The Top 10 Best Places to Visit in the US in May That’ll Will Surely Rise Your Happiness!

May is the ideal month for going on vacation before the busier and more expensive summer season because the temperature is still bearable and there are fewer people around. U.S. News has compiled a list …

Best Places to Visit in US in May

May is the ideal month for going on vacation before the busier and more expensive summer season because the temperature is still bearable and there are fewer people around. U.S. News has compiled a list of the top places to visit in May, taking into consideration, among other things, the scenery, the weather, the opinions of previous visitors, and annual events.

You can’t go wrong with any of these locations, whether you’re searching for a beach vacation or an outdoor excursion. Cast your vote in the poll below to help determine the list for the following year.

The Best Places to Visit in the US in May

May is a wonderful month to take a journey, whether it be a long vacation or a little road trip. The dreary limitations of winter and the damp and muddy spring have pretty much completely been shaken off pretty much everywhere in the Lower 48 states.

The locations that we are highlighting in this article give you the opportunity to make the most of the nice temperatures and the abundance of good weather. Here is a list of twelve locations in the United States that are highly recommended for vacationing during the month of May.

1. Washington D.C.

The District, or “The District” as its citizens affectionately refer to it, is the focal point of American power and national reputation. The National Mall, which is also home to some of the best museums in the world, is lined with towering landmarks that are significant to the history of the United States.

Best Places to Visit in the US in May

When planning what you want to see in Washington, District of Columbia, it is helpful to keep in mind that the vast majority of noteworthy memorials are congregated in the area around the National Mall.

This will help you prioritize where you want to go. We suggest that if it is practical for you to do so, you reserve a hotel room in a different section of the city so that you can gain a broader understanding of the layout of the metropolis as a whole. The neighborhoods of Georgetown, Adams Morgan, and NoMa are quite desirable places to live.

2. City of New Orleans

The Big Easy is a place where a diverse range of cultures come together. New Orleans is a city that is recognized all over the world for its unique music, Creole background, and its festival mentality. The city is also filled with inexpensive attractions. Your walking tour will begin in the French Quarter and continue along the Mississippi River and into the vicinity of Jackson Park.

Best Places to Visit in the US in May

Mardi Gras and Hurricane Katrina, both of which devastated the city in 2005, are the subjects of displays at the neighboring Presbyt√®re, which serves as a state museum. After you’ve spent some time in the Quarter, take a streetcar to the west and you’ll find yourself in the Garden District. Here, you’ll find tree-lined boulevards and majestic manors that were formerly home to affluent families.

Great walking trails may be found in Audubon Park, which is located close to Loyola University’s main campus. The intricate graves that are placed above ground in Greenwood Cemetery make it well worth the trip.

3. Holland, Michigan

This charming tiny town, which celebrates its namesake with an annual tulip festival, shares many similarities with its namesake. Holland is a city in the Midwest of the United States that has a touch of European flavor, and because of this, it attracts tourists from all around the Great Lakes region.

Best Places to Visit in the US in May

When the tulips are at their peak beauty is, of course, the greatest time to pay a visit. The first couple of weeks of May are traditionally reserved for the annual Tulip Time Festival. This event, which has been given the distinction of being one of the most vibrant small-town festivals in the United States, is held annually.

It is possible to visit Holland in a single day from Chicago, but getting there is simpler by coming through Grand Rapids, which is located nearby. Beginning in the downtown area around Centennial Park, continue your adventure by exploring the Hope College campus. Take a little detour via the Kruizenga Art Museum on your way downtown.

4. The National Park of Zion

Zion National Park may be found tucked away in Southwest Utah, not too far from the city of St. George. Zion National Park is home to an astonishing number of plant and animal species due to its extraordinary topography, which makes possible the existence of a wide variety of habitats.

Best Places to Visit in the US in May

Traveling in from St. George, Utah, or Las Vegas is recommended as the most convenient alternative for arrival. A variety of motels and guest rooms may be found in the nearby little town of Springdale, which is situated just outside the national park’s boundaries. Zion National Park is open throughout the entire year, much like the other places on our list.

However, there are some public transit options available, including a shuttle service into Springdale. The most convenient way to get around Zion is by renting a car. Stop at the Zion Nature Center and the Zion History Museum on your way into the park from Springdale. Both of these attractions are located close to the entrance.

