The Top 10 Best Remarkable Places to Visit in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

Sunbathing is the main attraction, especially on the beaches of Playa Medano or the well-known Playa del Amor. Just make sure you’re at a beach where swimming is safe when you need to take a …

Best Places to Visit in Cabo San Lucas

Sunbathing is the main attraction, especially on the beaches of Playa Medano or the well-known Playa del Amor. Just make sure you’re at a beach where swimming is safe when you need to take a dip. Strong undertows, much stronger riptides, and dangerous waves that pound swimmers are all present in this area of the ocean.

Los Cabos is home to some of the most stunning and difficult golf courses, especially inland. The green fees at Cabo del Sol Golf Club are some of the highest in the region, but devoted golfers think the cost is justified.

Best Places to Visit in Cabo San Lucas

Find out more about the greatest attractions and places to go in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

1. Take in the sunset at Land’s End

No, although the rock formation in Cabo San Lucas is fairly similar, this is not the spot in San Francisco. This stunning and well-known view can be seen in Cabo’s southern region, where two of its most recognizable — and cleverly titled — beaches, Playa del Amor and Playa del Divorcio, meet.

Best Places to Visit in Cabo San Lucas

Since it offers the largest shoreline for swimming or sunbathing, most tourists who prefer a sandy holiday choose to stay in this region. Couples are frequently seen taking pictures here as the sun sets since the view is unmatched from any other vantage point. Take a water taxi or a boat excursion to see Land’s End from the sea if you want to get up close and personal.

2. Go to San Jose del Cabo

If you’ve ever traveled to a city in Europe, you know how crucial it is to visit the “Old Town” before you leave for home. San Jose del Cabo, however not the official name of the city region of Cabo San Lucas, provides a window into Mexican history.

Best Places to Visit in Cabo San Lucas

Even though it is a 20-minute cab trip away, the journey will be worthwhile, especially if you enjoy experiencing new cultures.

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This neighborhood is a great tourist attraction and is perfect for people who need a break from the pool or the beach and want to learn more about this region’s distinctive traditions. It has a charming plaza and numerous restaurants providing local cuisine.

3. Participate in games on Playa Del Amor and Playa Del Divorcio

If you speak even a little Spanish, you might be able to guess the name of one of Cabo San Lucas’s famous beaches. This beachfront is one of the busiest around Land’s End and south of the downtown area, so wake up early to check it out.

Best Places to Visit in Cabo San Lucas

This beach site not only offers a perfect, lovely setting to commemorate the beginning of your relationship, but it also provides a unique geographical experience.

The Sea of Cortez has relatively calm seas, similar to the beginning of a new relationship, while the Pacific has large swells and hazardous swimming conditions, similar to the end of a relationship.

4. Observe the Saint Luke’s Church

If you enjoy visiting and learning about historical sites, don’t forget to pay the Iglesia de San Lucas a quick visit while you’re in Cabo. This chapel has a rich, fascinating history that dates back to the 1700s, despite not being quite as touristy or tropical as other things to do. There are additional things to do besides just viewing the building, which has two historic bells at the top.

Best Places to Visit in Cabo San Lucas

The city built a plaza with restaurants and shops to add some modern touches to the neighborhood as they renovated this piece of history to retain its roots. They have a bilingual service for mass on Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons if you’d like to attend. You can easily incorporate it into your sightseeing day because it’s only a 15-minute stroll from the marina.

5. Explore Cabo San Lucas Marina

Is a visit to the neighborhood marina necessary for any beach town? We disagree! Grab your vacation companions and spend the day perusing stores and nibbling at regional and national chain eateries while admiring the vista.

Best Places to Visit in Cabo San Lucas

The marina is very accessible from several of the top-tier resorts. You may locate countless yachts in the harbor, sample every kind of ethnic food imaginable, and get excellent prices on swimwear, trinkets, and other items.

If you need to resupply and regrettably forgot something at home, head to Luxury Avenue, or if you’re on a budget, the Puerto Paraiso Mall for a beach bag or pair of sunglasses worth splurging on.

6. Stay at a Resort that is all-inclusive

When on vacation, some people like to hop on and off tour buses to visit all the “must-see” sights, but on other occasions, they prefer to relax and practice zen. When visiting Cabo San Lucas, if you’re searching for the latter, think about planning an all-inclusive resort vacation.

Best Places to Visit in Cabo San Lucas

Numerous well-known luxury resort chains, like the One & Only Palmilla, Melia, and Thompson, as well as more intimate boutique experiences, can be found in the region.

7. Go on a Sea of Cortez deep-sea fishing excursion

If you can’t get enough of freshly caught fish, Cabo San Lucas is the place for you. Numerous species, including mahi mahi, mackerel, yellowfin tuna, and snapper, are locally caught and sourced here.

Best Places to Visit in Cabo San Lucas

You can try your hand at catching these marvels of the sea in addition to eating the fillets that most restaurants will serve seasoned, fried, grilled, or blackened.

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Get on board a deep-sea fishing adventure, one of the most well-liked activities to engage in while in this region of Mexico. Numerous businesses offer excursions on open waters for fish-finding visitors, frequently leaving at sunrise.

8. Check out the whales

Best Places to Visit in Cabo San Lucas

You can cross off a significant item from your bucket list between the months of October and March. Seeing a whale qualifies as being “big,” which is enormous! Due to its location on the map and the abundance of lagoons that are dispersed throughout the region, the Baja Peninsula happens to be home to the largest fish in the ocean.

It tends to be more expensive to go at the time of year when whales are migrating because of the boom in tourism. How do you think one of these enormous swimmers looks?

9. Spend the day at Todos Santos

There is no better day trip for art enthusiasts than Todos Santos. Since the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range is hidden behind the region, it offers beauty in a different way from the beach life.

Best Places to Visit in Cabo San Lucas

The original Hotel California, for which the Eagles’ song was written, is the reason the town is most well-known today. You can spend one or more nights at this famous location or simply come and wander around the cafes and other attractions.

10. Santa Maria

In lieu of Playa del Amor and its equivalent, choose this beach if you prefer less crowded beach experiences. If you prefer a quiet beachfront to a busy one, the extra distance is worth it.

Best Places to Visit in Cabo San Lucas

You can witness many harmless (and beautiful) types of fish in the water because it is a protected marine sanctuary, so you won’t only get some R&R. Many visitors will take advantage of the abundant marine life by renting snorkels and diving down into the ocean for the afternoon.


One of the two components of Los Cabos, a location at the point of the Baja peninsula that also includes the resort community of San Jose del Cabo, is Cabo San Lucas.

This little length of Mexican coastline is renowned for its abundance of five-star resorts, delicious seafood, whale-watching chances, and other tropical activities. It is situated where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet.

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