Explore the Enchanting 10 Best Places to Visit in Canada in March That Are Enough to Refresh You!

If you just think of visiting Canada during the summer, you’re missing out on the romance of the severe but beautiful Canadian winter. While July and August bring the majority of yearly tourists to Canada, …

Best Places to Visit in Canada in March

If you just think of visiting Canada during the summer, you’re missing out on the romance of the severe but beautiful Canadian winter. While July and August bring the majority of yearly tourists to Canada, other seasons of the year, such as March—and spring in general—have much to offer, including lower rates, fewer people, and unique activities. ​

You will need to pack realistic weather expectations and winter-proof clothing, but visiting Canada in March can still provide tremendous value and delight. Winter is barely beginning to relax its grip at this time of year.

Most ski resorts in Canada will still be busy this time of year, especially during March Break, when schools are down for a week or two. If you’re unsure about which Canadian destination to visit in March, many alternatives will appeal to a variety of travel preferences, whether you’re a skier, a foodie, or both.

Best Places to Visit in Canada in March

Canada is a country with half of its territory covered in woods, which should come as no surprise given that Canada has one-tenth of the world’s total forests. Are you planning a trip to Canada?

Here is a comprehensive list of the best sites to see in Canada during your trip. Take a look at the top places in Canada and decide which ones you want to visit during your vacation!

1. Vancouver

There is no way to explain it: it rains a lot in Vancouver. Now that you’ve seen the worst of Vancouver, all the wonderful stuff—and there’s plenty to brag about—is icing on the cake. Vancouver is a year-round destination that offers varied benefits depending on when you visit.

Best Places to Visit in Canada in March

It is gorgeous, friendly, laid-back, and safe. In March, while more eastern locations such as Toronto and Montreal are still blanketed in snow, spring arrives in Vancouver. Cherry blossom celebrations begin at the end, when people congregate among the more than 40,000 cherry trees as their pink and white blooms reach their height.

2. Whistler, Canada

Best Places to Visit in Canada in March

Whistler’s ski season is luxuriantly long due to the city’s position two hours north of Vancouver. The two main mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb, still have six to eight weeks of skiing left in them in March.

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The snow is plentiful, and the days are lengthening. Arrive during March Break, when the resort town fills up with school-aged children and their families. Because many of the Olympic sites are still functioning from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, here is your chance to try bobsledding and other specialty winter sports.

3. Toronto, Canada

If you don’t mind taking a winter jacket and a t-shirt for the uncertain March weather, you can enjoy all that Toronto has to offer at off-season prices. Toronto’s cheerful, vibrant, and cosmopolitan energy is palpable all year, and even in the dead of winter, you can join in the fun by going ice skating at Toronto City Hall or the Harbourfront.

Best Places to Visit in Canada in March

If the weather is extremely bad, there are numerous indoor retail complexes, including The Path, museums, and galleries, to keep you warm and dry. Toronto is also a popular theater destination, and one of its many live theaters may be hosting an intriguing play or musical.

If you’re searching for a brisk adventure in March, you may also take advantage of maple syrup festivals, outdoor patios, nature getaways, strolls along the Harbourfront, or even a visit to one of Lake Ontario’s beaches.

4. Banff

Although summer is by far the most popular time of year to visit Banff, visiting this breathtakingly beautiful town in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains in late winter or early spring has its advantages. Winter in the Rockies lasts a long time, and by March, all of the winter activities are still available, with downhill skiing at its height.

Best Places to Visit in Canada in March

Banff has three fantastic ski resorts, all within Banff National Park, as well as a tri-area ski pass that gives access to all three. Ice walks, snowshoeing, and dogsledding are some other winter pastimes.

After the Family Day weekend on the third Monday of February, the number of visitors to Banff reduces substantially, so scheduling a trip just after this holiday ends, during the first week of March, can be a great opportunity to get a price on your hotel.

