Top 10 Best Beautiful Places to Visit in Umbria That’ll Surely Make You Happy!

Tuscany, Le Marche, and Lazio’s rolling greenery around the captivating Italian region of Umbria. It is the definition of vacation nirvana because of its charming lakes, interesting Roman ruins, and medieval hill villages. Explore the …

Best Places to Visit in Umbria

Tuscany, Le Marche, and Lazio’s rolling greenery around the captivating Italian region of Umbria. It is the definition of vacation nirvana because of its charming lakes, interesting Roman ruins, and medieval hill villages.

Explore the history of Italy’s patron saints, eat exquisite Italian wines, and go truffle hunting. Whether you’re seeking a spiritual retreat in perpetually crowded Perugia or prefer the slower pace of life in Narni, Umbria truly offers it all.

Best Places to Visit in Umbria

You will be amazed by the vistas in Umbria. You can wake up to the sound of fog moving across the hills or watch a spectacular sunset beside the river. Use this travel guide to discover Italy at its finest.

1. Norcia

Norcia is a charming medieval town with striking contrasts. It is the ideal location for hikers, nature lovers, and foodies. It is a walled town surrounded by lush countryside and rolling Umbrian hills.

Best Places to Visit in Umbria

Black truffles, salami, bacon, and wild boar products are among its most well-known exports; they are so well-known that they have earned the term nor inertia.

The statue of Saint Benedict, Palazzo Comunale, and the 13th-century Town Hall with its picturesque Loggia Staircase and Bell Tower can still be seen despite the fact that other significant structures, including the Church of St. Benedict itself, were damaged by earthquakes.

2. National Park of the Monti Sibillini

Monti Sibillini National Park is a wild and fascinating site in Umbria that is tucked away amid the Apennine Mountains. It is a well-liked location for a variety of outdoor pursuits, including hiking, bicycling, rock climbing, and canyoneering.

Best Places to Visit in Umbria

It is dotted with medieval villages, lakes, and stories. The park is home to a variety of wildflowers and animals, including wolves, birds of prey, and orchids.

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The Sibillines have a long history of being associated with witches, necromancers, and fairies. The legends still exist today, which is what draws people to this region. Trek to the Cave of Sibyl, where a witch is alleged to have seduced brave knights into a damned existence.

3. Todi

Todi, a village perched on a hill, with a lovely view of the Tevere Valley. The village, which is encircled by three sets of walls, holds a wealth of secrets. The outermost wall is Etruscan, the middle one Roman, and the medieval wall was constructed during the Middle Ages.

Best Places to Visit in Umbria

From the Piazza del Popolo, stroll through the city’s old district. Take a timeless tourist photograph on the steps of the cathedral from the 12th century, which stands on the remains of an Apollonian temple.

Visit the People’s Palace, the Town Hall, and the Roman-Etruscan Museum. Don’t miss the St. Fortunato Church, which honors the city’s patron saint, the Priori Palace from the 14th century, and the Captain Palace from the 13th.

4. Spello

Spello is a historic walled hamlet with honey-colored homes that cascade down Monte Subasio, the mountain that bears Saint Francis’s name. It’s a little town in east-central Umbria that you can walk across in a matter of hours, right outside Assisi.

Best Places to Visit in Umbria

Despite being small, it is still worth a visit because of its relaxed atmosphere and stunning vistas. It’s actually one of Italy’s most picturesque villages without a doubt! The village, which is entirely made of Subasio marble, turns pinkish at sunrise and dusk; the pictures are stunning!

5. Trasimeno Lake

One of Umbria’s most alluring locations is Lake Trasimeno, with its hillside olive trees, sloping vineyards, and charming stone cottages. Trasimeno, the fourth-largest lake in Italy, is encircled by historic churches, fortifications, and towers.

Best Places to Visit in Umbria

Three picturesque lake islands, pastel-colored wooden fishing boats, and some of Italy’s most breathtaking sunsets can all be found on the lake itself.

