Top 10 Best Lovely Places to Visit in France in December: Surely Make Your Trip Perfect!

You may have seen or heard about the unmatched beauty of France when the weather is sunny, but have you ever wondered how the land of romance and the arts spreads its charm during the …

Best Places to Visit in France in December

You may have seen or heard about the unmatched beauty of France when the weather is sunny, but have you ever wondered how the land of romance and the arts spreads its charm during the month of December?

Well, the holiday spirit is in full swing, and the entire nation is decorated with cheer. There is a lot to see and do in France in December, from the charming Christmas village at the base of the Eiffel Tower to the moving ice rinks constructed beneath the stars.

Best Places to Visit in France in December

Don’t hesitate to book your next vacation to France for the month of December to experience the country’s culture in all of its glory. However, scroll down and have a look at how you may organize your vacation in the best manner possible before you pack your bags and purchase your tickets!

1. Paris: The Inevitable Option

Paris is enchanting year-round, but in the winter when it is covered in a white blanket of snow, the trees, the Seine, and the Eiffel Tower take on new hues. Visit Galeries Lafayette to see the magnificent Christmas tree decorated with gold decorations.

Best Places to Visit in France in December

Winters are also the ideal season to indulge your inner ice ballerina, and the Champs-Elysées Ice Rink is a welcoming location to break some ice. The streets of Paris are lined with freshly cut pines that have been festooned with ornaments and festoons as we get closer to Christmas.

Nowhere else can you find a more beautiful sight! Unquestionably among the top cities in France to visit in the winter. Activities: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, Louvre Museum, and the Eiffel Tower Accommodations include St. Christopher’s Inn and Grand Hotel de Paris.

2. Nice – One of the most pleasant getaways Nice in the winter

The Nice Carnival lasts for more than two weeks; take advantage of it. Participate in the Flower Parade and observe the enormous floats as they pass by.

Best Places to Visit in France in December

When you go, you must wait until the very end to see the flowers being pulled out and thrown at the people walking by. Oh, and don’t forget to ride Nice’s enormous winter-only Ferris wheel. One of the best times to travel to France is during the winter.

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Actions to take: The English Promenade and the Matisse Museum Accommodations include The Negresco and Hôtel Nice Excelsior. The most dependable mode of transportation to go to Nice is by SNCF trains.

3. Attend a musical performance in Nantes to indulge in classical European music

In the winter, a trip to France is a must if you enjoy classical music. Performers from all over the world congregate at Nantes’ La Folle Journée Classical Music Festival to present music to your preferences. This is undoubtedly one of the best French cities to visit in the winter to experience the power of music.

Best Places to Visit in France in December

Without question, Nantes is among the top destinations in France to visit in the winter. Actions to take: The machines of the Isle of Nantes and Château des ducs de Bretagne Places to stay: Hotel Ibis Nantes Centre Tour Bretagne and Radisson Blu Hotel, Nantes. The most effective method to get here is to take a TGV from Paris and get off in Nantes.

4. Menton – Beautiful Lemon Fest Awaits Menton Photo Source

There isn’t much you could do better if you were traveling to Menton in the winter. The magnificent Fête du Citron, or Lemon Festival, in Menton, is breathtaking. For two weeks, floats, statues, and figurines of all sizes were erected in the town center out of lemons and oranges.

Best Places to Visit in France in December

The event traditionally heralds the approach of spring and occurs toward the conclusion of the winter. One of the many benefits of spending the winter in France is the chance to see the festival in Menton with its vibrant colors.

Actions to take: Basilique Saint-Michel-Archange, Serre de la Madone, and the Val Rahmeh-Menton Botanical Garden Hotel Princess et Richmond Menton and Hotel Lemon are two places to stay. How to get there: Take a regional train from Nice to Ventimiglia, getting off at Menton.

5. Skiing in the French Alps and the Pyrenees: An Escape to the Snow

This is where you should go if you’re seeking the best spots to visit in France in January! The French Alps have had to be the most spectacular site to look at in winter among other destinations to view in France.

Best Places to Visit in France in December

The best time to engage in winter sports in France is from January through February. Snow-related activities include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing, ice rappelling, downhill skiing, dog sledding, and snowboarding, to name just a few.

6. Roquemaure: Accept Spirituality

Why not pay a visit to the village of Roquemaure, where the town church houses the mortal remains of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers if you’re looking for places to visit in France in February?

Best Places to Visit in France in December

These artifacts are removed from the vault and paraded through the town on February 14th. Around this time, on the weekend most closely associated with Valentine’s Day, the Festou di Poutoun, or festival of the kiss, is also held. One of the most romantic locations in France to visit during the winter is here.

7. Twirl As You Ice-Skate by Monaco

In Monaco’s Stade Nautique Rainier III, a sizable outdoor swimming pool is converted into an enormous ice rink. Another choice is to try ice karting, which has six laps. Where else would you get the opportunity to go ice-karting and reach previously unheard-of speeds?

Best Places to Visit in France in December

Additionally, because of its proximity to the harbor, the pool offers views of Monte Carlo, enormous boats, and of course, the Mediterranean Sea. One of the wintertime must-do activities in France is ice skating.

8. Titillate Your Tastebuds with Perigord

Best Places to Visit in France in December

Perigord is a region you really must see if you’re in France during the winter! Black truffles are still a delicacy that many connect with Perigord, a unique region in France, despite the fact that they are no longer native to the country.

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The months of December through March are the finest for savoring the freshest French winter black truffles, with January and February being the seasons when they are at the height of their flavor and aroma. Enjoy your meal as much as you like!

9. Camargue – A Paradise for Birdwatchers

Don’t overlook the Camargue when deciding where to go in France during the winter. The Camargue tells a different tale in the winter than it does in the summer when inhabitants and visitors go camping.

Best Places to Visit in France in December

It is one of the most enchanted places to visit in France during the winter because it is on a migratory route and is a refuge for bird watchers because various species of birds spend the winter here. The pink flamingos, whose plumage grows ever more brilliant at this time of year as they get ready for their yearly mating ritual, are a particular favorite.

10. Climb The French Mountains in Corsica

When deciding where to spend the winter in France, consider Corsica. If you find yourself in France during the winter, you may have seen too much snow and done your fair share of skiing. In that case, fly to Corsica for a gentler environment.

Best Places to Visit in France in December

You may go hiking, mountain climbing, hunting, and have a sunny Christmas with fewer tourists around!


Experiencing the Christmas spirit in France throughout the month of December may be spectacular! The drawback is that, because of the potential for extreme cold and precipitation, it is not the best time to go beachgoing or hiking in the countryside.

The short amount of daylight in France at this time of year is another significant drawback. The winter solstice, which is on December 21st, is when the year’s shortest day occurs.

The Christmas lights and celebrations, on the other hand, are best enjoyed at night, so you’ll be in the correct place if you’re in France for that.

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