Explore the 11 Best Marvelous Places to Visit in Ontario!

People travel to Ontario during the hot summer months to see some of the best museums and galleries in Canada; spend time with their families at the amusement parks, unwind at lakeside resorts; paddleboard or …

Best Places to Visit in Ontario

People travel to Ontario during the hot summer months to see some of the best museums and galleries in Canada; spend time with their families at the amusement parks, unwind at lakeside resorts; paddleboard or fish in the lakes and rivers, camp in the parks, and see some of the country’s most iconic landmarks, such as the CN Tower.

The majority of people spend their time indoors during the winter months, enjoying activities such as hockey games, shopping, dining, Broadway musicals, and other cultural attractions, rather than heading outside to enjoy winter activities such as skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, and winter festivals.

Best Places to Visit in Ontario

This region has everything you could want out of a vacation, from sleepy villages to bustling metropolises, and everything in between. Organize your vacation and choose the most interesting locations to visit by consulting our list of the most popular tourist sites in Ontario.

1. The Falls of Niagara

By a wide margin, the most popular tourist destination in Ontario is Niagara Falls. The Horseshoe Falls are part of the falls that are located amid the world’s largest waterfall and lie between the United States and Canada.

Best Places to Visit in Ontario

They create a spectacular wall of water in the middle of the falls. The breathtaking panorama of the enormous fall is a pleasure in and of itself. Visit the falls at night to see them illuminated in vibrant hues, or go on a tour that takes you inside the falls so you can hear the roar of the water cascading from behind the curtain of water for an even more memorable experience.

2. The CN Tower, Toronto

The CN Tower is not only one of the must-see landmarks in Ontario, but it is also the most recognizable structure in all of Canada. The view from these soaring 553 meters encompasses all of Toronto, which is the most important metropolis in Ontario.

Best Places to Visit in Ontario

Brilliant views of the entire city may be had from either the Lookout Level or the Sky Deck of the observation deck. The Edge Walk is an adrenaline-pumping experience that may be had at this location.

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During this activity, guests are secured in harnesses and allowed to walk around the very tip of the tower’s outer edge from a height of around 346 meters.

3. The Hill of Parliament, Ottawa

The city of Ottawa, which serves as the nation’s capital, is located in the Canadian province of Ontario. When it comes to tourism in the province of Ontario, Toronto is at the top of the list of cities, but Ottawa also has a lot to offer visitors.

Best Places to Visit in Ontario

The first stop on most people’s itineraries in this city is the hill on which Parliament sits, which overlooks the Ottawa River. Between the Senate and the House of Commons stands the Peace Tower, which soars to a height of more than 90 meters.

The Changing of the Guard event takes place on the lawn every summer, and visitors are welcome to see it. Come on the first of July to witness some truly magnificent celebrations of Canada Day.

4. The Municipality of Marine Land, Niagara Falls

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Ontario is the city that shares its name with the famous waterfall that is located nearby. It is possible to see walruses, seals, and polar bears, in addition to orca whales, dolphins, and sea lions.

Best Places to Visit in Ontario

One can also notice other arctic marine and land animals such as killer whales, dolphins, and sea lions. The complex is home to the Sky Screamer, a ride that ascends to a height of 137 meters before plunging riders back down to the earth below. This ride holds the record for being the highest triple tower ride in the world.

5. Ontario’s Provincial and National Parks 

There are several remarkable provincial and national parks in Ontario that allow visitors access to some of the most breathtaking places in the province. You may fish, swim, and go pleasure boating on some of Ontario’s most beautiful lakes, which are located in several parks across the province.

Best Places to Visit in Ontario

If going to the beach and lounging on the sand is more your style, the parks are also prime locations for some of the most beautiful beaches in Ontario.

Algonquin Provincial Park is one of the most popular parks and outdoor destinations in Southern Ontario. It features an extensive network of hiking trails and lovely lakefront camping, making it one of the most popular parks and outdoor destinations in the region.

A bit further away but no less stunning, Killarney Provincial Park is another excellent location for outdoor activities, including canoeing, hiking, and camping.

6. The Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum, located in the heart of Toronto, is widely regarded as one of the best museums in the province. It houses an extensive variety of collections, including those about natural history, science, and cultural artifacts from all over the world.

Best Places to Visit in Ontario

This museum, which is more commonly referred to as the ROM, had an expansion in 2007, which resulted in the construction of a contemporary and one-of-a-kind extension that is known as the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. The structure presently features a remarkable aspect that is a combination of ancient and new architectural styles.

7. The Wonderland of Canada

A massive amusement park known as Canada’s Wonderland can be found roughly 30 kilometers northwest of the core of Toronto. This park is only open during the warmer months.

Best Places to Visit in Ontario

One of the most recommended summertime activities for local families is taking the children to Canada’s Wonderland at least once per year. However, because it is the most popular amusement park in Canada, families from all across the country visit this attraction.

Some of the attractions include a water park, a dinosaur park, and live performances, in addition to roller coasters and other types of thrill rides that are appropriate for children of all ages. The Tundra Twister and Snoopy’s Racing Railway are going to be the two new attractions that will debut at Canada’s Wonderland in the year 2023.

8. The Canadian National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Canada, which is located in Ottawa, is home to some of the most significant collections in all of Canada. It features a particularly impressive collection of works created by Canadian artists, ranging from the Group of Seven to Emily Carr and many more well-known figures in the field.

Best Places to Visit in Ontario

In addition to them, the gallery showcases significant works by eminent artists from all around the world. The Moshe Safdie-designed National Gallery building is a stunning example of ultramodern architecture and serves as the institution’s home.

9. Toronto International Film Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival (also known as TIFF) is the most well-known event that takes place in the province of Ontario each year. It draws many of the most famous actors and actresses from across North America.

Best Places to Visit in Ontario

One of the most well-attended film festivals in the world takes place in Toronto every year at the beginning of September. The festival lasts for ten days and attracts almost half a million people each year.

The city is bustling with activity as a result of a large number of tourists and residents who have flocked there in the hopes of seeing a movie or catching sight of some of their favorite actors.

Even at this late point in the year, the temperature is still rather high, and the evenings are nice. It is impossible to get a table at a restaurant without making reservations weeks in advance, and outdoor patios in the city remain filled well into the late hours of the night.

10. Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), which can be found in the heart of Toronto, is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious art galleries in all of Canada. It is home to a collection of Canadian paintings that is particularly noteworthy, with a concentration on works by artists from Ontario and Toronto.

Best Places to Visit in Ontario

Additional highlights include works of art by European masters, including paintings and sculptures, as well as modern and contemporary collections from Europe and North America. Check the Art Gallery of Ontario’s website for the most up-to-date listing of the various temporary exhibitions that are hosted during the year.

11. A Sea of a Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands are a beautiful natural region that is located along a stretch of the St. Lawrence River that is approximately 80 kilometers long.

Best Places to Visit in Ontario

The United States and Canada share a border that runs right through the middle of the islands, which are located on a granite shelf that stretches from the Canadian Shield to the Adirondack Mountains in the United States.

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Cottagers, boaters, and those who want to get away from the cities of Southern Ontario during the hot summer months frequent this location since it is one of the oldest and best-known holiday spots in the province of Ontario.


Although it is home to the nation’s largest metropolis, Toronto, and the capital city of Ottawa, Ontario also has extensive stretches of wilderness and pristine lakes. It is also home to Niagara Falls, which is one of the natural attractions that attracts the most tourists in all of Canada.

This massive province, which is approximately 15 times larger than the state of Texas, provides unfathomable chances for travel, adventure, and enjoyment for the whole family.

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