Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Idaho That Will Definitely Rise Your Happiness!

Idaho is known as the Gem State. This is very fitting since the 43rd state is really a gem among states. In the north, along Interstate 90, you’ll find lush green forests, beautiful lakes, and …

Best Places to Visit in Idaho

Idaho is known as the Gem State. This is very fitting since the 43rd state is really a gem among states. In the north, along Interstate 90, you’ll find lush green forests, beautiful lakes, and the famous silver mining town of Kellogg. In the south, along Interstate 84, you’ll find deserts and history.

The Oregon Trail, which brought settlers to the West, goes through this area. In between is Highway 12, a scenic byway that runs along the Clearwater River, which Lewis and Clark tracked on their way to the Pacific.

Why is Idaho So Nice to Look At?

In the same way, Boise is called the City of Trees! Idaho has the best environment in the world. There are hot springs, different kinds of weather that show the beauty of each season, mountain peaks that you can see from far away and explore, and more than 2,000 lakes.

What Part of Idaho Costs the Most?

Best Places to Visit in Idaho

In an Idaho mountain town, the homes are the most expensive in the whole state. A recent report from CashNetUSA, an internet lender, said that the average home price in Ketchum, Idaho, is about $4.6 million. This makes it the most expensive town in the state.

Are the People There Nice?

People who live in Idaho are friendly and care about the earth, but they may not be the most social people. They are independent and shy, but they are happy to have new neighbors as long as they respect their quiet way of life.

The Best Places to Visit in Idaho

 1. Idaho’s McCall Payette Lake is in Idaho, in McCall

Based on my past posts, here and here, it’s probably clear that I love this mountain town on Payette Lake. It’s small enough that you can feel like you’re in your “own private Idaho,” but big enough that there’s always something to do.

Best Places to Visit in Idaho

Summer is a great time for water sports, picking huckleberries, going camping, and doing a lot of other things outside. In the winter, you can go to Brundage Mountain’s famous ski lift, cross-country ski to a yurt, or ride a snowmobile. Everyone can find something they like.

2. Sun Valley, Idaho

Mountain Bald Sun Valley, Idaho | Where to go in IdahoThis is a wonderful little mountain town close to my hometown of Twin Falls and the Sawtooth Mountains. It’s known as Idaho’s vacation town, and lots of famous people come here in the summer and winter.

Best Places to Visit in Idaho

Sun Valley was the first place to build a chair lift for skiers. Not many people know this. It’s known as one of the most outdoorsy towns in all of Idaho, and Bald Mountain is a great place to ski in the winter.

3. Coeur d’Alene, ID

Best Places to Visit in Idaho

Coeur d’Alene, also called CDA for short, is in the thin tip of Idaho. It’s one of the bigger towns in Idaho, and it’s right on Lake Coeur d’ Alene. McCall is more of a tourist lake town, but the lucky people who live in the CDA get to live here all year.

4. Falls of Shoshone

Shoshone Falls, the biggest waterfall in Idaho, is right next to Twin Falls. Many people call this waterfall the Niagara of the West because it is higher than Niagara Falls. How could that be? It looks beautiful, sounds loud, and spits out a lot of water. It’s in the Snake River Canyon, and getting there from Twin Falls is a fun little drive.

Best Places to Visit in Idaho

As you go down, you’ll also see the Snake River. In the summer, you can kayak or stand-up paddleboard right under the falls. It was a lot of fun for me to do it last summer. With my help, you can kayak to Shoshone Falls on your own!

5. Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park in Idaho

I couldn’t believe I was in Idaho the first time I went to Bruneau Sand Dunes or Bruneau Dunes State Park. If you’ve never seen sand dunes before, you can think of them as sand hills. You can bring a snowboard and snowboard down them, or you can camp and walk them. If you want to feel like you’re in a different country, you should come.

Best Places to Visit in Idaho

Bruneau Sand Dunes is definitely one of those unusual places to visit in Idaho. Bring some water and a hat because it will be hot. Also, the Famous Idaho Potato Hotel in Mountain Home is a good place to stay close if you don’t want to camp.

6. The Moon’s Craters

When I first went to the Craters of the Moon National Monument, I was very interested in it. It is a large lava field and recreation place in Idaho that is also a National Monument and Preserve. It is made up of lava flows, cinder cones, and sagebrush. Basically, this is where some very old rock from volcanoes is found.

Best Places to Visit in Idaho

I think you should take a tour and go on a short hike. It’s interesting to learn about the different kinds of lava and to crawl through the caves. It looks like you are walking on the moon’s surface.

7. Thousand Springs State Park in Idaho

Thousand Springs State Park is a big park with lots of fun things to do. Don’t let the name “State Park” fool you, because there are towns inside the park. It can be hard to figure out what to do, so here is my weekend guide to Thousand Springs.

Best Places to Visit in Idaho

Some of Idaho’s clearest and cleanest lakes and rivers are in this area. Hiking through the Hardy Box Canyon Springs Nature Preserve and paddling to Blue Heart Springs and Ritters Island on a stand-up paddleboard or kayak are two of my favorite things to do here.

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I wish I were there right now because they are so cool. Most of these places can be reached by taking the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway.

8. Sandpoint, ID

Sandpoint, Idaho is a gem that not many people know about. It is near Lake Pend Oreille and is home to about 7,500 people.

Best Places to Visit in Idaho

It’s known for the beautiful mountains and lakes nearby, as well as for outdoor activities. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also quiet, so you won’t have to share your adventures with anyone else.

9. The Palouse’s Rolling Hills

The pictures below should show everything. The Palouse is a beautiful place with beautiful hills. They move into Washington and take a big part of Idaho as well.

Best Places to Visit in Idaho

When you drive through, the wheat fields make you feel like you’re under huge waves. It’s very interesting!! If you are going from the south of Idaho to the Palouse, you will go through Camus Prairie.

10. Boise, Idaho.

Idaho’s state capital is a great place that keeps getting bigger and bigger. It is Idaho’s biggest city and is called the “City of Trees.” Young professionals, families, and people who like to be outside have made Boise a culture center.

Best Places to Visit in Idaho

It has something for everyone, from great restaurants and nightlife to great outdoor activities like hiking, river sports, mountain biking in the foothills, biking along the Boise River Greenbelt, and skiing at Bogus Basin. Boise is also in the middle of Idaho, making it easy to get to most places.


Idaho is a great place to take a holiday because it has everything from high-end resorts for outdoor adventurers to sparkling lakes, towering mountains, and clean rivers. If you’re going to the Gem State, you won’t want to miss seeing at least some of these great places.

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