Explore the New 10 Best Beautiful Places to Visit in Miami Beach, USA!

The wealthy populace is Miami Beach’s target audience. At posh shopping malls such as the pedestrian-friendly Lincoln Road Mall and renowned spas (the spa at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is the largest on the Eastern …

Best Places to Visit in Miami Beach

The wealthy populace is Miami Beach’s target audience. At posh shopping malls such as the pedestrian-friendly Lincoln Road Mall and renowned spas (the spa at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is the largest on the Eastern Seaboard), locals and tourists spend a boatload of money on hedonistic experiences and high-fashion apparel.

In South Beach, night owls can spend hundreds of dollars on beverages at various dance clubs and bars. In the afternoons, people who are considered sophisticated visit the Ancient Spanish Monastery, where they may study the one-of-a-kind art deco architecture, escape to Mid Beach resorts like the world-famous Fontainebleau, or retreat to Mid Beach resorts.

Best Places to Visit in Miami Beach

There is plenty for everyone to enjoy in Miami Beach, from modest cafes to contemporary art museums, and botanical gardens to illuminated drag brunches, and everything in between.

You only need to know where to look, and fortunately for you, we’ve already taken care of that part! Continue reading for our carefully curated and thoroughly researched list of the top things to do in Miami Beach.

1. Broken Shaker

The drinking culture of the city is encapsulated in this indoor-outdoor watering establishment thanks to its poolside seating and shared punch bowls, which are rearranged according to the changing of the seasons. Not sure what to put in your glass?

Best Places to Visit in Miami Beach

Put your hands over your eyes and point to the food on the menu. Everything is in working order. The pool is available to guests as well, so feel free to get a drink and enjoy the water while you’re here.

2. The Stone Crab at Joe’s

The most famous restaurant in South Florida turned 100 years old in 2013, and it is just as much of a necessity to visit as Ocean Drive.

Best Places to Visit in Miami Beach

The months of October through May are the best time to go since during those months, stone crabs caught during the season are served with a “secret” sauce, garlic creamed spinach, fried sweet potatoes, coleslaw, and hash browns.

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Joe’s only accepts a limited number of bookings, so guests should be prepared for an excruciatingly long wait. Or, you could bypass the huge lines by going directly to Joe’s Takeaway, which is located right next door and offers the same fresh claws at the same price.

3. Bandshell, North Beach

This open-air music venue with a proscenium stage and bench seating is where you’ll find Miami’s most eclectic bookings. You can expect to see rare world music performers and Latin jazz performances, both of which are brought to you by Rhythm Foundation, which manages the facility.

Best Places to Visit in Miami Beach

This spot is the most gorgeous tiny music venue in Miami because of its string lights and the ocean wind that blows over it.

4. Haulover Park

This waterfront open space that spans 99 acres is equipped with picnic pavilions, provides convenient parking and access to the beach, and plays host to a popular food truck festival every Tuesday from 5 to 10 p.m.

Best Places to Visit in Miami Beach

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about getting tan lines here because Haulover is home to one of the county’s few nudist beaches. In addition to that, it is home to possibly the most dog-friendly beaches that Miami has to offer.

5. District of the Faena

This aesthetically spectacular group of buildings scattered over the middle of Miami Beach plays host to some of the city’s best public gatherings, including cabaret acts, interactive art exhibits, and a variety of other events.

Best Places to Visit in Miami Beach

The complex is part of the Faena network of luxury hotels. The floor of the Faena Forum is designed to look like a gigantic kaleidoscope, and the Faena Theater regularly organizes a Jazz Series that features a rotating cast of award-winning performers from all over the world.

6. LIV, Miami Beach

LIV is, in the simplest terms possible, the most well-known club in South Beach. A refurbishment in 2017 that cost one million dollars included extra LED screens that generated greater light spectacles to showcase LIV’s normally star-studded lineup.

Best Places to Visit in Miami Beach

Performers as diverse as Travis Scott, Skrillex, and Justin Bieber have graced the stage at LIV. Attend LIV’s famous monthly Sunday night party, which goes by the name “LIV on Sunday,” and you will see at least five well-known rap artists there.

7. Eden Roc, Miami Beach

Spending the day at this historic hotel in Miami Beach is not a terrible idea at all. Take advantage of the luxury cabanas of the Nobu Hotel Miami Beach, which are open to both hotel guests and locals during certain promotions.

Best Places to Visit in Miami Beach

The Nobu Hotel Miami Beach is located within the Eden Roc. If you don’t feel like spending hundreds of dollars on a cabana by the pool, get a reservation at Ocean Social, the restaurant at Eden Roc, and enjoy refined coastal cuisine while taking in an incredible view of the beach.

8. The North Beach of Taquiza

Best Places to Visit in Miami Beach

After a morning at the beach, make your way to Taquiza for a delicious lunch and a killer Michelada produced in-house. In the same vein as its sibling further south, this establishment offers organic blue masa tortillas that are ground fresh every day and packed with either fresh protein or, if you’re feeling particularly grasshopper.

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You shouldn’t pass up the basket of fried totopos served with a side of guacamole. As is, in all seriousness. Don’t. This site is our top choice due to the gorgeous outside patio that overlooks the ocean and is set within a motel that has been refurbished in the Art Deco style.

9. The Bassist, Miami Beach

This recently upgraded and expanded contemporary art museum is the centerpiece of Collins Park’s cultural campus, which also includes the adjacent Miami City Ballet. The museum features more exhibition space, four new galleries, a gift shop, a café by Thierry Isambert, and a new educational facility called the Creativity Center.

Best Places to Visit in Miami Beach

The Museum of Modern Art in New York made a number of new acquisitions and gifts in conjunction with the renovation.

10. Way of the Espanola, Miami Beach

This traditional street in Spain serves as an exquisite and gorgeous cousin to the nearby Lincoln Road. It is rich with a flavor reminiscent of the Mediterranean and charming sidewalk cafes.

Best Places to Visit in Miami Beach

Following the completion of an extensive repair project that included the total replacement of the street’s existing pavement and walkway, Espanola Way has been returned to the splendor that it once possessed as a genuine pedestrian-only strip.


One could say that Miami Beach is a well-trodden tourist trap that should be approached with caution, or one could say that it is a relatively uncharted location that is full of unknown jewels.

People come from all over the world with the hope of one day laying a blanket out on the immaculate sands of one of Miami’s best beaches (yes, there are many of them here), enjoying the warm waves of the ocean, and going out to one of South Beach’s infamous nightclubs.

But even if you live here, it’s not hard to get disoriented in the craziness of it all and miss out on a lot of the most enjoyable things that Miami Beach has to offer.

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