See Here the Top 10 Best Stunning Places to Visit in St Thomas, USVI!

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, is a great Caribbean escape because it is only a few hours from the East Coast. The beaches are amazing, the ocean is a magnificent blue color, and there are …

Best Places to Visit in St Thomas

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, is a great Caribbean escape because it is only a few hours from the East Coast. The beaches are amazing, the ocean is a magnificent blue color, and there are a huge number of delicious culinary alternatives.

There are many enjoyable things to do in St. Thomas, such as visiting historical landmarks, admiring the breathtaking scenery, and participating in adrenaline-pumping activities.

Best Places to Visit in St Thomas

Previously, we frequently traveled to St. Thomas but only by cruise. Recently, we had the opportunity to visit the island to learn more about the things to do in this magnificent location. Check out some of our favorites right here.

1. Magen’s BAY BEACH

Magen’s Bay Beach is without a doubt our favorite activity in St. Thomas. The most beautiful beach on the island is Magen’s Bay Beach. This large section of white sand, which stretches for about a mile, is the ideal spot to spend the day.

Best Places to Visit in St Thomas

What more do you require when there are picnic tables set out under palm trees, paddleboard and kayak rentals, restrooms, a restaurant, and a bar, along with the occasional apparition of sea turtles in the water?

Three out of the four days we were in St. Thomas were spent at Magen’s Bay. It’s wonderful all day long; we were here in the early morning, during the middle of the day, and at nightfall.

2. Get a Banana Daiquiri at the Top of the Mountain

Best Places to Visit in St Thomas

On St. Thomas, Mountain Top is the tallest summit. You have a stunning view of Magen’s Bay from here. It is a winding road up St. Peter Mountain to get here. Enter the sizable duty-free gift shop to reach the balcony and its breathtaking vista.

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In addition, Mountain Top purports to manufacture the Virgin Islands’ best banana daiquiri. So, we simply had to try one (or two) of them for study purposes. While in the Virgin Islands, we still prefer to consume painkillers despite the fact that they are fairly decent.

3. Take in the scenery from Drake’s seat

Best Places to Visit in St Thomas

Views of Magen’s Bay and the smaller islands off St. Thomas’ north shore can be seen from this vantage point, which spans the island’s north side. It’s quick and simple to get there and is close to Charlotte Amalie Overlook, which will be talked about after.

4. Amanie Charlotte Overlook

Best Places to Visit in St Thomas

Drake’s Seat is only around the corner from this overlook, but the view from here is very different because it looks over the southern side of St. Thomas. Right now, you can see Hassel Island, Water Island, and Charlotte Amalie.

5. Skyride and Paradise Point

You have one of the nicest views of St. Thomas from Paradise Point. Two routes can get you here. Riding the Skyride is the most convenient and beautiful way to get here. Visitors are transported to the lookout in this tiny gondola from Charlotte Amalie’s east end.

Best Places to Visit in St Thomas

The Skyride didn’t seem to be open during our visit unless a cruise ship was in port. The Skyride was only operating on one of the four days we were in St. Thomas. As a result, there is a strong likelihood that you will need to drive to Paradise Point.

6. Visit Charlotte Amalie to Shop

Main Street (Dronningens Gade) in Charlotte Amalie is lined with a variety of boutique stores and jewelry stores. Swiss watches, loose gemstones, fragrances, Dutch chocolate, and jewelry are available in these duty-free stores.

Best Places to Visit in St Thomas

It’s a lovely part of town to meander through. Explore the main street and take turns into the lanes, where you can discover some excellent eateries and peaceful, shaded resting areas.

Greengo’s Caribbean Cantina is our preferred dining establishment in this neighborhood. The tacos and cantina bowl are outstanding, plus they offer a tequila bar.

7. Sunset Grille and Secret Harbor Beach

The east end of St. Thomas is home to this tiny, charming beach. A nice place to swim and snorkel is here.

Best Places to Visit in St Thomas

The Sunset Grille is located directly on the sand. You can place a lunch or supper order from here, or you can order tropical drinks. If you’re searching for accommodations with access to the beach, Harbour Beach Villas is one to take into account.

8. Lovely Lindquist Beach

Best Places to Visit in St Thomas

One of our favorite beaches on St. Thomas is this one. Given that Lindquist Beach is inside a state park, the $5 non-resident entry price and $2 parking cost may deter some visitors. But this is a terrific beach to add to your list if you’re seeking a serene setting with stunning views of Smith Bay and Saint John.

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Under the trees, there are picnic tables. There are restrooms as well, but no food or rental options. In essence, you are going to a state park that has a beach. Bring a picnic lunch, towels, and swimwear, then take in the scenery.

9. Chair of the Mermaid

The most distinctive beach in St. Thomas is this one. A little stretch of sand known as Mermaid’s Chair only appears during low tide. The sea covers this beach during high tide.

Best Places to Visit in St Thomas

Mermaid’s Chair is not just the most distinctive beach on St. Thomas, but it’s also one of the trickiest to get to. On the western side of St. Thomas, Mermaid’s Chair is located in The Preserve at Botany Bay.

10. Consider Traveling to the Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge

One of the best things to do in St. Thomas is to go to Buck Island if you like the concept of snorkeling with sea turtles.

Best Places to Visit in St Thomas

Two miles to the south of Saint Thomas is Buck Island. People are not permitted on this island because it is a designated bird sanctuary. There are various coral reefs and a shipwreck all around it.

Turtle Cove is a stop on tours to Buck Island. One of the best spots to watch sea turtles, this location earned its name.


St. Thomas is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean because of its beaches, dining options, shops, and outdoor activities.

This island is a well-liked stop for cruise ships, but it’s also a terrific place to stay for a while. We discuss the top things to do in St. Thomas in our guide, along with ideas for how to fill your free time.

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