Explore the 10 Best Stunning Places to Visit in Mexico Near the Border!

Margaritas and enchiladas may be among the best exports from Mexico, but they are far from the only delicious treats that country has to offer. Mexico is often misjudged as a travel destination, but this …

Best Places to Visit in Mexico Near the Border

Margaritas and enchiladas may be among the best exports from Mexico, but they are far from the only delicious treats that country has to offer. Mexico is often misjudged as a travel destination, but this should not deter you from visiting.

And it’s not a huge trek for most people in the United States. It’s no surprise that so many visitors keep coming back here, given the abundance of history and natural beauty. Look at all those bright colonial buildings, walk along those old-fashioned streets, and don’t even get us started on the white sand beaches… ah, what a paradise.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Mexico?

Without rent, a family of four can expect monthly expenses of around $2,326.8 (42,259.1 MXN). Without rent, a single person can expect to spend 720.3$ (13,081.5MXN) each month.

The average cost of living in Mexico is 46.8 percent less than in the United States. The average monthly rent in Mexico is 71.9% less than that in the US.

What is the Cost of Living in Mexico Compared to India?

If you rent an apartment in both Mexico City and Delhi, you’ll need about 274,700.2 (58,445.0MXN) per year to maintain the same standard of living as 130,000.0 in Delhi.

Our Cost of Living Index, which includes rent, was used in this estimate, along with an assumed net income (after taxes).

What is the Most Popular Dish in Mexico?

Tacos. The taco, the most well-known Mexican food around the world, has evolved into a culinary masterpiece. The “art of eating with tortilla” is a thing, and no one can say Mexicans won’t feed them. A corn tortilla’s versatility is astounding.

From Mexico, Where is the Most Convenient Border Crossing?

The San Ysidro Crossing (El Chaparral) is the busiest, but the Otay Mesa Crossing is also an option. This is a common route because it connects two major U.S. cities: Los Angeles and San Diego.

What Cities in Mexico are Close to the Border?

International highways, airports, and a deep sea port in Ensenada provide direct access to the United States from the Mexican border cities of Tijuana, Tecate, Mexicali, and Ciudad Juarez.

In terms of annual exports, Mexico dominates the U.S. and Latin American markets with roughly $9.4 billion.

Best Places to Visit in Mexico Near the Border

If you’re itching to see Mexico for yourself, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 places to go and the top 10 places to avoid. It shouldn’t stop us from visiting Mexico, which is an interesting country if we know where to look.

1. Saint Michael of All Saints

Best Places to Visit in Mexico Near the Border

In the past half-century, San Miguel de Allende has become a mecca for travelers in search of authentic regional cuisine, art, and music. It’s not as overrun with tourists as other popular vacation spots, such as Cancun.

San Miguel de Allende is a great place to take photos representing Mexico’s cultural diversity due to its brightly colored buildings, cobblestone streets, and quaint little artisan shops. It’s easy to lose track of time in this colonial city that dates back 500 years. There is so much to see and do in this city that boredom is simply not an option.

2. Chihuahua

Best Places to Visit in Mexico Near the Border

When most people hear the word “Chihuahua,” they think of the adorable toy dog they once saw Paris Hilton carrying in one of her Louis Vuitton bags. Aww, if only the hotel were as adorable as the dog.

Unfortunately, visitors are discouraged from visiting this state. Because of how common illegal activities are in this area, we should steer clear of them. Chihuahua City, the state capital, was once known as one of the world’s most dangerous places to live. Since then, the level of violence has only increased.

3. Mazatlan

Best Places to Visit in Mexico Near the Border

One more Mexican beach destination is Mazatlan. However, this location is entirely genuine. Old Mazatlan, the Malecon, and the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception are just a few of the many amazing attractions in this city. Gary Cooper and John Wayne, among others, were frequent visitors to Mazatlan in the past.

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The Malecon and sidewalk cafes are as crowded as they were back then. Mazatlan maintains many of its natural arts and cultural traditions despite its popularity with tourists. The level of tourism is high, but not so high that we feel cut off from the local culture.

