Get Ready to Know the 10 Best Wonderful Places to Visit in California in April!

The beauty of California in April is hard to put into words. Spring is, in our opinion, the finest season to appreciate most of California’s world-famous natural beauty, despite the fact that the Golden State …

Best Places to Visit in California in April

The beauty of California in April is hard to put into words. Spring is, in our opinion, the finest season to appreciate most of California’s world-famous natural beauty, despite the fact that the Golden State is stunning throughout the entire year.

During the spring, the hills of California take on a gorgeous, bright green color. The displays of wildflowers might range from satisfying to breathtaking.

When it comes to making the most of your time in California in April, you have a variety of options available to you thanks to the state’s diverse options for outdoor activity, its largely fog-free days near the coast, and its generally good daytime temperatures in many sections of the state.

Best Places to Visit in California in April

Do you have any trips planned for the spring to California? Continue reading to find out what you can see and do in California in April, as well as the most well-known events that will be taking place in California in April.

If you are planning a trip to California during a different month, we also offer guides for California in the month of October, California in the month of July, and California in the month of December.

1. The Month of April in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park gets its name from the peculiar-looking Joshua Tree, which seems like it was plucked straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. But the desert blooms that reach their height in April are what bring tourists here every year during the springtime for a road trip.

Best Places to Visit in California in April

As a result of Joshua Tree National Park’s location between the Colorado and Mojave deserts, there is a wide range of elevations throughout the park, each of which contributes to a unique collection of flora and fauna.

Flowers may start blooming as early as February in lower elevations, while they may not start doing so until June in higher elevations, depending on the amount of precipitation that fell during the preceding fall and winter.

2. In the Month of April, Anza Borrego

The end of the winter season and the beginning of spring mark the beginning of the end of the best months to travel across the California deserts. (Another fantastic destination to consider is Death Valley National Park.)

Best Places to Visit in California in April

This is due to the fact that going during the day during the summer can range from being unpleasant all the way up to being fatal. Nevertheless, Anza Borrego, which is located north of San Diego, is an excellent destination in the month of April.

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If there has been a great bloom, there may still be some vestiges of wildflowers, and there is virtually nothing as magnificent as the sunrise at Anza Borrego, which is one of the top sunrise places in a state that is otherwise famous for its sunsets.

3. San Diego in the Month of April

It’s spring break time, and San Diego is the perfect place to be. Whether you’re planning a trip to California to spend time with the kids or grandkids, or you just want to go away to the beach for a few days, here are some fun things to do. On a tour through California, hardly anyone ever leaves without stopping here first.

Best Places to Visit in California in April

Now that the winter rains have ended, tourists may anticipate daily high temperatures in the middle sixties and clear, sunny skies. As a resident, my favorite thing to do in the spring is to stroll along the miles of deserted beaches before the summer throng arrives.

4. Lake Tahoe in the Month of April

Lake Tahoe, which is located in both California and Nevada, is a fantastic destination in April since this time of year allows visitors to choose from a variety of winter and summer activities.

Best Places to Visit in California in April

This gorgeous region goes from being a skiing attraction to a beach destination during the transitional period of the year between winter and summer. In addition, Tahoe is an excellent destination for a weekend trip from the Bay Area.

If you go skiing in April, there is a strong possibility that you will be able to avoid the crowds on the slopes because some of them remain open until the end of May. Skiing in the spring is a wonderful experience because it is warmer than visiting Lake Tahoe in the winter, the snow is more forgiving, and the rates are lower.

5. The Month of April in Santa Clara County

The San Francisco Bay Area enters its early wildflower bloom season in the month of April. From November and December through April and May, the rains that fall during the winter transform the entire Santa Clara countryside into a lush green rolling hill landscape.

Best Places to Visit in California in April

In recent years, Santa Clara County has been hit with a lot of rain, which has resulted in some gigantic wildflower blooms. As a result, entire hills have taken on colors like yellow, purple, orange, or red.

6. The Month of April on Catalina Island

The island of Catalina in California is the ideal place to visit during the springtime. Santa Catalina Island, more commonly known as Catalina Island, is one of the Channel Islands located in the state of California.

Best Places to Visit in California in April

It is situated in the Pacific Ocean, just west of the city of Los Angeles. Visitors who are searching for a break from the hectic city life of Southern California frequently make their way to the principal city of Avalon, which is known as Avalon.

7. April in Palm Springs, California

In most people’s minds, Palm Springs conjures up images of either elderly people engaged in golfing or younger people attending music festivals. Despite the fact that both of these reputations are well-earned, the cities in the desert also provide a great deal more. From San Diego, a trip to Palm Springs is also a fantastic weekend destination.

Best Places to Visit in California in April

Even though Coachella and Stagecoach will each bring in hundreds of thousands of concertgoers throughout the month of April, most of the attractions, venues, and hiking places in Palm Springs will likely remain vacant and accessible.

8. April in Napa Valley’s Wine Country

April is a wonderful time to visit Napa since it is not as hot as it is in the summer and it is not as busy as it is during the harvest season in the fall (although the fall in Napa Valley is also a magnificent time of year!) Keep an eye out for mustard flowers blooming in the spaces between the rows of grapes.

Best Places to Visit in California in April

The gorgeous golden hues provide a striking contrast to the green of the vines. Actually, the mustard is finally incorporated into the ground, where it serves as a source of nutrient-dense compost for the following year.

9. La Jolla in the Month of April

The month of April is a wonderful time to visit La Jolla, although the city is stunning throughout the year. The temperature is pleasant, but not very hot, and there are not a lot of tourists roaming around the area.

Best Places to Visit in California in April

La Jolla is a great place to visit in April because it has so many fun activities. The La Jolla 5k and Half-marathon are both events that runners can take part in. Those who have a passion for vintage automobiles should put the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance on their calendar.

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The Quintessential Artisan Beer & Wine Festival is going to be fun for people who like good food and artisan beer. In addition, the whale-watching season in Southern California comes to a close in April, which means that this month offers the final opportunity to view gray whales before the season ends. The month of April in La Jolla is a wonderful time to visit!

10. San Francisco During the Month of April

Because of the month’s lack of precipitation, April is among the best dates to visit San Francisco. Now is a wonderful time to go to the city’s most famous viewing spots because there will be fewer people there.

Best Places to Visit in California in April

Visit Twin Peaks, from where you can see the entire metropolis, as well as Battery Park, which has the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge and doesn’t put visitors in danger of having their photographs obstructed by rolling fog.

You don’t need an umbrella to go sightseeing in San Francisco’s most popular neighborhoods, either. Visit Chinatown, the largest in the world, as well as The Castro, the neighborhood that is home to San Francisco’s LGBT culture. Donations are accepted for each of the eighty different types of walking tours that San Francisco city guides give.


If you’re looking for national parks, beaches with white sand, bustling bars, or delicious food, you’ll find it all in California. Springtime, beginning in April, is among the most beautiful times of year to travel to the Golden State.

Because the crowds are more manageable during that time and the weather is nicer, you’ll be able to engage in a wide variety of activities that take place outside.

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