The Top 10 Best High-Rated Places to Visit in Gujarat, India!

Gujarat, one of India’s major states, is a well-liked travel destination for visitors from all over the world. A spell that is difficult to break is cast by the mesmerizing natural beauty, historical landmarks, remains …

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat

Gujarat, one of India’s major states, is a well-liked travel destination for visitors from all over the world. A spell that is difficult to break is cast by the mesmerizing natural beauty, historical landmarks, remains of ancient civilizations, and stunning beaches.

The Gir National Park is also one of the few locations where you can see Asiatic lions in the wild, unhindered by confinement. Additionally, visitors to Gujarat can take in the state’s distinctive folk dances and extremely delectable foods, which have earned the state a worldwide reputation. Gujarat has many wonderful tourist destinations, all of which are rich in charm and history.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat

Are you trying to plan a great vacation to Gujarat and are looking for the most intriguing spots to go? A vacation to Gujarat would undoubtedly enchant you if it is well thought out and done. See the top locations that you absolutely must not miss when on vacation in Gujarat.

1. Temple of Somnath

One of Lord Shiva’s twelve Jyotirlingas is the Somnath Temple in the Junagadh district. Due to its incredible wealth, the Somnath Temple drew numerous invaders who savagely attacked and pillaged it. But after every assault, it was rebuilt, returning it to its previous splendor.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat

The temple’s architecture is magnificent. Its shikhara, which is about 50 meters tall, was constructed in the Chalukya architectural style. The temple’s beautiful carvings, silver doors, renowned Nandi statue, and main draw, the Shivlinga, dazzle tourists.

2. Gir National Park

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat

Only in Gir National Park in India can one see the magnificent Asiatic lion. It is without a doubt one of Gujarat’s top tourist destinations. You won’t be able to see them as closely anywhere else than Gir National Park.

It’s the only national park in India where tribal people have mastered the art of peaceful coexistence with animals, covering roughly 1,412 sq. km of territory.

3. Ranikivav Patan

One of Gujarat’s main tourist destinations is Rani ki Vav Patan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a prime illustration of the kind of water conservation employed in ancient India.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat

Rani (Queen) Udayamati commissioned the building of Rani ki Vav Patan in 1603 in the loving memory of her husband, King Bhimdev 1 of the Solanki dynasty. It’s interesting to note, though, that the Gujarati “vavs” were not only utilized for gathering water and socializing, but they also have a significant spiritual importance.

4. Museum of Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeology

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat

Today, the deserted city of Champaner provides a glimpse of the kind of prosperity that must have existed at one point in time. Located in the foothills of Pavagadh, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that rests on a rocky hilltop and is dotted with mosques, forts, temples, and palaces.

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The architecture of many old mosques reflects a blend of Islamic and Jain traditions. You also come across various heritage monuments from the 16th century, including mosques, temples, fortresses, and palaces.

5. Lothal

Surely, you must have heard of the Indus Valley and Harappan civilizations and been fascinated with them. Lothal, which means “Mount of the Dead,” is India’s most extensively excavated site.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat

Upon a visit to Lothal, one of the best tourist attractions in Gujarat, your mind recreates the scenes which these remains must have been witness to at one point in time, a civilization far more advanced than the time it existed in.

6. Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach

If you want to have an enjoyable time relaxing or trying your hand at water sports, then Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is where you should be headed. Although a lesser-known beach, it provides various avenues for entertainment.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat

Lying adjacent to the island of Diu, which lies just across a creek, the Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach extends as the Ghogha Beach. Enjoyment here means enjoying a swim on its delightful waters or trying out the various water sports. A particularly delightful experience here is a dolphin sighting.

7. Chorwad Beach

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat

The former royal residence of the Nawab of Junagadh was Chorwad Beach, which is around 37 kilometers from Somnath. However, the major reason visitors come here is to take in the breathtaking views of the sea.

The beach is quite clean and perfect for spending a laid-back day at the beach, despite the fact that swimming is dangerous there.

8. Wild Ass Refuge

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat

The endangered Indian Wild Ass, also known as “ghudkhar” locally, only exists in the Wild Ass Sanctuary on the Little Rann of Kutch, which is the only location worldwide that supports it. Astonishing in appearance, the wild ass is nearly two meters long and more than a meter tall at the shoulder.

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They are extremely agile creatures and can run at approximately 50 km/h. Nearly 3000 wild asses live in the Wild Ass Sanctuary and are frequently spotted in herds.

9. Palace of Laxmi Vilas

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat

One of Gujarat’s top tourist destinations, Laxmi Vilas Palace is a symbol of unmatched splendor and majesty. Laxmi Vilas Palace, which was designed in the Indo-Saracenic architectural style, is nearly four times larger than Buckingham Palace. The Baroda royal family, who are still held in high regard by the villagers, still resides there.

10. Station Hill in Saputara

When you want to spend time in the outdoors, head to Saputara Hill Station. This hill town, which is over 1,000 meters above sea level and is part of the Sahyadri range, takes its name from the snake god that the local tribe worships.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat

“The abode of serpents” is what Saputara implies. Even the journey to Saputara is enjoyable. You can gradually feel the calm enveloping the air as the bus travels toward Saputara, leaving the city’s constant hubbub its behind.


Gujarat, a coastal state in western India, is home to numerous tourist attractions. The Asiatic Lion lives there, and you can see it in all its splendor in Gir National Park.

It has a long history and is littered with temples, mosques, and other historical structures that take you back in time and illuminate its illustrious past. The Rann of Kutch, the biggest salt desert in the world, and other natural marvels may be found in Gujarat.

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