beach town, complete with a wide variety of stores and services offering a wide variety of goods, ranging from T-shirts and other mementos to hot dogs on a stick.

The beach itself is separated into two distinct sections known as North Beach and South Beach, which are located on opposite sides of the Black River.

10. The Beach at Petoskey

Petoskey Beach in Petoskey Beach State Park is the place to go if you want to spend a day at the beach It also includes some exploration and the possibility of finding a treasure. There is a mile-long beach here, and there are medium-sized dunes and seagrass on both sides of it.

Best Places to Visit on Lake Michigan

You might possibly come across some Petoskey Stones if you keep a sharp eye out for them and have a little bit of luck on your side.

These stunning rocks are actually fossilized coral that is between 350 and 400 million years old and are considered to be Michigan’s official state rock. You are allowed to retain them if you are successful in finding them.


Lake Michigan can be found throughout all of Michigan’s peninsulas, from the southern basins in the Lower Peninsula to the northern coastlines in the Upper Peninsula.

Lake Michigan is a massive body of water; in fact, it is the sixth-largest lake on the entire planet. It’s big in terms of size, big in terms of fun, and big in terms of the potential for building trip experiences that will last a lifetime. Along the breathtaking shores of Lake Michigan, you won’t have any trouble selecting a place to spend your extended vacation or weekend trip with your significant other.

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