Top 10 Best Eye-Catchy Places to Visit in Hudson Valley, USA!

The Hudson Valley is the perfect destination for a vacation that will allow you to unwind while also recharging your batteries because it is located right in New York City’s backyard and is filled to …

Best Places to Visit in Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley is the perfect destination for a vacation that will allow you to unwind while also recharging your batteries because it is located right in New York City’s backyard and is filled to the brim with breathtaking natural scenery.

The Hudson Valley is home to a diverse collection of tourist destinations and recreational opportunities. Your trip should include stops at the mountain ranges, lakes, historic sites, mansions, wildlife sanctuaries, cultural institutions, and eccentric communities that are located along the river.

Visitors from New York City and tourists from across the world come to this beautiful region throughout the entire year to take advantage of the countless opportunities for outdoor leisure and cultural exploration that it offers.

The Best Places to Visit in Hudson Valley

Check out our selection of the best things to do in New York’s stunning Hudson Valley for some assistance in organizing your upcoming trip to the Empire State.

1. State Historic Park, Comprising the Walkway Over the Hudson

The Walkway Over the Hudson in the Hudson Valley is a destination that absolutely cannot be missed since it provides visitors with breathtaking vistas of the river.

Best Places to Visit in Hudson Valley

This steel cantilever bridge connects Poughkeepsie with Highland on the other side of the Hudson River. It was constructed on the site of the historic Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge.

Take your time as you make your journey across this pedestrian pathway, and make several stops along the way to educate yourself on the history of the bridge, take in the sights of the communities that are located on the riverbanks, and breathe some fresh air.

2. Museum of the State of New York

There is no better location to go if you have always had an interest in learning about the history of New York than the New York State Museum, which is recognized nationally as the oldest state museum in the entire country.

Best Places to Visit in Hudson Valley

The museum highlights major facets of the state’s past through the years by showcasing its collections, exhibitions, and programs on history, art, nature, and science, respectively.

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The museum may be found in Albany on the south side of the Empire State Plaza. It faces the New York State Capitol and has about a million cultural objects and nearly 16 million scientific specimens housed within its 100,000 square feet of space.

3. The State Capitol Building in New York

The New York State Capitol, an architectural masterpiece, may be found perched atop the State Street hill in Albany as a component of the Empire State Plaza complex.

Best Places to Visit in Hudson Valley

The richly carved interiors, marble columns, ornate chandeliers, and stunning skylights of the stone edifice continue to amaze tourists long after it was constructed in the 1880s at a cost of over 25 million dollars.

The Million Dollar Staircase, also referred to as the Great Western Staircase, the War Room (which features exquisite paintings of the state’s cities and landscapes, depictions of warriors, and the Governor’s Office), and the Assembly and Senate chambers are some of the highlights for visitors on a tour of what is considered to be one of the most beautiful state capitols in the country and a National Historic Landmark.

4. The Mansion at Lyndhurst

You are not in Scotland or Ireland; rather, you are in Tarrytown, New York, taking in the sights of one of the most stunning examples of Gothic Revival architecture seen anywhere in the United States.

Best Places to Visit in Hudson Valley

The Lyndhurst Mansion was constructed in 1838, and its previous residents included notable figures such as New York City Mayor William Paulding, New York businessman George Merritt, and railroad mogul Jay Gould.

5. Mohonk and Shawangunk Ridge State Parks and Preserves

Shawangunk Ridge, also referred to as “The Gunks,” is located ninety minutes north of New York City in Ulster County. It is a wilderness hideaway that is ideal for anyone who is interested in mountain climbing, hiking, and other types of outdoor activity.

Best Places to Visit in Hudson Valley

The Mohonk Nature Preserve, which was established to save the Shawangunk Mountains, features a visitor center that provides advice on mountain biking, hiking, and climbing in addition to general park information.

6. House in the Mohonk Mountains

Staying at the all-inclusive Mohonk Mountain House resort, which is located just a short distance from the Mohonk Preserve visitor center, is a great choice for a weekend getaway in the Mohonk Preserve.

Best Places to Visit in Hudson Valley

This is without a doubt one of the most excellent resorts in the Hudson Valley for households with children. This luxurious property, which is located in a Victorian castle and overlooks Mohonk Lake, is a National Historic Landmark and has played host to a wide variety of famous people, including presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Bill Clinton.

7. The Preserve is located within Minnewaska State Park

Minnewaska State Park, which is located in Ulster County and along the Shawangunk Mountain Ridge, is another favorite destination for hikers. The park is a veritable paradise for people who take pleasure in nature because it contains several waterfalls, glistening lakes, precipitous cliffs, and dense hardwood forests.

Best Places to Visit in Hudson Valley

Within an hour and a half’s drive of New York City are fifty miles of trails that can be used for a variety of activities, including walking, hiking, biking, and other outdoor pursuits.

8. Loop Around Breakneck Ridge

Breakneck Ridge Loop is an excellent option for hikers who want to be a bit closer to New York City but still have the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular experience.

Best Places to Visit in Hudson Valley

The flowing river, Storm King Mountain, and Bannerman’s Castle are just a few of the sights that can be seen from the trail on the trip that makes a round across the Hudson Highlands State Park. In order to avoid slipping on wet rocks, the best time to visit is during the dry summer season.

9. Center for the Arts at Storm King

The Storm King Art Center is a sculpture garden that spans 500 acres and is located at the base of the mountain that shares its name. It is a wonderful example of how art and nature can coexist.

Best Places to Visit in Hudson Valley

Due to its location in Orange County, it is possible to drive to the Storm King Art Center from New York City in one hour. If you want to move about the enormous property, you can either walk, ride a bike, or take the tram.

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Rolling green fields are punctuated with awe-inspiring monumental works of art from 20th-century artists, from Calder, Sol LeWitt, and Richard Serra to Mark di Suvero. You can spend an entire day walking through the park, taking Instagram-worthy shots, and inspiring more than 100 works of art.

10. Make Reservations at a Spa or Resort in the Hudson Valley for Your Next Getaway

Because there are so many things to do in the Hudson Valley, one or two days is not nearly enough time to see everything there is to see. You should give some thought to the possibility of booking a room at one of the most prestigious resorts in the Hudson Valley.

Best Places to Visit in Hudson Valley

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a resort for couples or a resort for your whole family; this region of New York State has something to offer everyone.

Consider the five-star Glenmere Mansion as an illustration. Set in Chester, New York, the Gilded Age mansion sits on 150 acres of gorgeous, green hills. The structure of the resort was actually based on a traditional Tuscan villa.


Historic cities, towns, and villages still recount the stories of the people who settled there, beginning with the Munsee, Mohican, and Mohawk nations and continuing all the way up to Henry Hudson’s travels in the 1600s and the advent of the Dutch and the English. These stories are still told today.

There are many opportunities to truly soak in the natural beauty of the area thanks to the parks, nature preserves, and hiking trails that are available.

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