5. The City of Quebec

Quebec City is one of the most lovely and unique cities in Canada. Even after repeated trips, this city has the ability to steal your breath away. Summer is the most popular time to come since the 17th, 18th, and 19th-century architecture and cobblestone roads are best explored on foot.

Best Places to Visit in Canada in March

Nonetheless, if you want a little more elbow room when browsing the boulangeries and patisseries of Quebec’s small, twisting alleyways, March is a great time to come.

By March, the sub-zero chill had worn off, with temperatures hovering near or above freezing. Although the streets are more passable, you should still carry snow boots.

6. Nova Scotia’s, Halifax

Nova Scotia’s capital city is Halifax. In the United States, In March, Halifax may be the warmest place in Canada. Spring has arrived, and Halifax is a wonderful place to be. As the weather warms, there is plenty to see and do in the city, beginning with a stroll along the lovely coastline. There are numerous fantastic eateries selling fresh fish and dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.

Best Places to Visit in Canada in March

After one of the nicest dinners you’ve had on vacation, you can tour designer stores and little shops before boarding the boat to Dartmouth for more shopping. A harbor hopping tour is an excellent opportunity to experience the city from both land and sea.

In the meantime, the Halifax Public Gardens are just starting to bloom. The Victorian-style gardens, which first opened in 1867, are located near the busy commercial center of Spring Garden Road.

7. Alberta, Calgary

Since the beginning of March, the largest city in Alberta has been becoming warmer, and you can spend plenty of time both indoors and outside enjoying everything the city has to offer. We enjoy the lively downtown area, which provides a variety of great lodging options.

Best Places to Visit in Canada in March

Find a hotel in the city center to be close to sights such as the Calgary Tower, the Bow Building, the Peace Bridge, and the Glenbow Museum. After a shopping trip, you’ll be in the right place for food and drinks at a Calgary restaurant or pub. When you want to look and feel fantastic, book a spa session, manicure and pedicure, or beauty treatment.

8. British Columbia, Victoria

The capital of British Columbia sees an increase in tourist traffic in March as the weather warms. Even the winters are mild, with little or no snow, so it’s no surprise that this is one of the first regions in Canada to warm up when spring arrives.

Best Places to Visit in Canada in March

Victoria, located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, has a lot to offer the March visitor. Victoria is a city with several parks, so when the weather permits, the parks come alive with people and tourists who enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

9. British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast

Best Places to Visit in Canada in March

The Sunshine Coast of British Columbia lives up to its bright moniker, with plenty of sunshine hours in March and throughout the year. Only ferries, boats, or airplanes are able to reach the 180-kilometer stretch of coastline.

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The environment is tranquil and serene because nature is all around you. Hike the Sunshine Coast route, take a boat trip around Desolation Sound, and visit Tetrahedron Provincial Park.

The Sunshine Coast’s food and drink scene is outstanding, with fresh fruits and vegetables, locally-made food products, and fresh fish. Explore the ale trail, breweries and distilleries, and farmer’s markets to satiate your culinary needs.

10. The French Connection in Stanley Park

Vancouver is one of Canada’s most well-known French cities and a renowned tourist destination. If the red-orange tinted trees shown in movies have always piqued your interest, Stanley Park in Canada is a must-see.

Best Places to Visit in Canada in March

The red cedar and Douglas fir trees surrounding you, along with a stunning perspective of the city, will not only captivate you but will also make you fall in love with nature all over again. Visit the park, especially if you’re looking for some of Canada’s most iconic locations.


The top places to visit in Canada demonstrate that the country has a broader heart than its size when it comes to satisfying the wanderlust of every sort of traveler. You’ll gladly agree with us once you see them for yourself.

Whether it’s the lakes, the gardens, or the cities as a whole, Canada offers it all to make your vacation enjoyable! Explore the cosmopolitan downtown of Toronto as well as the mountains of the Canadian Rockies.

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