Explore the Enchanting 10 Best Places to Visit Near Rome, Italy!

A perfect trip would have a select group of unforgettable people, delectable cuisine, and some off-the-beaten-path locations that would take your breath away. As we all know, Rome is one such lovely city that is …

Best Places to Visit Near Rome

A perfect trip would have a select group of unforgettable people, delectable cuisine, and some off-the-beaten-path locations that would take your breath away. As we all know, Rome is one such lovely city that is renowned for both its beauty and the ambiance in its surroundings.

There are a few sites that are typically overlooked away from the city’s bustle. These areas are ideal for a little escape from the major metropolis because they have beautiful landscapes that can uplift your spirits.

These breathtaking spots have been added to the list of places to visit close to Rome, including gorgeous mountains, historic castles, caverns, and beaches for relaxing.

Best Places to Visit Near Rome

Our well-known selection of attractions and destinations in and around Rome, with its breathtaking settings, will prove to be a fun excursion. Additionally, these locations are the greatest for anyone looking for a last-minute vacation because they are only a few hours’ drive from the big metropolis.

1. Tivoli – Villa d’Este

One of the most stunning gardens and villas is this hidden gem. The village may be explored on foot and is located 30 kilometers from Rome. The exquisite Villa D’Este, which has the most beautiful garden, is located in Tivoli.

Best Places to Visit Near Rome

Tall hedges enhance the garden’s charm and give it a winning appearance. Similarly situated on the outskirts of the city is the waterfall-filled Parco Villa Gregoriana Park.

2. Anzio

If visiting beaches is one of your favorite vacation activities, then this destination needs to be on your bucket list. Beautiful beaches may be found in the town of Anzio, which is located 46 kilometers from Rome. Small rocks, caverns, and numerous ruins that provide an air of ancient Rome add to the beach’s appeal.

Best Places to Visit Near Rome

One can enjoy enough beach time and perhaps become enamored with this gorgeous setting. Plunge into this amazing location, one of the locations to see nearby Rome.

3. Genzano

This community resembles a masterpiece painted by a well-known artist. One of the best destinations to travel near Rome by rail is Genzano, a little village on the shore of the crater lake “Lago Di Nami.” The town features a charming old district with narrow lanes and cobblestone streets that will charm anyone.

Best Places to Visit Near Rome

The town also takes part in the “Infiorata Di Genzano” event. The festival is held in June, when the entire town is covered in a carpet of flowers, with 13 carpets of flowers lining the main street alone.

4. Naples

When it comes to excursions and locations, the capital of Italy has long been a reliable choice. The city is surrounded by many beautiful and interesting places that are difficult to miss. The most ancient of all the cities is Naples, which has linkages to World War II throughout its history.

Best Places to Visit Near Rome

The city is the oldest Catholic city in the world and has a large number of churches. You must discover the wonder hidden in the Naples Cathedral.

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There are more than 400 churches in the city, in addition to many other places that will undoubtedly satisfy your wanderlust. It’s one of the top destinations near Rome for couples looking for a short history lesson.

5. Castelli Romani

A perfect vacation spot is Castelli Romani, which is hidden away in the Alban Hills a few kilometers south of Rome. Let us reveal the riddle for everyone who is still unsure of the location. There are 13 towns in the town, each of which has a unique tale to tell. Ancient Romans used to escape the city and unwind here; this custom has persisted until the present day.

Best Places to Visit Near Rome

The village boasts beautiful lakes that are interspersed with lush vineyards for aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the region is home to the best-selling wine Fractal, which has been the locals’ preferred beverage for decades.

6. Ostia Antica

At the Tiber River’s mouth is this lovely excursion. Ostia was originally Rome’s harbor during its heyday, but due to the sea level dropping, it is currently only 3 kilometers from the ocean. The area is widely known for its historic apartment complexes that have been meticulously conserved over the years.

Best Places to Visit Near Rome

These are explorable, allowing access to the interiors. Rich people’s marble homes, which are still standing today, are also present. Refresh yourself at one of the best locations to visit close to the airport in Rome and take a memorable trip back in time.

7. The Lake of the Duchess

Lago della Duchessa, often known as the “Lake of the Duchess” and located not far from Rome, is a well-liked place to go trekking.

Best Places to Visit Near Rome

A mountain lake located in a protected region at a height of 1788 meters (5866 feet) above sea level can be reached on foot during the summer season or with snowshoes during the winter. It’s a simple hike that novice hikers may complete.

8. Lago del Turano

An artificial lake called Lago del Turano was created in 1939 to serve as a reservoir for a hydropower plant. It’s a great location for a summer day excursion where you may sunbathe and unwind on its coastlines. It’s the ideal option for a relaxed day.

Best Places to Visit Near Rome

It is highly recommended to pay for the picturesque towns of Colle and Castel di Tora a visit. Get lost in the quaint terraces and passageways until you come across a stunning vista of the lake.

9. Allumiere

The potassium alum that was recovered from the nearby mines gave rise to the name Allumiere. From here, a flat, simple hike can be taken along a defunct railway that was stopped by a landslide in 1961. It is a simple hike because the rails were never taken down. Simply adhere to the rail.

Best Places to Visit Near Rome

It’s a pleasant journey into the wilderness that passes by some old train stations. Before crossing a large metal bridge, you’ll pass through a tunnel with an odd microclimate and flora.

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Since it’s a flat route, cycling along the entire abandoned railway track, which in this case begins in Monteromano and ends around 50 kilometers later in Civitavecchia, is a nice alternative.

10. Cerveteri

Even though the Roman Empire is the topic of conversation everywhere, the region had populations long before the Roman Empire even existed. The Etruscan civilization is one of the most significant. It operated throughout Tuscany’s southern and northern regions.

Best Places to Visit Near Rome

You must see the Necropolis of the Banditaccia at Cerveteri, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. More than a thousand graves, dating to the ninth century BC, are located in this complex. Numerous burials have mound shapes, and others bury themselves several stories deep.

The Tomb of the Reliefs, constructed in the third century BC, is the crown jewel of the Necropolis. You can look at the intriguing frescoes here. a 3D video included in the visit. It’s worth seeing to view a representation of its history and the Etruscan populace through visual means.


Rome’s splendor is well known, but few people are aware of the numerous communities that surround it. These locations close to Rome are overlooked by travelers and hidden by the glare of the Italian Capital. Allow this local guide to show you some off-the-beaten-path attractions close to Rome.

Away from the busy metropolis of Rome, there are a number of locations that make for the ideal day trip. You can explore archaeology, go trekking, or simply unwind at the beach. Additionally, there are lots of lovely settings and breathtaking places where you can take pictures to send to your loved ones.

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