Discover the 10 Best Ideal Places to Visit in Europe With Kids!

The trip to Europe with the kids will provide them with an amazing opportunity to broaden their cultural horizons. Taking your children on a trip to Europe gives you the opportunity to introduce them to …

Best Places to Visit in Europe With Kids

The trip to Europe with the kids will provide them with an amazing opportunity to broaden their cultural horizons. Taking your children on a trip to Europe gives you the opportunity to introduce them to new foods and to a variety of sleeping surroundings, such as hotels that are rich in character.

Even though traveling with infants and young children presents its own unique challenges, it is still important to come up with creative ways to while away the hours in the air in order to provide little ones with the priceless experience of traveling over the pond. Continue scrolling to see our top suggestions for the greatest cities in Europe to visit with your children.

Few Best Places to Visit in Europe With Kids

It’s true that cities like Paris and Rome are steeped in romance, but the reality is that many families live and vacation in these cities, so there are actually loads of things to do for people of all ages—from guided walking tours to exhibitions at top-tier museums to fairy tale castles.

1. The City of Paris in France

There’s a good reason why tourists keep returning to Paris time and time again, despite the fact that the city is featured on the vast majority of must-see places lists for Europe.

 Best Places to Visit in Europe With Kids

The world-famous museums, the attention-grabbing landmarks, meandering through the manicured gardens, and letting the kids run wild (respectfully and with supervision, of course) in the massive parks are all things that families will enjoy doing together while visiting Paris. A helpful travel tip is to purchase tickets to the Louvre in advance to avoid the long lines.

2. The Danish capital of Copenhagen

The city of Copenhagen is well-kept, has a low crime rate, and is brimming with must-see sights; in other words, it has everything a good destination for a family vacation should have.

 Best Places to Visit in Europe With Kids

If you are traveling to the capital of Denmark with kids, make sure to put a visit to the National Aquarium of Denmark, the Copenhagen Zoo, and the bronze statue of the Little Mermaid on your itinerary.

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Also, if you go to Tivoli Gardens, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to ride one of the oldest wooden roller coasters that is still in operation.

3. The City of London, in the United Kingdom

The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and the London Eye are just some of the larger-than-life icons that can be found in London.

 Best Places to Visit in Europe With Kids

If you were planning a trip to London with your children, you could easily fill up a month’s worth of activities to keep them occupied and entertained.

Given that most people do not have that much spare time, you should probably just stick to the main tourist circuit for your first trip and sprinkle in some kid-focused sites like a wonderful tour of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Warner Bros.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The city of Amsterdam, which is the capital of the Netherlands, is filled to the brim with activities and attractions that are appropriate for younger tourists. Some of these include the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the NEMO Science Museum.

 Best Places to Visit in Europe With Kids

The dishes of the Netherlands are so delicious that even children love them! You have the option of getting pancakes from either Pancakehouse Upstairs or The Happy Pig Pancake Shop. Join the line at Fabel Friet for some of their famously crispy fries, and stop by Winkel 43 for some of their world-famous Dutch apple pie.

5. City of Valencia in Spain

Although Barcelona and Madrid might be the most well-known destinations for tourists in Spain, Valencia is (perhaps) a more suitable choice for families. The interactive museum, planetarium, and oceanarium that make up the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences are all housed in the same building.

 Best Places to Visit in Europe With Kids

Families can take advantage of the 300 days of sunshine at the sandy beaches and Turia Gardens, a wide park with playgrounds, recreational areas, and walking pathways. In addition to the informative stops, families can also enjoy the educational stops.

6. The Croatian City of Dubrovnik

The magnificent palaces, churches, and expansive views that define Dubrovnik will astound your children, even if they are not yet old enough to be a part of the Game of Thrones fandom.

 Best Places to Visit in Europe With Kids

When spending vacation time in the most well-known city in the Dalmatian area of southern Croatia, what activities should be on the agenda? Have a stroll through Old Town, explore the city walls that were built in the 16th century, take a dip in the glistening Adriatic Sea, and pick up some sweet delights for the kids from one of the stores that line the limestone-paved main pedestrian thoroughfare known as Stradun.

7. The City of Reykjavik in Iceland

Families planning a trip to Reykjavik should be prepared for an unforgettable experience that combines learning and activities in the great outdoors.

 Best Places to Visit in Europe With Kids

Depending on the time of year you go and how well you can handle the cold (wintertime temperatures can drop to 14 degrees Fahrenheit), that could involve dog sledding or hikes through lava fields, then trips to the Whales of Iceland Museum and the National Museum of Iceland.

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At the Blue Lagoon, located a little over an hour outside of the city, children as young as two years old can enjoy a day at an Icelandic spa that they will never forget.

8. The Irish City of Dublin

Exploring Dublin Castle and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, both of which date back to the 13th century, in the capital city of Ireland will set children’s imaginations free.

 Best Places to Visit in Europe With Kids

It is a well-known fact that the majority of children are not capable of maintaining their composure over an entire day of sightseeing, regardless of how exciting the various historic sites may be.

When you include Phoenix Park, which is a vast green space that is home to Dublin Zoo, the National Leprechaun Museum, and crispy potato pancakes from Gallaghers Boxty House, you have a recipe for success that is sure to please children of all ages as well as their parents.

9. The City of Lisbon, in Portugal

Before coming to Lisbon, it’s necessary to keep in mind that the city has a very mountainous terrain. This necessitates the preparation of the children for some steep ascents and the packing of sturdy shoes.

 Best Places to Visit in Europe With Kids

It goes without saying that you won’t have to walk the entire distance. A pleasant and entertaining way to see the pastel-colored buildings and the walls covered in graffiti is to ride the old yellow trams.

10. The City of Rome, Italy

The Eternal City is one of the few locations on Earth that is able to bring ancient history to life in a way that is so tactile that it piques the interest of children.

 Best Places to Visit in Europe With Kids

Encourage little ones to make a wish at the Trevi Fountain, climb the Spanish Steps, and take a stroll along the cobblestone street in Trastevere, in addition to taking them to iconic Roman sights like the Colosseum and the Pantheon. When it comes to mealtime, it’s not like pizza and pasta are hard sells for kids (or parents).


Europe is a really convenient place to travel. There are low-cost airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair that provide flights between cities at steep discounts. You can also travel by Eurorail, and you can get multi-city passes that include reductions for children.

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