Top 10 Best Iconic Places to Visit in Central Park – Must Visit Place For You!

New York’s backyard is Central Park. This verdant 843-acre pocket of wilderness in the heart of Manhattan is one of the city’s most popular attractions and assets, loved by both tourists and locals all year. …

Best Places to Visit in Central Park

New York’s backyard is Central Park. This verdant 843-acre pocket of wilderness in the heart of Manhattan is one of the city’s most popular attractions and assets, loved by both tourists and locals all year. Countless scenes from films and television shows have been shot here throughout the years.

The park features magnificent hills, meadows, playgrounds, skating rinks, sports fields, and other well-known attractions like Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Castle, and the Central Park Zoo. Be warned: the park is enormous.

The easiest way to explore it is to go to the tourist center, which shows all of the sights and things to do, and then plan a walking path or take a tour.

Best Places to Visit in Central Park

Choosing a top ten from so many options is nearly impossible, but here is our selection of the Top Ten Attractions in Central Park.

1. The Castle of Belvedere

Belvedere Castle is a stone castle atop Vista Rock with a rooftop lookout that provides a great view of the park and the city. Looking north, you can see the Great Lawn’s wide green space and the Delacorte Theater, which hosts free Shakespearean performances performed by some notable people every summer. The Ramble Wooded Area is located to the south.

Best Places to Visit in Central Park

It should be emphasized that the “castle” is actually a small castle constructed in 1869 primarily to function as a lookout within the park. After falling into ruin, it was repaired and reopened in the 1980s. A visitor center and gift shop are located on the premises.

2. Zoo in Central Park

Animals from Asia, the polar regions, and the California coast can be found at the Central Park Zoo. Red pandas, snow leopards, and snow monkeys can be found in the Temperate Territory. Visit the Polar Circles to see the popular penguins. Grizzly bears, California sea lions, and lemurs are among the other animal highlights.

Best Places to Visit in Central Park

A 4D Theater is also available at the zoo for visitors aged six and up. The theater charges a fee, which is included in the price of a full-priced ticket.

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The beautiful Delacorte Musical Clock, near the entryway, with bronze animals encircling the timepiece and playing children’s songs or seasonal pieces every half hour.

3. Strawberry Fields, Central Park

Strawberry Fields, located within Central Park, is a memorial to John Lennon, who was cruelly slain in front of the Dakota apartments right off the park’s west side in 1980. In the pathway is a mosaic with the word “Imagine” etched, named after John Lennon’s 1971 song.

Best Places to Visit in Central Park

Vaux and Olmstead developed the landscape, which includes 161 plant species (one from each country in the world), and the area was designated as a Peace Garden. This section of the park is also designated a quiet zone.

4. The Fountain and Terrace at Bethesda

The Bethesda Fountain, located on Bethesda Terrace between the Lake and the Mall, is one of Central Park’s architectural highlights. The fountain was dedicated in 1873, and the Angel of the Waters monument was dedicated in 1842.

Best Places to Visit in Central Park

Jacob Mould created the Spanish-style detailing of the double staircase with tiles and friezes. The terrace is a favorite spot for pictures and a relaxing spot.

In front of the Bethesda Terrace stands the Bethesda Fountain. You will arrive at Central Park Mall after passing via the Bethesda Terrace.

5. Garden Conservatory

The Conservatory Garden is a tranquil haven with thousands of trees and shrubs. This six-acre area, known for being the park’s lone formal garden, offers a much quieter vibe than other parts of Central Park, with no cyclists or skateboarders. It is regularly used as a wedding venue.

Best Places to Visit in Central Park

The principal entry is off Fifth Avenue through the huge wrought iron Vanderbilt Gate. The garden is organized into three sections, each with a different style: French, Italian, and English. The bronze fountain Three Dancing Maidens by Walter Schott is in the French garden.

6. The Lake’s Loeb Boathouse

The Loeb Boathouse, located on The Lake’s extreme eastern bank, is a restaurant with an interior dining room and an outdoor seating area directly on the water’s edge. Weddings and other formal gatherings are frequently held in this gorgeous setting.

Best Places to Visit in Central Park

On a warm afternoon, you can sit here sipping coffee or eating a meal while watching people paddle boats on the generally tranquil sea. If you want to do something more active, you can rent a boat and go for a paddle around the lake.

7. Literary Walk and the Mall

The Mall is a straight, wide pathway that runs beneath a canopy of large trees in the south end of Central Park. This location provides a calm respite from New York City’s hectic streets as well as an opportunity to enjoy some nature.

Best Places to Visit in Central Park

Even in the dead of winter, when the park is blanketed in snow, this is a lovely location to stroll. The Literary Walk connects to the Mall and is lined with sculptures of literary titans including Shakespeare, Robert Burns, and Sir Walter Scott, among others.

8. Carousel in Central Park

Best Places to Visit in Central Park

The Central Park Carousel has a lengthy history in the park, with the original carousel opening in 1871. Four distinct carousels have operated in this place over the years. It’s one of the most popular family activities in Central Park. In reality, hundreds of park visitors ride the carousel every day, for an annual total of about 250,000 riders.

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The current carousel, which contains 57 hand-carved horses, was added in the early 1950s and refurbished in the 1990s. It is one of the biggest of its kind in North America. It is available seven days a week.

9. Water Conservatory

Conservatory Water, located on the park’s east side near 72nd Street, is also known as the Model Boat Pond. From spring until fall, especially on weekends, people gather here to sail and race their model boats.

Best Places to Visit in Central Park

A great place to relax and observe the action is on a bench along the shore. A sculpture of Alice in Wonderland stands at the north end of the pond, while Kerbs Boathouse, complete with a café, stands on the east side.

10. Ice Skating

Skating in Central Park is a fun sport for the whole family, but couples can also enjoy a romantic skate. This is a seasonal pastime that is available from late October to April, and if you are visiting New York in the winter, a bright day skating in Central Park is a memorable occasion.

Best Places to Visit in Central Park

There are two possibilities for skating in the park: The Wollman Rink, which is close to the Central Park Zoo, charges admission for outdoor skating in a picturesque setting with trees all around. On-site skate rentals are offered, and spectators are welcome but must pay a fee.


The park has gardens, world-famous concert venues, historic statues, lakes, ponds, and pools from Columbus Circle to Grand Army Plaza to Duke Ellington Circle. There are over thirty bridges and arches, two landmark restaurants, a wildlife refuge, a marionette theater, and a real-life castle, to name a few attractions.

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