The Top 10 Best Unexpected Places to Visit in Colorado in September!

September marks the end of summer in Colorado, and the beginning of fall, which ushers in a change in the colors of the leaves, brings lower temperatures, and ushers in the first snowfall of the …

Best Places to Visit in Colorado in September

September marks the end of summer in Colorado, and the beginning of fall, which ushers in a change in the colors of the leaves, brings lower temperatures, and ushers in the first snowfall of the season in the high country.

Apple picking, cider tasting, and listening to elk bugle are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed during one of the most beautiful times of the year in Colorado, which is known as the Centennial State. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Colorado.

The Weather in Colorado in September

The month of September marks the beginning of the Fall season in Colorado, which is when the leaves of trees and plants all throughout the state go through some of the most magnificent color changes.

If you wanted to get the most out of fall, your best chance would be to take a trip to Colorado in late September. The weather will be more comfortable, and the foliage will be at its most beautiful.

In September, the typical daily high temperatures in Colorado can range from 74 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius) to 81 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius) throughout the day, and they can drop to lows in the high 40s Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius) at night.

Snowfall is not as unlikely as it was during the Summer months, and there is a possibility that rainfall will remain high in certain parts of the state.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado in September

In addition to its natural splendor, Colorado is home to a plethora of tourist attractions that just cannot be missed. In spite of the fact that they are harsh and rocky in appearance, these rock formations are magnificent and should be seen by everyone. The following list highlights the ten most popular tourist destinations in Colorado.

1. Ireland’s Galway city

The Galway Oyster Festival This Irish city is the fifth largest in the country and a key vacation destination for individuals who are traveling to Ireland. It has already brought us there three times, and we are confident that it will do so again in the future. If I had to pick one month to go to Galway, it would be September because of the weather.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado in September

The high number of tourists that visit during the summer will begin to decrease, and the temperature will drop to an extremely pleasant 14 degrees Celsius on average.

It is the ideal time to go shopping for a traditional hand-knit Irish jumper and to take a stroll around the streets of Galway before eating at a world-famous restaurant.

2. South Africa

A fantastic travel destination in Africa, Namibia is also one of the areas on earth with the fewest people living there. When it comes to desert scenery straight out of a dream, Namibia is the only place that compares. The name stems from the Sahara Desert, the oldest desert in the world, which covers a large portion of the country.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado in September

There is no other country on earth that can compare to the natural beauty that Namibia is just waiting for tourists to discover. You can find towering red sand dunes, dead tree valleys preserved in time, and utterly unique wildlife.

3. The Coast of Turkey

Turkey is still basking in the warmth of summer in September, making it one of the greatest destinations to visit in Europe at this time of year. Other parts of Europe are beginning to transition out of summer.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado in September

The Lycian Coast in Turkey has water that is still warm to swim in, and the sun can still be seen shining almost constantly. It is the ideal time for a tranquil gulet cruise around the craggy cliffs, making your way in and out of the bays as you go.

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The vast majority of summer tourists will have left by September, but most stores and storefronts will continue to be open for business as usual.

That means you can continue to enjoy your Turkish coffee on the beach without having to compete with a large number of other people. In October, many stores will start to shut their doors for the season, so take advantage of this area while you still can!

4. Madeira

While things start to cool off a little in September, it’s still by no means cold in Portugal this month. It’s one of the best times to visit Portugal’s top tourist sights, and the beaches are much quieter. Since September is considered to be the off-season, it is possible that you could save a lot of money on lodging.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado in September

September has temperatures that, on average, are consistent with a temperature hovering around 26 degrees Celsius. The island of Madeira, which during the summer months can see enormous tourist numbers, is presently calm and continues to blossom despite these visitors.

It is possible to travel quickly by air, and there are good connections between Madeira International Airport and mainland Portugal. Once you arrive, you’ll be able to find lavishly decorated churches, beautiful valleys, and exotic blooms in September

5. Borneo

September is one of the best times to visit Borneo! With plenty of fruit this time of year, the orangutans swing down from their trees and enjoy the sweet delights. A jungle tour is in order if you’ve always wanted to see these beautiful creatures!

Best Places to Visit in Colorado in September

Borneo is said to be Eden. Lush rainforests, rivers, mangroves, waterfalls, and hidden mammals await you here. It’s rich in biodiversity, and it’s where you can come for a true adventure. The sad reality is that palm oil cultivation has destroyed much of the forest, but tourism conservation projects strive to protect it.

6. The Town of Queenstown

On the South Island of New Zealand, spring begins in the month of September. At this time of year, Queenstown, which is considered to be the “adventure capital of the world,” is located at the southernmost tip of the island and offers visitors views of snow-covered mountains and verdant valleys.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado in September

If you are seeking a spot to get away from it all, Queenstown, New Zealand, in the month of September is one of the best places to travel.

It is a wonderful time to visit Milford Sound in order to take in all of the breathtaking scenery. After that, make your way into town to sip some local Pinot Noir on one of the many outdoor patios.

7. The City of London

We’ve been to London three times in the past five years, and each time we visit, we fall more in love with this city. London really does not require an introduction. To name just three of its many iconic structures, people all around the world are familiar with the Houses of Parliament, the red double-decker buses, and the dome-helmeted policeman.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado in September

London, with its two thousand years of history, from its beginnings as a little Roman town to its current status as the capital city of the world’s largest empire, exudes history from every street, no matter how huge or small.

8. The Islands in Greece

A vacation to the Greek Islands is one of those experiences that truly never lets you down. Due to the fact that we have visited Greece on several occasions, I am of the opinion that September is the ideal month to go.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado in September

It is still warm, but the “worst” of the heat has passed; the islands that are located the farthest south are the only ones where it is still fairly hot. The average temperature across the entire nation is 29 degrees Celsius.

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It is not simply the lack of sweltering heat that makes it a great time to come; most of the visitors have also left, making it an enjoyable time for a vacation that is nearly completely devoid of crowds. In September 2016, we spent the entire month on the Greek islands of Milos, Naxos, Tinos, and Paros, and it felt just like we were extending our summer!

9. The Rocky Mountains of Canada

Late September in Banff / Best Travel Destinations for the Month of September
You surely already know how much we adore Banff throughout the entire year. Nevertheless, September is without a doubt one of the very best months for a trip.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado in September

The summer crowds are beginning to thin out a little bit, and if you wait until the end of September, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the larch trees as they turn color. It is quite a sight to behold when this takes place, which typically takes place around the third week of September.

10. Asheville

A city that is famous all over the United States for its alluring allure, breweries, big estates, waterfalls, and the picturesque Appalachian Mountains. Although the city of Asheville is stunning throughout the year, the autumn season is without a doubt the ideal time to visit.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado in September

During this time of year, the leaves on all of the trees turn beautiful shades of rust, orange, and yellow. It really is something to see and marvel at.

On the other hand, you won’t be the only one there; you should get ready for a congested road because tens of thousands of “loafers” are on their way to the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the beautiful fall colors.


September is one of the months that I look forward to the most out of the entire year. Since it is also the month in which I was born, my family and I search year after year for the most interesting destinations to visit in September. Recent years have found me celebrating my birthday in Greece, Ireland, Canada, and South Africa. Everything was wonderful, and the weather was much better.

When it comes to vacations, September is among the best months of the entire year. As children and their families head back to school, the summertime crowds are beginning to thin out. However, the weather is still relatively warm across the majority of the planet.

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