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The city of Hong Kong, known for its imposing skyline that overlooks Victoria Harbor, is a fascinating destination that combines history, culture, and entertainment in one alluring package. Hong Kong, formerly a British territory, was …

best places to visit in hong kong

The city of Hong Kong, known for its imposing skyline that overlooks Victoria Harbor, is a fascinating destination that combines history, culture, and entertainment in one alluring package. Hong Kong, formerly a British territory, was ceded to China in 1997. As a result, it evolved a unique identity that differs from the mainland’s.

Taoist and Buddhist temples, as well as world-class institutions like the Hong Kong Museum of History, can be discovered here and there as one strolls through the city’s busy streets.

A great city to visit, it offers a ton of fantastic eateries, bars, and entertainment options, like Ocean Park and Disneyland, and nature is never far away thanks to its lovely public parks. Along with these tourist attractions, Hong Kong also offers spectacular views from locations like Victoria Park and the Star Ferry. Hong Kong truly has it all with a wealth of attractions.

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent cities in the world, yet there is much more to this city than first appears. With our list of the top attractions in Hong Kong, you can find out what to do and see as well as the best places to go.

1. Tian Tan Buddha (The Big Buddha)

The Tian Tan Buddha, often known as the Big Buddha, is the most recognizable and iconic monument in Hong Kong. It took 12 years to build and is 34 meters high, with more than 200 difficult steps separating it from the public.

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

By the time you reach the top, your legs will undoubtedly be sore. Po Lin Monastery, a magnificent, incense-filled sanctuary that is one of Buddhism’s most significant institutions, is located right next to the Buddha. If the effort makes you hungry, you may refuel at the nearby Ngong Ping Village.

2. Start Ferry

The iconic Star Ferry in Hong Kong, whose history dates back to 1880, is one of the finest values in the entire city and only costs a few Hong Kong Dollars to ride. Ships of all sizes and kinds pass through Victoria Harbour in a flurry of activity while the skilled Star Ferries captains manage to prevent collisions.

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

It’s difficult to avoid being struck by the dense buildings of Hong Kong Island, backed by green mountains rising up before you, as you travel the primary road from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island, or more particularly, Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) to Central.

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The wide-open landscapes offer the ideal contrast to the cramped quarters of the city, and the breeze from the ocean is especially cooling.

3. Singapore Skyline

One of the most striking and identifiable skylines in the entire globe is that of Hong Kong. This metropolis stands out due to the dense concentration of skyscrapers on the island of Hong Kong and in Kowloon, as well as the nearby mountains and harbor.

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Traditional red-sailed Chinese junk boats and the iconic Star Ferry in the port stand out dramatically against the backdrop of contemporary high-rises. As the sky grows darker and the picture is illuminated by city lights at night, the skyline radically alters its appearance.

4. The Peak and The Tram at Victoria Peak

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Until you take in the skyline from Victoria Peak, also known as The Peak, you haven’t seen the greatest of Hong Kong. Take the tram up to the top of this beautiful sight to observe the surrounding islands, busy city, and skyscrapers. For the finest views on the ascent, it is advisable to sit on the right side.

5. Wong Tai Sin Temple

One of the newest and most intriguing temples in Hong Kong is the Wong Tai Sin Temple. The first temple, which was situated in Kowloon, was a personal building constructed in 1920. In 1968, a newer structure took its place, and today’s tourists can view it.

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

The Taoist deity Wong Tai Sin, who is revered by locals as a bringer of success in horse racing and a healer of ailments, was the subject of the temple’s construction. Every fall, a festival honoring Wong Tai Sin is conducted at the temple.

6. Beaches and Repulse Bay

Although not everyone associates Hong Kong with beaches, there are some amazing stretches of soft sand nearby. Although it’s quite untourished, Repulse Bay’s beach is the most well-liked in all of Hong Kong. It has stunning vistas and is a terrific area for swimming.

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

The luxury and style hallmark of Hong Kong itself adds to a day spent here. Trendy eateries and retail establishments line the boulevard that runs along the seaside and looks out over the lengthy beach. Pizza lovers will have a good time at Amalfitana, which offers informal outside dining with views of the ocean.

7. Night Market on Temple Street

Another one of those really crucial things to do while visiting Hong Kong is to take a stroll through the Temple Street Night Market.

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

This is the place to go in Kowloon if you want to sample unusual foods and get great deals on everything from clothing and trinkets to electronics and home items. Along with selling jade jewelry and traditional Chinese crafts, vendors also sell gadgets of all sizes and shapes.

8. Chinese Disneyland

On Lantau Island, you may find Hong Kong Disneyland. The cast and characters from Disney films populate this magnificent universe, which is full of fun and fantasy. Seven distinct areas make up the park: Adventureland, Fantasyland, Toy Story Land, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, and Main Street, U.S.A.

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Parades, musicals, and fireworks over the castle are just a few of the performances that take place throughout the day in many countries. Also on offer are a wide array of adventures, ranging from Jungle cruises to a trip to Tarzan’s Treehouse, as well as water-based fun at Liki Tiki.

9. Beach Park

As theme parks go, this one covers all the thrills you can handle in a day — a walk through old Hong Kong, roller coasters, a Grand Aquarium, and a look at rare and exotic wildlife. The enormous aquarium dome at Ocean Park houses thousands of fish from 400 different species, as well as a Reef Tunnel and opportunities to touch sea stars and sea cucumbers.

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

You may take part in a Giant Panda Adventure above the sea, which includes red pandas, giant pandas, and the imperiled Chinese Giant Salamander. Also worth checking out are special programs focused on the North and South Poles.

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The Mine Train, Raging River, Hair Raiser, and Eagle are all enjoyable rides. Take the MTR South Island Line to Ocean Park Station to go to Ocean Park.

10. Ocean Park’s Water World

The Ocean Park theme park has just opened the long-awaited Water World section. This year-round aquatic park has 27 indoor and outdoor water-based attractions.

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Park highlights include Torrential River, Cyclone Spin, Tropical Twist, Thunder Loop, and Vortex. All include an element of water that either loops you, spins you, or sends you careening into a black hole.

If those sound interesting but not overly frightening, perhaps a ride down the Daredevil Drop or a plunge off the Bravery Cliffs might do the trick. All that said, it’s not all about thrills. More family-oriented options include water features for children and a large wave pool.


Hong Kong is well-known for being a glitzy metropolis and a renowned destination for luxury shopping. However, this city-state is rich in culture and history and offers much more than just delectable dim sum and a striking skyline.

Hong Kong exudes a spirit that is difficult to pin down. There is something fresh and distinctive around every corner, whether it be an old temple, a store offering the newest technology, or a man walking his caged bird.

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