The lake lies in Umbria, but Tuscany’s northern boundary is right up against its northern coast. The lakeside settlements have a resort-like feel to them. Tourists flock to the area during the peak season, which lasts from April to October, to enjoy the beaches, pleasant weather, and hiking and bike routes. When visiting out of season, you’ll discover a lot of businesses closed.

6. Narni

The tranquil hamlet of Narni looks out over the verdant Nera Valley. It’s one of the most lovely tiny villages in Italy, famous for its magnificent sunsets that dominate the landscape of Umbria.

Best Places to Visit in Umbria

But the old town is very significant historically and culturally. Explore the extraordinary underground city of Narni Sotterranea, which was just recently discovered in 1977, and take in the magnificent artwork at the Civic Museum.

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This village is unique because it is not at all touristy. However, there is still a lot to do. Stroll through the San Giovenale Duomo, two lovely mansions, and the Rocca stronghold from the 1370s while taking in summer music at San Domenico Church.

7. The Marmore Falls

One of the tallest waterfalls ever created by humans is Marmore Falls. It is hidden within Nera River Park, often referred to as Waters’ Park, and was constructed by the Romans in 271 BC to change the course of the River Velino’s spilling, stagnant waters into the River Nero.

Best Places to Visit in Umbria

The Galleto Hydroelectric Power Station receives its energy from the falls today, enabling Terni’s metalworking, electrochemical, and electric businesses. But myth and mythology continue to surround the falls. According to lore, a shepherd named Velino and a nymph named Nera fell in love.

8. Spoleto

One of the unusual non-touristy towns is Spoleto. This medieval settlement, which is completely off the usual route, has a steep historical core that goes back to 241 BC and is reachable through a travellator.

Best Places to Visit in Umbria

It wasn’t until one of the Dukes of Lombard made it their official residence in 774 that the area, which had been inhabited by the indigenous Umbri tribes from the fifth century BC, became a part of the Holy Roman Empire.

Spoleto promises all the greatest aspects of Italy, including gorgeous restaurants, substantial cuisine, and fantastic wines. It was chosen as the location for the filming of the popular Italian soap opera Don Matteo because it shows a true Italian town that hasn’t yet been overrun by visitors. The Montefalco red wine with black truffles are not to be missed!

9. Gubbio

North-eastern Umbria contains the historic town of Gubbio. Even though it’s so close to Assisi, it’s strangely off the beaten path for tourists. This hilltop Italian village, surrounded by an avocado-growing region and connected to Mount Ingino by a picturesque cable car, is unquestionably wonderful. Gubbio has it all in terms of authenticity, architecture, and atmosphere.

Best Places to Visit in Umbria

One of Umbria’s oldest cities, Gubbio dates to the pre-Roman era. Grey limestone-built Renaissance, Gothic, and medieval structures coexist harmoniously in the town center. The reason it’s called the “City of Fools” is because of the “madman’s license” and Eugubina citizenship that can be obtained by just doing three laps around the tiny fountain in Largo Bargello.

10. Perugia

Perugia, located in central Umbria, is the prosperous region’s capital. The Rocca Paolina, Italy’s largest fortification, dominates the background of this delightfully medieval Etruscan town. Perugia, which is thought to be older than Rome, certainly lives up to its well-deserved reputation.

Best Places to Visit in Umbria

Discover Perugia’s charming center, which is teeming with Etruscan ruins, notably the Sorbello Well from the third century. Visit the Fontana Maggiore fountain, the focal point of Piazza IV November.


The best-kept secret in Italy, Umbria, welcomes you! Whether you enjoy wandering through picturesque towns, sports like rafting and wakeboarding, wine tasting, or dancing at regional festivals, this region has a ton of fantastic things to offer.

Additionally, the views in Umbria will wow you; wake up to fog moving across the hills or take in an amazing sunset alongside a lake.

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