Explore the Enchanting 10 Best Places to Visit in Tallahassee, FL, USA!

Tallahassee, the state capital of Florida, is home to the Seminoles as well as natural beauty and museums. It is a tiny city with a rich past. One exudes an air of friendliness and youth. …

Best Places to Visit in Tallahassee

Tallahassee, the state capital of Florida, is home to the Seminoles as well as natural beauty and museums. It is a tiny city with a rich past. One exudes an air of friendliness and youth.

You can visit a variety of art galleries, museums, and a vibrant nightlife in the small downtown area. State parks and animal refuges are easily accessible once you leave the city limits. This delicious balance means that regardless of the weather or whether the kids are up for another hike, it’s always possible to rearrange the things to do in Tallahassee.

Best Places to Visit in Tallahassee

Tallahassee is a place that will be appealing to many tourists and families because of the harmony of the environment, culture, and history. If this variation has you going back for more, don’t be shocked.

1. Park Alfred B. Maclay Gardens

Maclay Gardens State Park is a distinctive and lovely destination. The vast park, which extends to the north of Tallahassee, is also a component of the Killearn Plantation Archaeological Historic District.

Best Places to Visit in Tallahassee

First off, it’s your typical, vibrant experience of a botanical garden. But there are about 20 old buildings beyond the flowering plants. The park, which is about 200 years old, is covered in azaleas, magnolias, and camellias.

2. National Forest of Apalachicola

Best Places to Visit in Tallahassee

The Apalachicola National Forest, located halfway between Tallahassee and the fishing community of Apalachicola, is a refuge for hikers and wildlife enthusiasts. Longleaf pine forests, swamps, raging rivers, and serene lakes are just a few of the diverse habitats that may be found inside the national forest.

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Swimming is one of the best things to do here to beat the heat. At Silver Lake, you can stroll through the breathtaking trees to the 250 feet of golden sand that line the water’s edge before diving in.

3. Fred Drake Park and Lake Ella

Your quick and peaceful retreat from the city’s center is Lake Ella & Fred Drake Park, which is located just north of the downtown area. The lake, a lovely body of water in the middle of the park, is the major attraction. One that is a well-liked destination for locals in Tallahassee.

Best Places to Visit in Tallahassee

Visitors to the park can take advantage of the beautiful walking trails that surround the lake, which offer views of the water as it shimmers in the sunlight and opportunities to glimpse geese, swans, and even the occasional turtle. Along the way, you’ll see picnic sites and roomy lawns that are ideal for relaxing with friends or reading a book.

4. Goodwood Gardens and Museum

The Goodwood Museum and Gardens is a look back at life in Florida in the 1800s, set on a grand 19th-century plantation. The Antebellum house still exists today, just as it did when it was finished in the 1830s, surrounded by lush, well-kept gardens.

Best Places to Visit in Tallahassee

Visitors are welcome to tour the house, which features exquisite glasswork, vintage furnishings, carpets, and artwork that once adorned the walls. The fresco ceilings, which give the house a brilliant air, are the design’s focal point.

5. Art District in Railroad Square

A World War II-era industrial warehouse area that was nearby downtown was abandoned in the 1970s. In the years that followed, it would become a component of a new redevelopment that turned the vacant area into a hub for artistic expression known as Railroad Square Art District.

Best Places to Visit in Tallahassee

The district, which is vibrant and colorful, has been occupied by artists and artisans who have converted the structures into a combination of art galleries and boutique shops. The variety of paintings, prismatic structures, and haphazard attractions add to the place’s enduring character. such as indoor rock climbing and pinball arcades.

6. Tahlequah Museum

The Tallahassee Museum must be included on your schedule if you’re looking for a distinctive method to learn about local history. You may be thinking, “Surely, another museum?” But this museum is unique in the community.

Best Places to Visit in Tallahassee

The distinction between an adventure park and a history museum is hazy at the Tallahassee Museum. It is an exciting adventure that will keep the whole family delighted thanks to the ziplines, hiking trails, and wildlife enclosures.

7. San Luis de Apalachee Mission

Best Places to Visit in Tallahassee

History can be seen in museums, but it’s difficult to beat a meticulously restored original. The first San Luis de Apalachee Mission was constructed in the seventeenth century. Then, in the center of the Apalachee Province, there existed a Spanish Franciscan mission.

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Despite the fact that the original version was destroyed, thanks to the rebuilding of various buildings, including the fort, chapel, blacksmith, and a Spanish residence, visitors may receive an outstanding view of mission life.

8. Museum at Knott House

Best Places to Visit in Tallahassee

The Knott House Museum, which was built in the 1830s by a freed slave named George Proctor, is most known as the site where Brig. General Edward McCook would deliver the Emancipation Proclamation. Since then, the house has served as the Union’s interim command center for a number of years. That was in 1865.

The renowned structure was given to the city’s historical organization more than 120 years later. The Knott House now serves as a museum that relates the amazing tale of the house, beginning with George Proctor, the Emancipation, and the plethora of remarkable people that lived there in the years that followed.

9. University of Florida State

The Florida State University occupies a sizable portion of northern downtown and plays a significant role in daily life in Tallahassee. It is home to nearly 30,000 students. Although the school plays a significant role in local culture from both an academic and a sporting perspective, Tallahassee has a rich past independent of the institution.

Best Places to Visit in Tallahassee

In addition to using the center’s library of maps and information to explore the campus at their leisure, visitors can join tours that leave from the visitor center. As you explore, you’ll come across the 1907-built Bryan Hall, Landis Hall with its courtyard filled with sunshine, and Strozier Library.

10. Park Cascades

Best Places to Visit in Tallahassee

Take a break from seeing the sights and enjoy some time in the sun with all your favorite park snacks and activities in the car. With walking paths, amphitheaters, playgrounds, and water features, Cascades Park is a well-liked urban area. It’s a nice way to breathe in some fresh air without having to travel far.


The state capital of Florida is located in a modest inland city that has a lot to offer first-time tourists. The town boasts a young feel and is home to Florida State University (Go, Seminoles!) and Florida A&M.

The city is lush and leafy, with tall trees, and it never appears to have too much of anything. It’s a laid-back destination with much to see and do, whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure.

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