Must-See 10 Best Places to Visit in Greece in October That’ll Surely Boost Your Confidence!

Greece is a well-known tourist destination for a variety of reasons. Greece is not only incredibly beautiful with its vast mountains and fine sand beaches, but it also has a long and rich history. You …

Best Places to Visit in Greece in October

Greece is a well-known tourist destination for a variety of reasons. Greece is not only incredibly beautiful with its vast mountains and fine sand beaches, but it also has a long and rich history. You can explore so many different historical ruins and go on so many different adventures.

Is Greece hot in October if I go there? is a question you might have if you travel there in that month. No, is the response. Greece’s weather, which is warm and pleasant despite the common misconception that it is hot all year long, allows one to still enjoy the country’s stunning beaches. Greece experiences a wide range of temperatures in October, from 24°C to 14°C.

Best Places to Visit in Greece in October

The greatest activities to partake in when visiting Greece in October are listed below. Look at them and write them down!

1. Explore Athena’s House

Make sure to visit the Parthenon, Athena’s home, if you are in Greece in October. This is located on the summit of the historic citadel known as the Acropolis. Although getting here is a little challenging due to the steep cliffs, it is worth it to see what Greek mythology previously included.

Best Places to Visit in Greece in October

If you enjoy Greek mythology, please take the time to visit this site. The stunning sea is part of the view you get from here, and it won’t disappoint. Try to go during the weekdays as it could be a little too busy on the weekends.

2. Climb Mount Olympus

You shouldn’t pass up this opportunity if you like trekking. Although scaling the Mountain of the Gods is no simple task, it does provide a unique sense of accomplishment. Early October is a great time to travel to Greece because the weather is pleasant and the trip only takes around three hours.

Best Places to Visit in Greece in October

A beautiful view of the verdant mountains and the clean air as you reach the summit will spur you on to continue the descent. To see a stunning sunrise, be sure to arrive here early in the day.

3. Kleftiko Beach – Have Some Fun

Greece’s October weather is exactly right for a plunge in the crystal-clear sea at Kleftiko Beach because it is neither too hot nor too chilly. Despite being relatively small, it is well-liked for a good reason. One may take in the beautiful surroundings, watch the various cliffs, and swim into caverns of various sizes.

Best Places to Visit in Greece in October

Even kayaking is an option here via the caves. It is perfect for both novices and kids because the water isn’t too deep.

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Don’t forget to bring your snorkeling gear. If you don’t want to participate in any activities, you can simply unwind on the warm sand and soak in the refreshing sea breeze.

4. Take a Hike at Skaros Rock

In October, the climate in Santorini, Greece, is perfect for trekking. You can climb the stairs, but it will take you 20 to 30 minutes of hiking to reach the top. What you will find there, though, is incredibly lovely.

Best Places to Visit in Greece in October

You may get a breathtaking view of Santorini, including the mountains and the water, once you arrive at Skaros Rock. So that you can take in a stunning sunset as it sets behind the mountains, arrive early. After that, follow the trail to locate a prehistoric church facing away from the rock.

5. Visit Labyrinth Theme Park

The entry cost to this theme park is relatively low, and it is very simple to discover. There are activities that can interest adults in addition to the many enjoyable things for kids. A miniature golf course and a tiny model village resembling the Greek Gods’ era are available.

Best Places to Visit in Greece in October

Other activities include laser mazes, quad biking, and archery. Additionally, there is horseback riding, pottery making, and the hugely well-liked game Escape Atlantis. When you’re finished here, you can browse the gift shop for mementos.

6. Satisfy Your Hunger Enjoy a delectable lunch at Spondi Restaurant

This is the location for you if you feel the need to sample real Greek food. The way that brick and stone have been integrated into the décor of this two-star Michelin restaurant gives it a historic feel.

Best Places to Visit in Greece in October

The atmosphere is something that cannot be overlooked, and the furniture is pleasant. Even outside, beneath the stars, you can have your dinner. If you go, make sure to sample the wine and foie gras.

7. Go Try It Go wine tasting Wine Tasting

It will undoubtedly be cold in Greece if you travel there in the latter part of October. So what better way to rehydrate than to indulge in a glass of sparkling wine? You will learn the legend of the Greek God Dionysus and his role in the invention of wine. Additionally, you will discover how wine is manufactured as well as the circumstances needed for the survival of the grapes.

Best Places to Visit in Greece in October

Five different wines are available for you to sample, and you may choose to serve them with meat or cheese from a platter. You will learn how to distinguish between good and terrible wine at the conclusion of the day. If you like any wine, you can even buy it here.

8. Meet Reptiles on Reptisland

Best Places to Visit in Greece in October

You could even spend the day outside if the weather is nice in October in Greece. Visit the Reptisland if you enjoy reptiles or want to learn more about them. They have more than 40 distinct kinds of reptiles, including turtles, lizards, snakes, and crocodiles. You may speak with them and even hold them.

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The guide will provide you with detailed information on the local reptiles, including where to find them and how to care for them. Don’t miss out on visiting this location if you are in the area.

9. Take A Tour Of The Greek National Football Museum

This true treasure of a football fan’s utopia may be discovered on Tsouderos Street. Be sure to visit if you’re a fan of football. Even though the museum is quite small and only has 2 rooms, it is nonetheless filled with authentic footballs, trophies, t-shirts, tickets, and other items.

Best Places to Visit in Greece in October

The owner has accumulated authentic things for more than 45 years, and he can provide you with a thorough description and background on each one. The museum has a strong emphasis on Greek football, but it also contains a ton of knowledge and artifacts from other nations. Even some of the t-shirts can be tried on here. For such an awesome experience, there is no admission fee.

10. Monemvasia Fortress – Admire The Ruins

It is quite intriguing to visit this location. It seems as though you have returned to the past after you pass through the gates. Stone-paved streets and stunning eateries with breathtaking views can be found there. The steep rocks make it difficult to reach the top, but the vista is worth the effort.

Best Places to Visit in Greece in October

There are numerous local stores and eateries in this uncomplicated town. Around here, you may discover a lot of churches, gift shops, and even a few beaches. Spend some time getting to know this town and everything it has to offer. Avoid getting lost in the various pathways, which might almost look like a maze.


The perfect month is October because it has pleasant sunny temperatures, off-peak prices, and fewer tourists. Win-win. But by the end of the month, the chillier autumn had officially arrived.

Since the summer crowds have dispersed, Greece can now enjoy relative tranquility, with hotels and airlines providing great savings during off-peak times. It is the best in the world. However, the plan will be scaled back; as a result, arrange for airline and ferry schedules.

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