Explore the Top 10 Best Enchanting Places to Visit in Spain in March!

March is a fantastic time to visit Spain for anyone looking for fun within their means. Spain’s beaches start luring tourists to themselves when the cold weather eases off during this time of year. Spain …

Best Places to Visit in Spain in March

March is a fantastic time to visit Spain for anyone looking for fun within their means. Spain’s beaches start luring tourists to themselves when the cold weather eases off during this time of year.

Spain is a country that has many undiscovered beauties. The more you travel, the more tranquil and beautiful areas you discover. from sleepy towns to late-night beach celebrations. Spain has everything you could ever want to encounter; just be ready to explore the unknown!

Here, springtime offers a rekindled sense of joy and desire. Additionally, you wouldn’t want to miss the fantastic events that this nation hosts during this month, such as the Fallas Festival.

Best Places to Visit in Spain in March

Not sure where to stay in March in Spain? We have your back! There are many beautiful cities in Spain. Spain has everything, whether you feel like exploring bustling cities like Valencia or breathtaking towns like Ronda! The top places to stay in Spain in March are listed in this article.

1. Valencia, Spain

The third-largest city in Spain, Valencia, is the ideal location to stay if you want to experience culture, art, and beaches. The city is renowned for its distinctive events all throughout the year. In reality, Las Fallas, one of Spain’s biggest festivals, takes place in March.

Best Places to Visit in Spain in March

Valencia hosts Las Fallas every year as a way to welcome spring. Fireworks, live music, and traditional attire are all to be expected. Possibly the hundreds of towering, cartoonish monuments are the real focus point.

It is a stunning night when the monuments are burned to the ground on the last night of Las Fallas. Typically, Las Fallas is celebrated from the middle of March until the beginning of April.

2. Seville, Spain

The Semana Santa celebration, which takes place in Seville during Easter, is one of the most well-known and historic Spanish celebrations. Every year, Semana Santa, commonly known as Holy Week, starts on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday.

Best Places to Visit in Spain in March

One of the greatest times to travel to Seville is in March. The average temperature is around 15 °C, however daytime highs over 20 °C are typical. The city center will be too hot to wander about in during the summer, so you might not get the most out of Seville’s attractions.

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The Catedral de Sevilla, Real Alcázer, Plaza de Espana, and the historic neighborhood of Barrio de Santa Cruz are wonderful sites to see while you are there.

3. Cadiz, Spain

The Jerez Flamenco Festival takes place each year in March in the province of Cadiz. In Jerez, singing, dancing, and the sound of guitars fill the streets, giving the city a distinctive feel.

Best Places to Visit in Spain in March

People go from all over the world to Spain to watch and watch the best flamenco guitarists and dancers, as well as to sample the famed sherry in the country’s traditional bodegas.

The Plaza de San Juan de Dios, a square from the 16th century and the center of the city due to its proximity to the harbor, is a wonderful place to visit during this time, similar to Seville. Visit the Roman theater in Cadiz to delve deep into antiquity.

4. Málaga

Visit Málaga, the Costa del Sol region’s capital. It has a lively city-life vibe, and the surrounding locations are also interesting to explore. For instance, the 11th-century palatial fortress known as The Alcazaba. One of Málaga’s most notable structures, the Alcazaba was constructed by the Hammudid dynasty.

Best Places to Visit in Spain in March

Málaga has a Roman theatre, which is the city’s oldest building along with other Spanish cities. Killing two birds with one stone is clear because the theater is situated at the base of the Alcazaba citadel, at the very center of the city.

5. Ronda

Ronda is the ideal location if you want to see something magnificent. It is one of Spain’s most stunning cities and a well-liked day trip for tourists staying in vacation rentals along the Costa del Sol.

Best Places to Visit in Spain in March

The Puente Nuevo, or “new bridge,” which was constructed in 1793, is the most well-known of all the sights to see in Ronda. You have breathtaking views of the El Tajo Gorge from here. To get the finest view of the bridge, we advise strolling down the Camino de Los Molinos.

Additionally, Ronda is home to one of Spain’s most beautiful and historic bullrings. The Puente Nuevo’s architect, Jose Martin Aldehuela, completed the Real Maestranza bullring, which has a capacity for 5000 spectators, in 1785.

6. Mallorca

Mallorca is a wonderful place to visit in the spring. March has seven hours of sunshine on average and little rainfall. The island’s gorgeous beaches are worth visiting as the average daytime temperature is 18°C.

Best Places to Visit in Spain in March

Attending Port Adriano’s Street Cuisine Festival is something we highly suggest if you share our passion for cuisine. Vintage travel trailers stocked with a variety of eco-friendly foods will be parked all over Port Adriano. meal that is vegetarian, inventive, Tex-Mex, and much more.

7. Island Canary

Even though it’s technically spring in March, swimming is still not advised. However, because the Canary Islands are warmer, tourists can go there to sunbathe. This archipelago of seven main islands, which is located close to the southern coast of Morocco, features some of the most beautiful beaches.

Best Places to Visit in Spain in March

A large number of the Canary Islands have been designated as UNESCO Biosphere Reserves due to its crystal-clear waters and golden sands. Along with the desert-like sand dunes, the distinctive rock formations and stunning volcanic landscapes are unquestionably must-sees.

8. La Sagrada Familia Temple: A Wonderful Building

Best Places to Visit in Spain in March

The beautiful La Sagrada Familia Temple in Barcelona is credited with drawing inspiration from the biblical accounts of Jesus’ early years.

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The famed Catalan architect Carles Gaudi, who passed away before the temple was finished, created this imposing masterpiece, which receives the most visitors from all over the world. UNESCO has designated the La Sagrada Familia Temple as a World Heritage Site. On your journey to Barcelona, don’t miss it.

9. Picasso Museum: A Must-See for History Lovers

The Picasso Museum is made up of five medieval palaces that are connected to create a singular museum. Visit Barcelona to see the magnificent oil paintings and drawings created by the brilliant artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

Best Places to Visit in Spain in March

His affinity with Barcelona, which influenced him as a young man and persisted until his passing, is also visible and reflected in his paintings. Visit the museum to learn more about this well-known creator.

10.  The Iconic Structure: Palau De La Msica Catalana

The renowned Palau de la Msica Catalana in Barcelona was constructed between 1905 and 1908 and serves as a music venue.

Best Places to Visit in Spain in March

The architecture was influenced by Catalan Art Nouveau, and UNESCO has added it to its list of World Heritage Sites. This stunning structure contains some of the most exquisite artworks that are decorated with botanical patterns.


Spain, a nation perched on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, is the scene of some of Christendom’s earliest recorded history and bears the scars of both the vast Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades.

Spain is a living cultural force, with everything from delicious Spanish omelets to paellas and tapas, flamenco dances to bullfights and La Tomatina. For a relaxed beach vacation, the majority of Europe travels to Spain.

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