The 10+ Best Places to Visit in Sacramento – Don’t Miss Your Dream Trip!

Sacramento, the state capital of California, is a city that is definitely worthy of a visit, despite the fact that it is frequently passed over in favor of Los Angeles or San Francisco. In addition …

Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

Sacramento, the state capital of California, is a city that is definitely worthy of a visit, despite the fact that it is frequently passed over in favor of Los Angeles or San Francisco. In addition to being home to the gleaming State Capitol, it is also home to a plethora of historic structures, museums, and monuments that are both fascinating and significant, and it also features a sizable old town section that has been carefully conserved for tourists to explore.

Sacramento is a major political, economic, and cultural hub, and it has been called “America’s Most Diverse City.” In addition to its role as a center of political power, Sacramento is also a major transportation hub.

As a consequence of this, there is a wide variety of things to do in Sacramento, with pockets of thriving art scenes, cuisine scenes, and nightlife scenes dispersed across the city.

The Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

Sacramento is home to a wide variety of tourist sites, including those that date back to the Gold Rush era and wonderful outdoor activities, as well as, of course, the California State Fair. There is surely something enjoyable for everyone to do in this city.

1. The Automobile Museum of California

Driving southwest of the central area will take you to the incredible California Automobile Museum in about five minutes. It is known for its extensive collection of vintage automobiles. It is a very interesting location to visit since it includes a large number of wonderful displays for you to look at in addition to a large number of historic vehicles of all different types and models.

Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

The museum first opened its doors to the general public in 1987, and it now has an extraordinary collection of more than 150 vintage automobiles, the earliest of which dates back to 1886.

Although it is best known for its extensive collection of well-maintained Ford automobiles, it also features other types of automobiles, ranging from race cars and hot rods to Corvettes and sedans.

2. The Cathedral of the Most Holy Sacrament

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, which is regarded as one of the city’s most significant and eye-catching landmarks, can be found in a location that is only a few steps away from the State Capitol Building.

Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

You will be able to appreciate its magnificent, light-filled interior, which is adorned with high-quality religious artworks, paintings, and mosaics. In addition, it features some excellent examples of architectural design.

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Its central bell tower rises 66 meters into the sky, making it one of the largest cathedrals west of the Mississippi River. Its entry is adorned with a beautiful facade. In addition to that, it possesses a humongous dome that has stunning stained-glass windows decorating the inside of its walls.

3. Museum of Art at Crocker

The remarkable Crocker Art Museum, which is only a short distance to the southwest of the center, is home to an incredible variety of artworks and exhibitions and can be reached by taking a stroll in that direction.

Its vast collection includes everything from ceramics and sculptures to paintings, pictures, and prints, and it is displayed in a stately mansion that dates back to the Victorian era.

Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

It is the oldest art museum west of the Mississippi River; it was established in 1885 and was given its current name in honor of the rich local businessman and lawyer who initiated the process of gathering the collection.

It currently has more than 15,000 pieces of art on exhibit, with certain areas emphasizing the work of modern artists from California and others emphasizing the work of artists from Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

4. Bicycle Path Along the American River

When in town, a nice way to view some of the city’s attractive surroundings is to take a quiet and picturesque bike ride along the American River Bicycle Trail. This is one of the best ways to take in some of the city’s natural beauty.

Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

The paved walkway has a length of over fifty kilometers and is popular with both residents of the area and visitors to the area. This is due to the fact that it passes through some flora and scenery that is absolutely mesmerizing.

The path starts in Discovery Park in Sacramento and continues all the way to Beal’s Point at Folsom Lake. It is one of the longest paths of its sort in the country and is considered to be one of the most scenic as well. Along its path next to the American River, it travels through numerous verdant places, immaculate parks, and various recreation spots scattered throughout the landscape.

5. Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park

Sutter’s Fort sits on the ground that previously served as the location of the first European settlement to be founded in the territory that is now known as California. It is preserved as a part of a state historic park, and as a result, it is a highly interesting destination to visit thanks to the relics and displays that explore the infamous Gold Rush period.

Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

It was built in 1841 out of Adobe and was given the name Johann August Sutter after the German-Swiss immigrant and agriculturalist who was responsible for its construction. The two-story building, which has now been beautifully renovated, is a delight to investigate because it is filled on the inside with historical artifacts and displays of relevant information.

6. Railroad Museum of the State of California

The excellent California State Railroad Museum is another location that people who are interested in learning more about the history of both the city and the state are strongly encouraged to check out.

Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

The superb displays and vintage locomotives at this museum explore the significant role railroads played in the development of American society. It is located on the northern edge of Old Sacramento.

The museum first opened its doors in 1976, and since then, it has amassed a collection that includes many relics, vintage pieces of machinery, and over twenty railroad carriages and trains that have been meticulously restored for guests to examine.

The working conditions and daily lives of railroad workers during the years of the Gold Rush are the subject of some displays, while others highlight the impact trains had on travel, commerce, and the unending growth of the West.

7. The Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento is a wonderful part of the city to explore since it contains so many fascinating museums, charming old buildings, and lively shops and restaurants. The vibrant historic district and the abundance of attractions it offers to transport you back in time to when Sacramento was a bustling riverfront pioneer town. The district covers a large portion of the city center.

Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

The neighborhood has the look and feel of the Old West, with horse-drawn stagecoaches gently making their way through its gorgeous lanes. It is home to the biggest concentration of historic structures and landmarks in the state, which is an impressive accomplishment in and of itself.

8. The Town of Fairytales

Fairytale Town is a magnificent amusement park that brings all of the children’s favorite nursery rhymes and storybook tales to life, and it is an absolute necessity for vacationers with young children. Playsets that are fun and fanciful, a petting zoo, and performing arts stages can be found just five minutes south of downtown Sacramento and are located directly close to the Sacramento Zoo.

Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

King Arthur’s Castle, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Mr. McGregor’s Garden are just a few of the incredible exhibits and imaginative play places you’ll stumble upon as you explore the expansive grounds of this attraction.

9. Sacramento Zoo

You can discover the gorgeous Sacramento Zoo right next door to Fairytale Town. This zoo is home to an incredible number of animals, exhibits, and aviaries. Fairytale Town is a wonderful place to visit. It is a terrific place to spend the day because it is only a five-minute drive south of the city center and it provides a wide variety of exciting things for you to observe and participate in.

Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

What was once a little zoo that housed only forty animals when it first opened its doors in 1927 has since expanded into a vast menagerie that is home to more than five hundred creatures, both large and small, hailing from all regions of the world.

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As such, guests can expect to see everything from red pandas and zebras to tigers, jaguars, and giraffes in its spacious enclosures that replicate their natural habitats. In addition, the zoo features fourteen amazing aviaries that you are free to explore, and there are regular opportunities for animal encounters and conversations with the keepers.

10. Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park

The majestic Leland Stanford Mansion, widely considered to be one of the most attractive structures in the city, is now protected as a part of a state historic park. Set in the heart of downtown, it lies not far from the State Capitol Building and often acts as an official reception center for the Californian government when foreign dignitaries are in town.

Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

Built in 1856 during the Californian Gold Rush, the massive and majestic mansion showcases some striking Second Empire-style architecture and lies among some immaculately manicured grounds and gardens. Recently restored, its elegant interior is just as tastefully decorated with exquisite artworks, period pieces, and fine furnishings.

11. The State Fair of California

An extraordinary event like no other, the California State Fair welcomes millions of visitors each year, who come to enjoy its enticing array of attractions, exhibits, and live entertainment.

Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

Held over the course of seventeen action-packed days, it showcases the best of California’s agriculture and industries, with concerts, competitions, and carnivals all taking place.


Sacramento, the capital city of California, is a historic city that has been there for a very long time and features a number of places of interest for tourists. Within the state of California’s Central Valley, it is approximately 148 kilometers (93 miles) northeast of San Francisco.

It is important to note that the city is located at the point where the American and Sacramento rivers meet. This part of the world is known for its year-round sunshine and scorching temperatures, especially during the summer months.

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