Explore the 10 Best Remarkable Places to Visit Mallorca, Spain!

Mallorca is a magnificent island in the Mediterranean that is known for its pleasant climate, breathtaking scenery, and delectable gastronomy. Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and is a part of Spain; nonetheless, …

Best Places to Visit Mallorca

Mallorca is a magnificent island in the Mediterranean that is known for its pleasant climate, breathtaking scenery, and delectable gastronomy. Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and is a part of Spain; nonetheless, the island has more rocky scenery and a quality that is otherworldly. The land abruptly changes from mountainous and forested to coastal and rocky as it approaches the ocean.

The harmonious coexistence of culture and environment in Mallorca is the island’s chief source of pleasure. The breathtaking coastline features steep cliffs that provide fantastic perspectives and lovely bays that shimmer with crystal-clear water. When it comes to sightseeing, you have your pick of numerous picturesque villages and charming old towns, each of which is filled to the brim with medieval cathedrals, historical castles, and art museums.

Best Places to Visit Mallorca

The enchanting island of Mallorca is home to a great number of secret treasures, the likes of which are known only to residents of the island and visitors who have done their homework. You will find the ABC Mallorca recommended itinerary’s locations here. Take care not to miss out!

1. Palma de Mallorca, the Island’s Cultural Capital and Largest City

Palma de Mallorca, the capital city of Mallorca, is a picturesque port city that dazzles visitors with its enticing Mediterranean atmosphere and plethora of cultural attractions. This city’s status is comparable to that of other capitals in Europe due to the presence of two remarkable landmarks: the cathedral and the castle.

Best Places to Visit Mallorca

The enormous Catedral de Mallorca, often known as La Seu, is located on a hilltop above the Old Harbor and can be seen for miles around as a symbol of religion. The interior of the cathedral, which spans a total area of 6,600 square meters and features an aisled nave that rises to a height of 44 meters, leaves you in wonder.

2. The Ancient City of Alcda

Best Places to Visit Mallorca

With its winding medieval lanes and opulent Renaissance homes, the charming town of Alcudia exudes an air that is distinctly reminiscent of another time and place. In addition to its beautifully maintained medieval walls, this town is famous for the delectable cuisine and cultural celebrations that it hosts.

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The town is located some distance from the water, and it was fortified in order to defend itself from pirates, who were a threat during the Middle Ages. Only the Xara and Palma gates, as well as the Bastion of Sant Ferran, which dates back to the Renaissance, are all that remain of the original defenses.

3. A Glamourous Seaside Resort Is to Be Found in Puerto Portals

This opulent coastal resort on the Southwest Coast of Majorca is a favorite vacation spot of the Spanish royal family as well as other travelers who establish the latest fashion trends.

Best Places to Visit Mallorca

The waterfront of the yacht-filled marina is lined with elegant restaurants and designer boutiques, just as one would expect from a chic coastal resort. The presence of flashy vehicles like Ferraris and Porsches makes the atmosphere even more interesting.

4. The Town and Monastery of Valldemossa, Perched Atop a Hill

A lovely hilltop village, Valldemossa is comprised of winding passageways, pedestrian streets that are paved in stone, and ancient stone structures. The Plaza Ramon Llull is a lovely area in the middle of the town that offers a welcoming setting for humming outdoor cafés.

Best Places to Visit Mallorca

The town of Valldemossa enjoys a breathtaking location between the mountain range of the Tramuntana and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Verdant hillside terraces that descend to beaches and bays surround the community on all sides.

5. The Stunning Beauty of the Seaside in and Around Port de Sóller

This charming little fishing village is tucked away among mountains and an exquisite valley. The valley is an expanse of olive groves and citrus orchards that extend from the medieval town of Sóller all the way to the water’s edge.

Best Places to Visit Mallorca

A gorgeous marina can be found in the Port de Sóller, and it is home to a variety of sailboats and motorboats.

6. The Beaches of Llucmajor

The shore of Llucmajor provides all the amenities necessary for a relaxing getaway at the beach. This breathtaking length of Mallorca’s southwest coastline extends for 45 kilometers and features a number of stunning coves and sandy beaches.

Best Places to Visit Mallorca

About 15 kilometers to the south of Palma de Mallorca are the beaches of Llucmajor. There are over a dozen different towns in this region, in addition to several newer resort developments, from which visitors can select from a wide range of different places to stay.

7. The Pollenca Harbor and Port Town

The port of Pollenca is noted for its activity, and its lovely bay is renowned for its hypnotic, deep blue waters. The beautiful, ancient town is nestled in the shadow of the mountains of Pollenca and Calvari, and it is home to two significant churches.

Best Places to Visit Mallorca

Our Lady of the Angels, also known as Nuestra Senora de los Angeles, is the name of the parish church that was constructed in the 18th century in the same location as a church that was constructed in the 13th century.

8. The Picturesque and Historic Town of Arta

Best Places to Visit Mallorca

Fig, olive, and almond trees all thrive in the fertile valley that is home to the historic town of Artà, which is nestled among the valley’s folds. The mountains of Artà make for a beautiful backdrop, especially when combined with the undulating hills that stretch off into the horizon. In fact, the Arabic word for “garden” is where Artà got its name from.

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From the town’s parish church, the Iglesia de Transfiguración del Seor, a cypress-shaded avenue leads up to the hilltop, where a fortress and the Santuari de Sant Salvador (chapel) stand overlooking the town and the verdant countryside.

9. An Enchanting Artists’ Community in Its Own Right Deià

This picturesque artists’ village is located in the Valley of the Oranges, about a 20-minute drive from Sóller. Rolling hills and fragrant orange plantations surround it on all sides as it sits on the edge of a ravine. The town’s quaint stone houses feature tiled roofs and vividly painted shutters, typical of rural Mediterranean architecture.

Best Places to Visit Mallorca

The famous poet Robert Graves appreciated the peaceful setting and lived in the town for many years, inspiring other creative types to follow. The house where Graves lived, Ca n’Alluny, is now a museum, the Casa Museo de Robert Graves.

10. Petra, a Sleepy Town in the Countryside

Petra is a quiet country town 43 kilometers from Palma de Mallorca and is listed as a Property of Cultural Interest. The most important sight is the convent where Friar Junpero went to school.

Best Places to Visit Mallorca

The town also has a museum, the Casa Museu de Fra Junper Serra, which illustrates the life and work of Friar Junpero Serra, who was born in Petra.


Palma de Mallorca’s magnificent Gothic cathedral, and then unwind with some sunbathing on one of the island’s untouched beaches. You may take a leisurely stroll through the walled medieval village of Alicia, find new motivation at a monastery that dates back to the 15th century, and then unwind at the opulent beach resort of Puerto Portals.

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