Explore the Top 10 Best Authentic Places to Visit in Texas With Family!

They believe that everything in Texas is larger, even the population. And when you take into consideration everything that the state has to offer, it’s easy to see why Lone Star State packs such a …

Best Places to Visit in Texas With Family

They believe that everything in Texas is larger, even the population. And when you take into consideration everything that the state has to offer, it’s easy to see why Lone Star State packs such a powerful punch when it comes to tourists.

Texas is stuffed to the gills with jaw-dropping landscapes, important historical landmarks, eclectic museums, immaculate city parks, shopping meccas in the suburbs, delectable BBQs, and many other things.

The Best Places to Visit in Texas With Family

When compiling its list of the top 10 places to visit in Texas, U.S. News considered both the feedback of actual tourists and the opinions of tourism industry professionals.

1. City of Dallas

The question that should be asked is not, “What can I do in Dallas?” The question is “What else is there to do?” This large city has everything, from amusement parks and wonderful shopping to shopping opportunities galore and restaurants serving every conceivable cuisine style.

Best Places to Visit in Texas With Family

Everyone of any age can have a good time at Six Flags Over Texas because of its assortment of roller coasters, fair food, and arcade games. To watch a game of the Texas Rangers baseball team or the Dallas Cowboys football team during the fall, simply cross the street.

The huge Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, which has more than 66 acres of land to explore, is an ideal location for a peaceful day trip with a picnic basket in tow.

2. The City of San Antonio in Texas

Take one of the boats on the San Antonio Riverwalk for a relaxing cruise downstream, and then make a pit stop at one of the restaurants that are located along the riverbank for a genuine Tex-Mex lunch. Visit the DoSum, an interactive kid’s museum, or take in a Spurs game at the AT&T Center, both of which are located in San Antonio.

Best Places to Visit in Texas With Family

The Alamo is a wonderful destination to learn about the history of Texas and to go on tours. In addition, San Antonio is home to several one-of-a-kind tourist destinations, such as the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, where families can go on a 400-acre safari, and the Tower of the Americas, where they can dine and get a panoramic view of the city from 750 feet above ground level.

3. Houston 

The city of Houston is home to some of the most kid- and family-friendly attractions in all of Texas. Visit the Space Center to chat with a real astronaut, try on authentic space gear, and go on a tour of Mission Control.

Best Places to Visit in Texas With Family

In addition to functioning as an amusement park, the Downtown Aquarium houses a restaurant that is encircled on all sides by a massive aquarium that holds 150,000 gallons of water. The Houston Museum of Natural Science is especially wonderful for children, and its butterfly center, which is housed in a replica of a rainforest, is an attraction that visitors of any age should not miss.

4. Texas City of Marfa

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city by going on vacation to Marfa. The activities available at Big Bend National Park, including horseback riding, bird watching, hiking, rafting, and camping, may keep you busy for many weeks on your own.

Best Places to Visit in Texas With Family

Keep a lookout throughout the night for the Marfa lights, which are unexplained orbs that can occasionally be seen lighting up the sky. There have not yet been any definitive answers provided by scientists about this peculiar event.

If your family feels that camping is a bit too basic and would rather stay in a hotel, the Hotel Paisano is an elegant and historic option to consider.

5. Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a town in its own right, despite its proximity to Dallas, and it is widely regarded as one of the Texas destinations that is best suited for families. At the Fort Worth Stockyards, there are two daily cattle walks that real cowboys lead.

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In addition, there are stores, rodeos, and restaurants in the Fort Worth Stockyards. One of the finest zoos in the state, the Fort Worth Zoo is home to about seven thousand unique species of animals.

6. Texas City of Grapevine

Grapevine is not an extension of Dallas and Fort Worth, as some people may believe; rather, it is a separate city with its own distinct attractions, such as the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, which contains rides and playscapes.

Best Places to Visit in Texas With Family

The Parr Park Sprayground is a park that spans 31 acres and features a variety of playgrounds, both dry and wet, as well as picnic spots. Grapevine Vintage Railroad offers passengers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have an adventure aboard a train from the 1920s as it travels between Grapevine and Fort Worth.

7. Galveston, Texas

Galveston is located near Houston on the Gulf Coast. Spend a day in the past at the Galveston Island Pleasure Pier, where you may select from a wide range of eateries in addition to rides and games.

Best Places to Visit in Texas With Family

At the Galveston Railroad Museum, you can get an education on the history of railroad transportation by attending one of the many events or exhibitions that are held there throughout the year.

8. The Austin

The city of Austin is an excellent place for parents to take their children to experience live music for the first time, but there is so much more to do here. You can go swimming at Deep Eddy Pool, Barton Springs Pool, or locate your little sanctuary anywhere along the Greenbelt if the weather is pleasant, as it is for most of the year.

Best Places to Visit in Texas With Family

There is a kid’s train that goes through Zilker Park, and there are food trucks all over the city that cater to a variety of tastes. There is always a fun event taking on in Austin, whether it is Eeyore’s Birthday Party, the yearly Kite Festival, or the family-friendly Austin City Limits Festival. Austin is a city that never sleeps when it comes to entertainment.

9. Kings of the East Side

Try out East Side Kings, a network of local food trucks that has a dedicated and quickly expanding fan base, if you are a lover of Japanese street food that has been given a twist. It is recommended that before making an appearance, you check online to learn what kinds of cuisine are offered at each site because they are all unique.

Best Places to Visit in Texas With Family

This cuisine is bound to be tasty, and it is probably covered in sweet Kewpie mayo or orange peel that is sprinkled with sesame seeds.

10. The Tortilla with Peaches and Cream

The owner of The Peached Tortilla spent some time in Tokyo, Japan, which influenced the restaurant’s decision to serve dishes that are a mix of Asian and Mexican cuisine.

Best Places to Visit in Texas With Family

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However, in comparison to other restaurants, it is unquestionably distinctive because it serves tacos, burgers, and burritos that can be complemented with a flavorful egg. All the products are made with love and care, and The Peached Tortilla prides itself on creating meals where quality, not quantity, is the priority.


People who live in Austin often congregate at roadside food trailers of modest size to socialize and consume their meals. Cuisine trucks are taking over the city, and they are not your typical trailers. Food trucks give small businesses that are operating on a budget the ability to serve high-quality cuisine while taking up very little space.

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