Explore the Top 10 Best Places to Visit in North Georgia: Enjoy Your Dreamy Trip!

The majority of people think of Atlanta or Savannah when they think of the most popular tourist cities in Georgia. Nevertheless, North Georgia is home to a plethora of additional destinations that are of a …

Best Places to Visit in North Georgia

The majority of people think of Atlanta or Savannah when they think of the most popular tourist cities in Georgia. Nevertheless, North Georgia is home to a plethora of additional destinations that are of a high standard and welcome visitors of all ages, including families. North Georgia is a great place to visit, whether you enjoy vineyards, hiking trails, or the natural beauty of the area.

The breathtaking natural beauty of Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains is a feature of the state that is frequently overlooked. These mountains are a small section of the much larger Appalachian Mountains, and the beginning of the Appalachian Trail is in the northern area of Georgia. A short distance to the north-northwest of Dahlonega is where the trail starts on Springer Mountain.

Best Places to Visit in North Georgia

We have produced a list of the top 10 towns close to the North Georgia mountains, along with things to do in each of those places, to assist you in the process of making travel plans for your vacation. Let’s get this show on the road!

1. Ellijay, Georgia

If you enjoy apple picking and hiking, the fall season in Ellijay is your best bet for a vacation there. You may try some of the most delicious apples and apple products in Georgia at the annual Georgia Apple Festival, which takes place at the fairgrounds every year in the month of October.

Best Places to Visit in North Georgia

You have the option of picking your own fruit at B.J. Reece Orchards, which is a more hands-on experience if you want it. The apple-picking season runs from the end of August until the end of October, and doing so is the ideal opportunity to take in the beautiful views of the mountains while also getting some exercise and breathing fresh air.

2. The Georgia Town of Helen

Have you ever considered going on a trip to a real village in the Alps? You certainly can if you make your way to the gorgeous city of Helen, Georgia, located in northeast Georgia. You can experience a little bit of Bavaria without even leaving the state, because this town is like a little piece of Bavaria.

Best Places to Visit in North Georgia

Even though you may appreciate this hidden gem solely for its delectable delights and quaint Alpine atmosphere, there are actually quite a few attractions that you could visit here.

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Anna Ruby Falls is a fantastic location for outdoor enthusiasts to get some exercise and take in the beautiful surroundings at the same time. If you’re looking for something a little more adrenaline-pumping, you can go zip lining in Unicoi State Park. The path takes you through the forest and brings you right up to the base of the mountains.

3. Blue Ridge, in the State of Georgia

If you and your family are looking for a place to vacation that offers a wide variety of outdoor activities, then Blue Ridge is the perfect place for you. Because the town is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which give the region its name, you can be sure that the scenery will be breathtaking.

Best Places to Visit in North Georgia

Downtown Blue Ridge is a wonderful spot to dine, drink, and shop when you need a break from being in the great outdoors. Train enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the opportunity to ride the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, which travels from North Georgia to Tennessee. Although there are only a few stations along this historic road, each one offers a wide variety of options for shopping and dining.

4. Dahlonega, Georgia

During the time of the gold rush, Dahlonega was primarily a mining town due to its location at the foot of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Today, however, the town’s main industry is tourism.

Best Places to Visit in North Georgia

Despite the fact that shiny stuff is hard to come by in today’s world, you may still go to old gold mines and give the Crisson Gold Mine a shot to make your fortune. On the other hand, you can take the Consolidated Gold Mining Company’s trip underground if you want a genuine experience.

5. The Georgia City of Blairsville

The natural beauty and wildness that can be seen just outside of Blairsville will appeal to people who enjoy hiking and the great outdoors. Because this town is situated in the midst of the mountains, you are never more than a short distance away from a river, a hiking trail, or a breathtaking vista.

Best Places to Visit in North Georgia

At an elevation of slightly more than 4,700 feet above mean sea level, Brasstown Bald is Georgia’s highest point and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area surrounding Blairsville.

6. The City of Hiawassee in Georgia

Hiawassee, which is located on the eastern side of Lake Chatuge, is a great place to visit if you enjoy the outdoors and activities on the lake, so you should definitely consider doing so.

Best Places to Visit in North Georgia

This lake has a total shoreline distance of 132 miles and stretches from Georgia into Tennessee. During your visit, you will have access to a swimming beach, playgrounds, boating, kayaking, and fishing opportunities.

You should see the lake, but while you’re there, you should also stop by Hamilton Gardens. These gardens have over 3,000 different kinds of plants, such as rhododendrons, ferns, azaleas, and many more.

7. The City of Dawsonville in Georgia

North Georgia is rich in history, which is one reason why even relatively little places like Dawsonville may have a lot of charm. You will find additional information on the history of moonshining in Georgia here. Moonshining in Georgia began during the Civil War and continues to this day.

Best Places to Visit in North Georgia

There are a number of distilleries in the area, but the Dawsonville Distillery is the one that you should pay a visit to if you are interested in seeing a historic location during your time there.

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In addition, this town is home to a historic courthouse that was first constructed in 1859. The courthouse is now a museum, and it gives visitors an exciting look into what life was like in the past.

8. The City of Clayton in Georgia

Best Places to Visit in North Georgia

Clayton is a wonderful place for people who enjoy being outdoors because it is located right in the center of the Chattahoochee National Forest. There are bicycling paths, mountain climbing routes, hiking trails, and other outdoor activities around every corner. You can travel to the following locations and spend the day exploring them:

  • Falls of Angel
  • The Falls of Panther
  • This is Hemlock Falls.
  • Falls of the Minnehaha
  • The Falls on Dicks Creek
  • State park along the Tallulah Gorge
  • Toccoa Falls, Georgia

In addition, you may go whitewater rafting in the Chattooga River, hike around the Bartram Trail and Black Rock Mountain State Park, and even go rock climbing at the Chattahoochee Gorge. Nature provides the best kind of entertainment in Clayton, much like it does in other mountain villages.

9. The Town of Rabun Gap in Georgia

Rabun Gap, located directly to the north of Clayton, serves as the geographic focal point of Rabun County. This is another small mountain town that offers a wealth of historical and natural attractions to its visitors.

Best Places to Visit in North Georgia

You may learn about the history of the area by visiting the Barker’s Creek Grist Mill, where you can get an education on how food was prepared in the past. Even better, you will get the opportunity to try some traditional grits and cornmeal and then purchase some of each to take with you.

10. The City of McCaysville in Georgia

McCaysville is located on the Toccoa River and is only a short distance from the state line between Georgia and Tennessee. This town has a lot to offer river enthusiasts, whether they are interested in whitewater rafting, tubing, or fishing.

Best Places to Visit in North Georgia

You can find all of these things and more here. In any other case, you may simply head to the riverbank and relax while listening to the sounds of the water and taking in the pleasant breeze of the summer.


The North Georgia Mountains are home to some of the most breathtaking panoramas in all of Georgia. The region is notably well-liked by vacationers, who flock there throughout the year to take advantage of its many festivals, lakes, and hiking trails, among other attractions.

However, because there is so much natural beauty in the surrounding area, it is possible that some of the top sites in the region will go undiscovered.

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