The Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Columbus Ohio: Explore the Unbelievable Adventure!

Columbus is the state capital of Ohio and has a population of close to 900,000 as of 2015. The earliest people to live there were a group of people who became known as the Mound …

Best Places to Visit in Columbus Ohio

Columbus is the state capital of Ohio and has a population of close to 900,000 as of 2015. The earliest people to live there were a group of people who became known as the Mound Builders.

They lived there for 5,000 years and erected clay mounds in a variety of forms for religious, ceremonial, and burial purposes. Around the same time that the first permanent white settlers moved into the Midwest, circa the 1700s, they made the decision to name the region’s capital city after the well-known explorer Christopher Columbus.

It is commonly known that Columbus is home to not just one of the best zoos in the United States, but also to one of the most prestigious universities and football programs in all of North America.

In addition to this, it is famous for having one of the nation’s finest municipal park systems, which consists of sixteen parks and covers a total area of 24,000 square feet.

Some of the Best Places to Visit in Columbus, Ohio

There is a great deal more to learn about this fascinating city, so let’s keep reading and find out more about the most enjoyable activities in Columbus!

1. Both the Franklin Park Conservatory and the Franklin Park Botanical Gardens

To bring these vibrant gardens and stunning conservatories to life, the team puts in a lot of hard work and 88 acres of groomed grounds. When you visit in the spring, you will be treated to the sight of hundreds of different colored bulbs just beginning to poke their heads above the ground and show off their beauty.

Best Places to Visit in Columbus Ohio

However, each season does have a number of perks that make it stand out from the rest, and during the winter months, those perks include a display of evergreen trees and rich winter greenery. The whole gang is sure to have a good time here while taking a leisurely stroll around the area.

2. The Farmer’s Market at North Market

Not only is this one of the oldest Farmer’s Markets in Central Ohio, but it is also one of the largest!

Best Places to Visit in Columbus Ohio

There are over 20 local farmers selling their delicious home-grown fruit and vegetables, plants, flowers, honey, and aromatic herbs, and the selection of fresh produce that they set out for exhibition by local growers is really incredible.

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If you and your family wish to stop for a bite to eat and a drink, there are also wonderful cuisine options for you to choose from, which cover food selections from many global places, and they are all delectable.

3. Theater in Ohio

The wonderful historic theater that was built in 1928 was miraculously spared from demolition and completely restored to its former glory in the 1980s.

Best Places to Visit in Columbus Ohio

In the process of this restoration, the theater’s stage was modernized to allow for the fabulous performances that it now puts on, which can range from musicals to ballet and opera, as well as lectures and fun presentations like the summer Movie Series and Broadway Series that are held every year.

Whether you and your family are big fans of the symphony (featuring concerts by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra), the Nutcracker performances during the holiday season, or unwinding over an evening of classic movies, a trip here should satisfy everyone’s interests.

4. Ohio Stadium

The Ohio State University Buckeyes football team and the Ohio State University Marching Band call Ohio Stadium, often known as “The Horseshoe,” “The House that Harley built,” or simply “The Shoe,” their home football stadium. Ohio Stadium is also affectionately known as “The Horseshoe.”

Best Places to Visit in Columbus Ohio

In addition to all of that, it is also a well-liked concert, and well-known acts such as Metallica and The Rolling Stones have been known to bring in large crowds with their energetic performances there.

It is the third-largest football stadium in the United States, with seating for just under 105,000 people available there.

5. Arts District in the Short North

Visit this incredibly cool area, go for a walk around it, and make sure to grab a cup of coffee or something to eat along the way.

Best Places to Visit in Columbus Ohio

Because of the impact of the university, the neighborhood is frequently described as eccentric and just a tad bit out of the ordinary. There are many interesting specialized stores, pubs, art galleries, and cafés to discover in the region.

The architecture of the buildings is also noteworthy; most of them are brick and date back to the early 20th century; The vivid murals that have been painted on the side walls of the buildings go very well with the architecture.

6. A Village in Germany

The huge number of German immigrants who arrived in the area in the middle of the 19th century and presumably brought a piece of home with them inspired the naming of the neighborhood as German Village. In fact, there was a time when it comprised one-third of the whole population of the city.

Best Places to Visit in Columbus Ohio

It was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1974, and since then, it has attracted a large number of tourists who enjoy the flavor of something “a little bit European” from one of the area’s numerous coffee shops, confectioneries, grocery stores, and restaurants such as Sausage Haus and Katz’s Deli.

7. ZipZone Canopy Tours

There are two excursions available, the first lasting an hour and a half, and the second lasting two hours. Both tours provide an excellent opportunity to experience the natural splendor that the city has to offer.

Best Places to Visit in Columbus Ohio

The most recent version of the shorter trip has been updated to include two zip lines, two sky bridges, and the option of either a free fall rapid jump experience or a rappel. The longer excursion is broken up into smaller groups, in which you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy zipping along while taking in incomparable vistas of the flora, fauna, and wildlife.

8. COSI is an abbreviation for the Center of Science and Industry

Best Places to Visit in Columbus Ohio

The Children’s Outdoor Science Institute (COSI) is an extremely popular destination for families in particular. This is due to the fact that many of the hands-on displays, spectacular planetarium performances, and other activities at the COSI have been designed to pique the interest of young children in scientific and technological topics.

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There is always something new and interesting to see because new exhibitions are rotated on a consistent basis at this museum. The entire top level is designed specifically for children aged “Birth to First Grade,” and there is plenty of space for them to run about in.

9. Whetstone Park, also called the Park of Roses

Best Places to Visit in Columbus Ohio

This world-famous park has been around for almost sixty years, and its fragrant 13-acre Park of Roses is home to more than eleven thousand rose bushes, as well as an astounding three hundred and fifty unique rose species, all of which are stunning examples of this magnificent flower.

When the roses are in full bloom, from around the middle of June to about the middle of September, is the best time to appreciate these lovely blossoms. However, there is still a lot to see at other times of the year as well. There are a number of trails to walk and run through, as well as plenty of space for your children to play soccer and a great playground for your younger children.

10. The Main Square of Easton

Best Places to Visit in Columbus Ohio

This shopping complex is not like any other shopping mall that you’ve been to before! The main buildings and streets have been constructed to look like the early American cities and towns of the early to mid-20th century and include fountains with streets cleverly laid out in a continuous loop (getting you easily to why you’re there in the first place, to enjoy some shopping!).

The shopping center offers normal shops, a cinema complex with dine-in movies, and enough businesses to keep the whole family active. These include Macy’s for the mother, Golf Galaxy for the father, American Girl, Lego Store, and Justice for the children.


A trip to Columbus, the capital city of Ohio, is an intriguing retreat thanks to the city’s many diverse neighborhoods. You may satisfy your inner foodie with cream puffs in German Village, or you can see Columbus on foot with local walking tours. Both options are available.

Explore your artistic side in the Short North Arts District, or be free with some sports and entertainment in the Arena District. Both districts are located in the Arena District.

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