Top 10 Incredibly Best Places to Visit in California in December That’ll Surely Enhance Your Happiness!

The Golden State of California is the place where aspirations can finally be realized. This bustling state in the United States of America is often referred to as the “Home of Hollywood,” and for good …

Best Places to Visit in California in December

The Golden State of California is the place where aspirations can finally be realized. This bustling state in the United States of America is often referred to as the “Home of Hollywood,” and for good reason. California is a paradisiacal place where everything is stunning.

With its stunning coastline, artistic heritage, exotic beaches, unique culture, high mountains, lively nightlife, gorgeous landscapes, and a lot more to offer, a holiday in California is sure to meet the needs of each and every traveler. Exciting outdoor pursuits like hiking, riding, and camping trips are a must-do in the beautiful state of California during the month of December.

The city is filled with joyous merriment as a result of the several events that are being held, each with its own distinct focus and location. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of foods, musical styles, and cultural activities thanks to the city.

What is the Weather Like in California in the Month of December?

The state of California is quite big and contains a variety of climatic regions. Therefore, the climate in California in December will be different depending on where you travel and what you do.

The climate along the California Coast is generally mild, but December can be noticeably chillier than the rest of the year. Along the coast of Southern California, midday highs are forecast to reach the low 70s, while along the coast of Northern California, daytime highs are forecast to reach the low 60s.

Best Places to Visit in California in December

Since the rainy season in California begins in December, there is a possibility that you will see a few days of showers and the occasional major downpour during this time of year.

The deserts of Southern California enjoy beautiful weather in December, with daytime highs reaching into the 60s. This weather is ideal for going on hikes and experiencing the great outdoors.

The month of December brings bitterly cold temperatures to the highlands, along with falling snow and rain. You may anticipate high temperatures in the 40s throughout the day, but those will dip well below freezing at night.

The Best Places to Visit in California in December

The state of California is particularly beautiful during the month of December. The temperature is pleasant, there are fewer people on the beaches, and there is a breeze that brings a somewhat lower temperature.

The following is a comprehensive list of some fascinating locations that are well worth seeing with your close friends and family members, or even on your own. Let’s get this party started!

1. San Diego in the Month of December

When it comes to California vacation spots, San Diego is among the top choices during the winter months. Being a local, one of my favorite things to do is to stroll along deserted beaches on days when the sky is perfectly clear. Or take a stroll along the Pacific Coast Highway in the heart of Encinitas, which is located in North County.

Best Places to Visit in California in December

The whale viewing season begins around the middle of December, making this the ideal time to take a harbor tour in the hopes of observing gray whales moving south from Alaska (or checking for them from the shore).

Consider attending a Christmas tea at the world-famous Hotel Del on Coronado Island, which was featured in the movie Some Like It Hot starring Marilyn Monroe.

2. The Month of December in San Francisco

In any season, San Francisco stands out as one of the most impressive urban areas in the United States, and the month of December finds it ranking among the state’s most popular tourist destinations. (San Francisco in the month of October is also amazing.)

Best Places to Visit in California in December

It is without a doubt one of the top winter vacation spots in the state of California. However, due to the fact that they go all out for the holiday season, it is also considered to be one of the best spots in California to spend Christmas.

A festival known as the Festival of Lights will take place all across the city for an entire month. For your viewing pleasure, a group of artists will construct enormous light sculptures and install them in prominent locations around the city.

3. Palm Springs in the Month of December

Palm Springs is, without a doubt, the warmest place in all of California throughout the month of December, so there’s no need to search any further! Because the daytime temperatures in Southern California during the winter are so nice, this is the best time of year to go desert exploring.

Best Places to Visit in California in December

The Greater Palm Springs area, which comprises the city of Palm Springs as well as a number of smaller settlements located in the surrounding area, is an excellent platform from which to launch your exploration of the surrounding region.

For many years, Palm Springs has established itself as one of the most popular winter vacation destinations in California. In the winter, it is also among the warmest areas in California to be found.