4. Coahuila

Best Places to Visit in Mexico Near the Border

Another border state that has been given the third most severe warning by the United States. Coahuila’s natural, expansive beauty (like in the image below) is something all visitors should experience, so it’s a shame that it’s become so restricted to us.

There is no denying the natural beauty of Coahuila, from the Parras Valley to the pine-oak forests of the Sierra Madre Oriental. Although tourists still go there, we advise them to stay away from the clubs. If it were us, we’d stay out of the way and go somewhere else.

5. Guadalajara

Best Places to Visit in Mexico Near the Border

Guadalajara is the place to go if you want the real Mexico. Although it may not be as popular with tourists as other parts of Mexico, it is well worth your time to check out. The city of Guadalajara is well-known for its lively nightlife, tequila bars, and mariachi music. It combines the best of the old and the new.

Most of us want to experience authentic local culture and cuisine when we travel to far-flung destinations. It’s a significant part of the thrill of going somewhere new. It’s great to learn about new destinations that have managed to preserve Mexico’s cultural heritage, as we’re still eager to experience these customs for ourselves.

6. Nuevo Leon

Monterrey, Linares, Abasolo, Agualeguas, and Montemorelos are just some of the cities that make up this state in northern Mexico. Cumbres de Monterrey, one of Mexico’s largest national parks, is located here as well. In other words, it appears to be a fantastic location.

Best Places to Visit in Mexico Near the Border

It’s too bad it’s another place on the list that’s considered unsafe for tourists. Given its proximity to the states of Coahuila and Tamaulipas, this makes sense. It shares a border with Texas, a state in the United States. Despite its not-so-great reputation, Nuevo Leon still attracts visitors. If going out is unavoidable, avoid going out late at night or flashing cash.

7. Puebla

Located to the southeast of Mexico City, this colonial city retains much of its original charm. If you want to experience a real vacation, this is the place to go. It’s also a religious center, with 365 churches in the city proper.

Best Places to Visit in Mexico Near the Border

Talavera pottery and sweet and spicy cuisine are what really bring tourists to Puebla, though. It’s a fantastic place to learn about and participate in authentic Mexican culture. Although we’ve experienced some of Mexico’s darker sides, we’ve also seen that there are many wonderful places in the country that simply must not be missed. One of these cities is Puebla.

8. Jalisco, Mexico

Best Places to Visit in Mexico Near the Border

When you type “Jalisco” into Google, you’ll immediately be presented with results about the region’s violence. We have no idea what else could deter us from visiting this state after hearing that. It’s everywhere, obviously, but if just the mention of Jalisco makes us think of nothing but bad things, we have to wonder if it’s even worth going there.

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The goal of any vacation should be to unwind and forget about your worries. We don’t want to have to cancel our trip because we got robbed or caught in a dangerous situation. A “Level 3” travel advisory means that we should stay away from the area if we are using our brains.

9. Cozumel

Best Places to Visit in Mexico Near the Border

It’s not easy to pick a favorite destination in Mexico. After all, there is no shortage of fantastic locales that promise an exciting and novel experience. Cozumel is a favorite of ours. Cozumel is the epitome of paradise, with its white sands and turquoise waters.

For breathtaking scenery and world-class diving, visit Palancar Beach, Paradise Beach, or Faro Celerain Eco Park. Cozumel is a popular destination for weddings. It’s easy to see why, considering the breathtaking scenery. Definitely a place fit for a wedding ceremony.

10. Tamaulipas

Best Places to Visit in Mexico Near the Border

Tamaulipas is a state in northern Mexico that shares a border with Texas in the United States. However, since 2011, Tamaulipas has become dangerous for locals as well as visitors. People are avoiding this state like the plague because of the ongoing cartel conflict.

We should not enter this state unless absolutely necessary due to the dangers. In this situation, it’s best to avoid drawing attention to yourself by acting flashy.


The border towns and regions of Mexico have a lot more to offer than the general public thinks. Tijuana, Popotla, and Cuidad Juarez are highlighted by former drug war correspondent Joseph Furey.

Given the rhetoric surrounding recent calls to construct The Wall along the US-Mexico border, one might be forgiven for assuming that the towns located south of that line are unsafe, lawless, and devoid of anything of interest to the curious traveler. However, the truth about the border towns in Mexico is more nuanced.

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