Explore the Enchanting 10 Best Places to Visit in the Deep South, USA!

The size and variety of the United States are astounding. Every area has its own culture and character. American citizens also frequently go just to the west or east coasts of the US. However, as …

Best Places to Visit in the Deep South

The size and variety of the United States are astounding. Every area has its own culture and character. American citizens also frequently go just to the west or east coasts of the US.

However, as more people become aware of the allure and natural beauty that the American Deep South holds, this mentality is quickly shifting. Locals are eager to help you discover what their region, state, or city has to offer, from colonial history to southern hospitality. When do you plan to travel to the Deep South, then?

Best Places to Visit in the Deep South

Here are seven locations to think about:

1. Georgia’s Savannah

You may easily understand why Savannah is regarded as one of the most romantic cities in the US by taking a stroll around the city’s Historic District. Savannah, one of the oldest cities in the nation and one of the earliest cities in the world was founded in 1733.

Best Places to Visit in the Deep South

The city served as a vital port during the Civil War and was formerly the capital of a British colony. It is currently better known for its aesthetic appeal, artistic talent, and warm southern charm. Walking is the greatest way to explore Savannah. Due to the grid-like layout of the city, it is simple to take your time and explore on foot.

2. Fla.’s St. Augustine

White sand beaches and outdoor activities come to mind first when people think of Florida. Many people overlook the fact that Florida has a rich history and was once a Spanish colony.

Best Places to Visit in the Deep South

The best location to witness remnants of Florida’s Spanish past is St. Augustine. One of the first cities built in North America, St. Augustine was established in 1565 by Spanish conquerors, and it remained Florida’s capital for more than 200 years.

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St. Augustine is today a peaceful beach town even if it is no longer the capital. The Castillo de San Marcos, North America’s oldest fort, is seen.

3. Alabama’s Mobile

As the seat of government for New France’s Louisiana colony, Mobile was established in 1702. Even though the French may no longer be present, the city still has the oldest Mardi Gras festival in the US, and the structures in the historic center are reminiscent of those in New Orleans.

Best Places to Visit in the Deep South

You must try crawfish if you go during Mardi Gras. Due to its closeness to the Gulf of Mexico, Mobile is claimed to offer some of the greatest crawfish in the area, making it a specialty of the deep south.

4. Atlanta, Georgia

Although Birmingham is the state’s largest city and the cultural center of Alabama, Montgomery may be its capital. Birmingham is swiftly rising to the top of the list of popular US destinations to visit in 2018.

Best Places to Visit in the Deep South

Birmingham has everything you need and more, from one of the top free art museums in the nation to a stunning mountain trek and a thriving restaurant scene. Finally, the city is prepared for its moment in the spotlight.

5. Mississippi’s Natchez

Natchez is a small town with a slower pace and is situated right along the Mississippi River on the Louisiana/Mississippi state line. You can get a true sense of what the Deep South is like there.

Best Places to Visit in the Deep South

Take a stroll through Natchez’s historic downtown area, explore one of the city’s mansions (if only those walls could talk), and stop by Emerald Mound, a former Native American settlement that dates back to the 13th century and was constructed there. It could take some getting used to Natchez’s warm Southern hospitality, but once you do, you’ll believe everyone else is unpleasant.

6. Los Angeles, California

A trip to the Deep South would be incomplete without stopping in New Orleans, one of the country’s most fascinating and outrageously entertaining cities. The 300th anniversary of New Orleans is being celebrated in 2018, making it the ideal year to travel there.

Best Places to Visit in the Deep South

New Orleans is much more than just its wacky Mardi Gras festival, which annually brings tens of thousands of revelers to Bourbon Street. In New Orleans, you could go on food binges for days on end. You must taste regional foods like po’boys, gumbo, jambalaya, and beignets if you decide to do that.

7. Fort Worth, Texas

When it comes to Texas cities, Dallas, Houston, and Austin receive all the attention, but if you want to experience the true spirit of Texas, you must go to Fort Worth. Bar fights, shootouts, and prostitution were all typical in the area that had housed the notorious Hell’s Half Acre (red light district) in the late 1800s.

Best Places to Visit in the Deep South

Butch “Sundance Kid” Cassidy, for whom Downtown’s Sundance Square is named, Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger, and other infamous gangsters were drawn to the city. The city is now renowned for its relaxed, “cultures and cowboys” atmosphere. When the daily cattle drive takes place at the ancient Stockyards, you could just get a glimpse of a real cowboy.

8. Shelby County, Tennessee

Best Places to Visit in the Deep South

This vibrant city, which is located on the banks of the Mississippi, is built around music. Memphis, which is regarded as the birthplace of the blues, is crucial to the development of rock ‘n’ roll.

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Graceland, Elvis Presley’s well-known house, and Sun Studio, where the King himself and artists like Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison recorded some of their greatest hits, are also located there.

9. Carolina’s Charleston

Charleston is one of America’s oldest cities, oozing with southern charm, beautifully preserved historic architecture, and picture-perfect surroundings.

Best Places to Visit in the Deep South

The harbor city, which dates back to the 17th century, is home to antebellum mansions, white-sand beaches, championship golf courses, and pastel-colored homes that line the waterfront and are known as Rainbow Row. It also has cobblestoned streets lined with moss-covered oak trees where you can take a horse-drawn carriage ride.

10. Music City, Tennessee

Numerous Deep South communities have long histories in music, but Nashville insists it is the Music City.

Best Places to Visit in the Deep South

The Country Music Hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash Museum, a tour of Studio B, where artists like Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley recorded hits, and a stop at one of Nashville’s renowned honky-tonks (a bar where you can enjoy free live country music) are just a few of the musical experiences available to visitors.


The Deep South is an area rich in culture, cuisine, and creatives, with a turbulent history linked with racial injustice and the Civil Rights Movement. It is home to honky-tonk bars, go-cups, fried chicken, and musical legends.

You’ll quickly discover that this is a community that knows how to live: a visit here is accompanied by a nonstop soundtrack of jazz, blues, and country music, along with bourbon measures and dishes of fried chicken to keep you energized.

Enjoy the nightlife in southern towns like New Orleans and Nashville, but occasionally let up – hikes in the Smoky Mountains and a Mississippi River cruise provide the ideal downtime.

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