4. The Month of December at Lake Tahoe

It doesn’t matter what time of year you go, Lake Tahoe is always a sight to behold, but during the winter, the region truly comes alive.

Best Places to Visit in California in December

Even while there is no way to know for sure whether or not it will snow in December, it is quite possible that this area, which is situated rather high in the basin of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, will be blanketed in glistening snow.

In the month of December, there is a plethora of things to do in Lake Tahoe, such as going ice skating outside at Northstar, checking out the ice sculptures at Heavenly Mountain Resort, and riding the gondola to the top of the mountain to take in the breathtaking vistas.

5. Santa Monica During the Month of December

The month of December is one of the best times to visit Santa Monica, although the city is great all year round. It’s a great beach town that’s located to the west of the main area of Los Angeles.

Best Places to Visit in California in December

Even though the temperatures will be lower, you may still have a good time at Santa Monica Pier and enjoy the beaches even if they will not be as hot.

The world-famous length of sand known as Santa Monica Beach extends for several kilometers and is a wonderful location to unwind.

6. Santa Barbara During the Month of December

Santa Barbara is one of the best places to visit in the state of California during the winter since it has a relaxing California sun, cloud-covered mountain views, beautiful Pacific shorelines, Spanish architecture, unique gardens, and cuisine that is fresh from the farm.

The month of December may bring a few sprinkles of rain, but otherwise, the winters are very pleasant with average temperatures in the 60s. Remember to bring some sweaters with you when you pack.

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In the month of December, there will be a variety of activities such as holiday markets, Christmas parades, wine tours, and concerts.

7. The Joshua Tree in the Month of December

Joshua Tree National Park is an absolute must-see for me throughout the winter months whenever I’m in Southern California. Even while it’s possible to see everything in a single day from Los Angeles, I would rather spend the night camping in the stunning desert and listening to the howls of wolves as I go to sleep.

Therefore, it is an excellent location for a winter vacation. In addition, Joshua Tree is home to a plethora of attractions and activities. Since Joshua Tree is a destination that sees a good amount of foot traffic, the first piece of guidance that I’d offer is to make hotel reservations as soon as you possibly can.

This is something you should keep in mind whether you’re sleeping in a tent in the park, glamping in a yurt or cabin nearby, or staying in a hotel or resort in the neighboring town.

8. The Month of December in Santa Cruz

Santa is a required letter in the spelling of Santa Cruz. A trip to Santa Cruz, California, in the month of December, is sure to be memorable due to the abundance of exciting activities available there. Another of the top locations in the world to travel to or vacation in during the winter is here.

In addition, guests at the celebration won’t simply be limited to human beings but will also include animals. Elephant seals typically arrive in Ao Nuevo State Park in the latter part of December in order to breed with one another. Males weighing 5,000 pounds or more can be found yapping for attention on the beaches there.

9. The Eastern Sierra in the Month of December

The wintertime view from the Sierras’ backside is really magnificent, and getting there from the Los Angeles metropolitan area takes only a few short hours of driving.

In this section of the Sierras, you really get a distinct perspective on what California looked like and still does, with unforgettable views, a national park to explore in Death Valley, and world-class skiing for those who are in the mood for an adventure.

10. The Month of December in Monterey

Monterey has long been known as a beautiful beachfront town that serves as an ideal pit stop for travelers driving the entire length of the Pacific Highway.

The month of December in Monterey is characterized by cool days, and while it is possible to get rain during this time, the majority of the precipitation will take the shape of the picturesque Monterey fog.

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The most popular destination in this area is the world-famous Monterey Aquarium, and in especially the lengthy tanks that are packed with glowing jellyfish. Along the coast, you’ll also find some of the most extravagant residences you could ever imagine.


The state of California is quite large, and the most beautiful and interesting sites to visit in California during the month of December are spread out across the state in a variety of settings.

There is a location in California that is ideal for a vacation during the month of December, regardless of whether you prefer to walk through the streets of a city or hike in the wilderness, and regardless of whether you want to experience a winter wonderland or head to warmer climates.

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