The Ultimate Travel Guide to the 10 Best Places to Visit in Guam, USA!

Guam may be better known for its military installations than for its tourism industry, but for travelers in the know, this remote tropical location is a hidden paradise. Beautiful white beaches, exotic wildlife, and fascinating …

Best Places to Visit in Guam

Guam may be better known for its military installations than for its tourism industry, but for travelers in the know, this remote tropical location is a hidden paradise. Beautiful white beaches, exotic wildlife, and fascinating culture and history can all be found in the Micronesian country.

Naturally, a lot of tourists visit there to partake in aquatic activities. Underwater, fascinating coral-covered reefs and historic shipwrecks create colorful underwater worlds teeming with marine life.

Everyone can enjoy a variety of water sports above the water, including jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing, and paddleboarding. The best part is that you don’t need to bring your passport if you’re from the US to visit this recognized territory of the US.

Best Places to Visit in Guam

Guam is a paradise that is difficult not to love, regardless of whether you are traveling there on military business or just to experience tropical living. To make the most of your time on the island, put the following items on your Guam bucket list.

1. Hike to the Pagat Cave

Best Places to Visit in Guam

One of my favorite Guam experiences was the hike and ascent into Pagat Cave. The short trail leads to an opening in a cave as you descend toward the water.

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Take off your clothes outside the cave, scurry through the pitch-blackness to a sizable cavernous opening containing cool, refreshing water, and take a dip! But don’t forget your headlight—the cave is completely dark.

2. Trek to Ritidian Point, Which is Guam’s Northernmost Point

Ritidian Point is the location of the island’s northernmost point. It is a part of the Guam National Wildlife Refuge and may be closed due to bad weather or official holidays. There are cafes, hiking trails, and a beach in the preserve.

Best Places to Visit in Guam

The strong rip currents at the beach make it unsuitable for swimming, but the sands are fine and the coastline is gorgeous. The 2.5-mile round-trip route to Ritidian Point is easily accessible from the parking area.

3. Grab a military buddy and enjoy Gab Gab Beach’s sunshine

Best Places to Visit in Guam

Gab, regarded as one of Guam’s most stunning beaches, is situated on a military installation, so, regrettably, you also need a military ID to access it. But if you know someone in the military, it’s worth the effort.

For information regarding closures, visit the same Naval Facebook page as the Spanish Steps.

4. On Gun Beach, sip a cocktail as the sun sets

Best Places to Visit in Guam

Beach Bar is a fantastic place to grab a cocktail or something to eat oceanside and is situated right on the edge of Gun Beach. Come to take in the sunset and the starry sky. You can time your visit to the Beach Bar to catch glimpses of the fire-twirling next door since there is a well-known local dance show right next door.

5. Ypao Beach offers warm ocean water for swimming

Best Places to Visit in Guam

One of the biggest and busiest beaches on the island is probably this one. This park/beach is a great place for families to visit and enjoy a day in the sun and is situated at the end of Tumon Bay. One of the top snorkeling locations in Guam is Ypao, which is also simple to get to.

6. Visit Two Lovers Point’s observation deck

Probably the most popular tourist destination on the island is Two Lover Point. The observation deck is located atop a cliff overlooking the coast not far from Tumon Beach. The coast and the turquoise waters below can both be seen for miles.

Best Places to Visit in Guam

The observation deck is open every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and admission is just $3. There is a sizable parking lot, a gift shop, and restrooms on the property.

7. Trek to the stunning Talofofo Caves

For those looking for adventure, the hike to the Talofofo caves is fantastic! The walk leads you first to the largest cave which is a simple one. To get a good look at the stalagmites and stalactites, descend about 30 feet into the large cavern using the provided rope.

Best Places to Visit in Guam

The Guam Daily Post’s website has a fantastic and in-depth guide posted here! If not, you might want to think about hiring a guide to show you all the caves.

8. For some of the best views of the island, climb Mt. Lamlam

Best Places to Visit in Guam

The hike up Mount Lamlam offered stunning vistas of the entire island. The time to get to the peak isn’t too difficult; I’d say it takes under an hour.

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It can be difficult to locate the trailhead, which is only identified by a tiny green sign that reads “Mt. Lamlam” and is hidden among the tall grass by the side of the road. It is across from the Bakanan Cetti Overlook parking area.

9. Learn about the Pacific War at the museum

Best Places to Visit in Guam

The Pacific War Museum, a private institution founded by the late marine John Vincent Pangelinan Gerber, displays artifacts and describes Guam’s participation in World War II.

Check it out if you’re a history buff who wants to see some recovered artifacts from that era and learn more about what happened in Guam during WWII.

10. Visit the magnificent Mangilao Golf Club

Best Places to Visit in Guam

You should definitely check out Mangilao Golf Club if you play golf. Because of its breathtaking surroundings and challenging holes, this gorgeous golf course is located right on the coast and is considered one of the best in the world. The small ocean bay that separates the green on hole number 12 is famous.


Guam is renowned for being a dreamy vacation spot, particularly for those who enjoy the sea. Guam is a genuine Micronesian gem thanks to its distinctive Chamorro culture, which offers a singular tropical experience. This list of activities will brighten your days if you want to experience the best that Guam has to offer in terms of sight, sound, and taste.

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