5. Chicago

Chicago’s meteoric rise from a sleepy trading outpost to the third largest metropolis in the United States is in no small part attributable to the lakefront site it occupies on the western coast of the lake. Visitors visiting Chicago cannot help not be impressed by all that the city has to offer because it is such a wonderful metropolis.

Best Places to Visit in the US in May

There is a good possibility that you will be able to find anything you are looking for in Chicago, whether it be excellent architecture, food, museums, recreation, or something else. The Chicago River winds its way through the middle of the city, and the network of walking routes that make up the Chicago Riverwalk provide some of the most breathtaking perspectives of the breathtaking cityscape.

6. Virginia City of Roanoke

The entrance to the Blue Ridge Mountains can be found near Roanoke. Roanoke, which is situated in Southwest Virginia, exudes an atmosphere that is strikingly distinct from that of the other places on our list.

Best Places to Visit in the US in May

However, you are going to be pleasantly surprised to learn that Roanoke has a lot of things happening at any one time. You should begin your trip by going to the Taubman Museum of Art.

Start your journey in Forsyth Park, which, during the warm summer months, features a dense canopy that creates an extremely lovely atmosphere. The Savannah College of Art and Design can be found in the vicinity of the park’s northeastern corner.

7. The Georgia City of Savannah

Although Atlanta receives a disproportionate amount of attention, coastal Savannah is not to be taken lightly as a tourist destination. There is a wide variety of artistic styles and aesthetic preferences on display here.

Best Places to Visit in the US in May

The galleries at that institution are packed with the works of outstanding students who are attempting to carve out a reputation for themselves by pushing the boundaries of a variety of aesthetic genres. You can view the home that is so vividly described in John Berendt’s best-selling novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by going to the Mercer Williams House Museum, which is located nearby.

8. Vegas (Sin City)

The city of Las Vegas offers a little something for everyone that visits. Red Rock Canyon is home to some truly breathtaking natural vistas. The Hoover Dam is a work of engineering that is truly monumental. And, of course, the glitz and splendor that can only be found in the world’s most ritzy casinos.

Best Places to Visit in the US in May

South Las Vegas Boulevard, more commonly referred to as “The Strip,” is the area of Las Vegas that is home to the city’s most popular casinos and entertainment venues. The Las Vegas Strip is an essential destination for anybody who comes to see the city. During the height of its popularity, Downtown Las Vegas was the epicenter of the city’s nightlife and entertainment. This history can be learned about and experienced at the Fremont Street Experience today.

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Fremont Street, which was formerly known as Glitter Gulch, is now a famous site for live performances and other forms of entertainment. Visitors can go on the zip line or look for mementos while they are protected from the elements by a barrel vault canopy.

9. The City of New York

New York metropolis is widely regarded as the best metropolis in the world, and for good reason: it has dazzling lights, expansive avenues, and an attraction that is hard to ignore. There is London, there is Paris, and there is Tokyo, but none of those cities come close to matching the frenzied intensity of a metropolis that appears to be balanced precariously on the brink of peril.

Best Places to Visit in the US in May

Although New York has a reputation for being rough and tumble, the city also possesses a surprising amount of sensitivity. In densely populated areas such as Manhattan, utilizing the various forms of public transit will not provide any difficulties.

Combining the many modes of public transit in New York City makes it simple to go around the city, despite the fact that navigating the outer boroughs can be more difficult. It is arguable that New York City is the only location in the entirety of the United States with a comprehensive public transportation system that is on par with those that are found in major cities in Europe and Asia.

10. The City of San Antonio in Texas

In the very center of Texas, there is a lot happening right now. The only thing that can compare to the state’s excessively large land area is its excessively large mentality. Texans have a great sense of community pride.

Best Places to Visit in the US in May

Many people still think of the state of Texas as if it were its own independent nation. If you’re looking to get a feel for Lone Star culture, there are few better places than San Antonio. This lovely destination that won’t break your bank account has heaps of Texas charm and a vast array of great attractions.

The city center of San Antonio is rather tight, which results in a wealth of opportunities for exploration. The city’s famed River Walk is a network of trails lined with restaurants, shops, and green spaces winding alongside the San Antonio River.


One of my favorite periods to visit the United States is in the month of May. The crowds of summer and the prices of summer activities have not yet caught up to the gorgeous weather, spring blossoms, and exciting festival scene that is blooming across the country. It’s the perfect moment to get the summer started off right!

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