Explore the 10 Best Numerous Places to Visit in Osaka, Japan!

One of Japan’s greatest towns, Osaka, is located where the River Yodo empties into the broad expanse of Osaka Bay, which stretches out into the Pacific, on the south coast of western Honshu. Osaka has …

Best Places to Visit in Osaka

One of Japan’s greatest towns, Osaka, is located where the River Yodo empties into the broad expanse of Osaka Bay, which stretches out into the Pacific, on the south coast of western Honshu.

Osaka has gained the title of “Venice of the East” due to its location on the Yodo Delta and extensive network of waterways and canals that are connected by more than a thousand bridges.

Osaka’s roots may be traced to the early years of the Japanese Empire, but now it is without a doubt one of the most modern cities in Japan, with a futuristic skyline and numerous remarkable instances of contemporary architecture. Its numerous cultural institutions have contributed to its top-tier reputation.

Best Places to Visit in Osaka

It’s numerous world-class museums and art galleries, as well as its cutting-edge theaters, concert halls, and entertainment destinations, all of which together make up an unending list of uncommon things to do.

1. Temple Shitenn-ji

The most well-known temple in Osaka, Shitenn-ji, dates back to 59 CE. It served as the earliest Buddhist temple in Japan. This beautiful temple has been rebuilt multiple times throughout the centuries—the most recent one was in the 1960s—but it continues to be the oldest place of worship that is still under government administration.

Best Places to Visit in Osaka

The site’s five-story pagoda and a handful of other magnificently designed structures are highlights of the visit. The Golden Pavilion (Kond), which features exquisite statues and paintings, the Lecture Hall (Kd), and a magnificent covered hallway that connects three of the site’s entrances among the nicest of these.

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The complex also houses a hospital, pharmacy, and teaching space, among other notable buildings. Don’t forget to take some time to stroll through the site’s lovely garden. Plan your sightseeing with our list of the top tourist attractions in Osaka, regardless of the time of year you visit.

2. Tokyo Castle

The construction of Osaka Castle, often known as “saka-j,” took only three years to complete. Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a famous Japanese warrior and politician, had the biggest fortress in Japan erected to his specifications at the time.

Best Places to Visit in Osaka

The largest stone was the Higo-ishi stone, which is located close to the south gate, and nearly all of Hideyoshi’s military leaders were compelled to contribute stones to its building. The renowned General Kato Kiyomasa from the island of Shodo helped to its construction, which resulted in a structure that is nearly six meters high and 14.5 meters long.

3. Kaiyukan Aquarium in Osaka

The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, which has a slight appearance of being constructed of enormous Lego blocks, is well worth visiting. This walk-through aquarium offers visitors a fascinating tour of several marine environments and is one of the biggest such attractions in the entire globe. These comprise the Pacific Ocean, Antarctica, the Great Barrier Reef, and Monterey Bay, among others.

Best Places to Visit in Osaka

Freshwater species, local reptiles, and mammals are all included in the display of marine life from Japan. The facility has a total of 27 tanks, the largest of which is nine meters deep and can readily house enormous marine life like manta rays and sharks.

4. The Harbor Village and Tempozan Ferris Wheel

Some of the greatest views of Osaka can be found from the Tempozan Ferris Wheel, especially of the port region and Tempozan Harbor Village, where it is situated. With a circumference of 100 meters and a height of more than 112 meters, this enormous Ferris wheel is one of the biggest of its kind in Asia.

Best Places to Visit in Osaka

This well-liked attraction, which has been running since 1997, provides an exciting 17-minute ride that is particularly fun at night when the wheel is lit up in a number of various colors depending on the weather (orange for sunny weather, green for clouds, and blue for rain). Those looking for a thrill might choose one of the unique “see-through-bottom” cars for an amazing 360-degree view of Osaka Bay.

5. The Kobe Port Tower

Not just one, but two enormous buildings in Osaka have come to represent the city. Kobe Port Tower, the most recent of these, is situated on the city’s outskirts not far from the major harbor. Even though it’s a little further from the city center, it’s unquestionably a must-see sight that attracts large numbers of visitors.

Best Places to Visit in Osaka

This earthquake-resistant building was built from red steel and opened in 1963. It is 108 meters tall and still has a contemporary appearance. Spending time on the observation deck, which offers fantastic views over the city and the Kobe Port area, is the highlight of the trip.

6. Tstenkaku Tower

Tstenkaku, the older of Osaka’s two towers, is one of the city’s most recognizable attractions and is situated in the city’s heart. It was really erected where a replica of the Eiffel Tower that had been built in 1912 and destroyed during World War II had once stood.

Best Places to Visit in Osaka

The current building, which was finished in 1956, continues to provide some of the best vistas of Osaka. The observation level on its fifth floor, where there is also a temple to the God of Happiness, is where you may see the greatest of these views. The tower is illuminated with a dizzying display of neon lights if you visit at night.

7. The National Gallery of Art

The National Museum of Art, Osaka (NMAO), a distinctive underground art museum, is situated on Nakanoshima, a small island between the Tosabori and Djima rivers, just a short distance from the city center.

Best Places to Visit in Osaka

This significant gallery, which was established in 1977, houses a sizable collection from some of the most well-known worldwide artists of the post-war era, including works by Picasso, Cézanne, and Japanese artists Kuniyoshi and Foujita.

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Many significant statues and treasures can be found there as well. Even if art isn’t your thing, it’s worth going just to see the magnificent steel piece outside the museum, which is made to appear like reeds blowing in the wind.

8. Osaka Tennji Zoo & Park

Tennji Park (Tennji Ken), the largest green area in Osaka, offers a haven from the bustle of the rest of the city. The park is known for its numerous fragrant flowerbeds and cherry blossoms in the spring, but it’s also a treat to explore because of its many entertaining sculptures, ponds, and bridges.

Best Places to Visit in Osaka

Some of the city’s most significant tourist attractions, including the Osaka Tennji Zoo, are also located there. The zoo, which was founded in 1915, houses several different species, including lions, giraffes, and elephants, all of which are housed such that they appear to be moving around the African savannah.

9. Osaka Museum of Science

The Osaka Science Museum (saka Shiritsu Kagakukan) is a fun activity for families traveling with children. Its bridge-like appearance could be attributed to its waterfront location.

Best Places to Visit in Osaka

The museum, which was established in 1989 and is located above the National Museum of Art, offers a wide range of interactive exhibitions centered on various science-related themes, ranging from astronomy to energy sources. It also has the first planetarium in the nation.

10. The Umeda Sky Tower

Osaka is home to many other beautiful instances of contemporary architecture in addition to the outstanding architectural designs found in its museums and art galleries. The Umeda Sky Building (Umeda Sukai Biru), a spectacular landmark made up of two office skyscrapers connected at the top by a huge platform-like structure, is maybe the most well-known.

Best Places to Visit in Osaka

Visitors are drawn to this rooftop building in large part because of the network of bridges and an escalator that connect the two towers and offer harrowing views that reach heights of more than 170 meters. The Floating Garden Observatory’s rooftop observatory and garden offer excellent views of the surrounding area.


Osaka is renowned for its stunning skyline, vibrant nightlife, and delectable street fare. Imagine having everything nice at your disposal in one convenient location.

However, there are still more exciting spots to see in Osaka that will deepen your love for the city. These locations will astonish you and take you on a journey through the history and culture of the city.

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