Experience Luxury Like Never Before: Enjoy the 10 Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills!

One of the most opulent tourist destinations in the country is Beverly Hills. Mega-mansions, celebrity sightings, and high-end style can be found all over this city, especially on Rodeo Drive, which is known worldwide. Amazingly, …

Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills

One of the most opulent tourist destinations in the country is Beverly Hills. Mega-mansions, celebrity sightings, and high-end style can be found all over this city, especially on Rodeo Drive, which is known worldwide. Amazingly, 5.7 square miles of this glitz and glamour are contained within the Santa Monica Mountains.

Even though the Hollywood elite enjoy Beverly Hills, it is a welcoming city that anyone can enjoy. One side of the “Golden Triangle” of upscale dining, shopping, and people-watching in the city is Santa Monica Boulevard. This central area, which is also bordered by Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Drive, is often visited purely for strolling.

But Beverly Hills isn’t just about shopping, dining, and admiring pricey cars. Beautiful parks and gardens, performance spaces, and historical landmarks all compete for visitors’ attention. On the west side of the city, in the hills above Sunset Drive, lavish mansions make up a significant portion of the city’s architectural appeal.

Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills

Here are the top activities in Beverly Hills for your next visit, including going to a mansion’s botanical gardens and getting a cupcake from a vending machine. Using our list of the top Beverly Hills attractions, you can create your own opulent vacation.

1. Rodeo Drive

The high-fashion and opulent lifestyle is best embodied in Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive. This opulent thoroughfare is lined with renowned restaurants and shops, palm trees, and Bentleys parked right up against the curb. Additionally, if you hear a sudden flurry of camera shutters, an A-list celebrity is probably nearby.

Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills

The “Golden Triangle” of the city is comprised of Rodeo Drive, Wilshire Boulevard, and Santa Monica Boulevard. The roughly three blocks of this opulent district are home to more than a hundred shops, eateries, and five-star hotels. For those looking to live in the lap of luxury, this posh area of town offers a never-ending supply of high-end experiences.

2. Beverly Gardens in Park

Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills

In the city, Beverly Gardens Park is a recognizable outdoor area. In close proximity to Santa Monica Boulevard, this 1.9-acre linear park runs from Wilshire Boulevard to North Doheny Drive. The entire park is connected by a narrow gravel path that passes by a number of sculptures, flowerbeds, and decorative fountains on either end.

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The 40-foot-long Beverly Hills Sign is arguably the most famous, if not the most photographed, feature of the park. The biggest area of Beverly Gardens Park surrounds this famous sign as it stands atop a lily pond. Here, sculptures and other works of art installed in the area are beautifully viewed from picnic tables and a courtyard.

3. Explore Beverly Hills on foot

In Beverly Hills, you don’t need to walk far to see a lot, and the sidewalks are the best way to get around. Rodeo Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard are the main focal points.

Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills

Along with upscale clothing stores, pedestrians can also find beautiful architecture and striking artwork. Along the route, palm trees can be seen flourishing in the warm climate and nearby parklands.

4. Beverly Hills dining

Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is well known for its food scene in addition to high fashion and luxury. Additionally, while some of the menus reflect the city’s upscale appeal, other, more casual choices still have a certain allure. However, make a reservation if you want to eat out in style, especially on the weekends.

Al fresco dining is a popular choice in Beverly Hills, in part due to the pleasant weather and the city’s evolving policy on outdoor dining areas. For all three meals of the day, there are many options for outdoor dining, from cozy fire-lit patios to sidewalk cafés.

5. Greystone Mansion

Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills

This enormous 1920s mansion on the north side of the city, reachable from Sunset Boulevard, is owned by the city of Beverly Hills. 13 acres of gorgeously landscaped open space surround the estate. Hollywood productions frequently use it as a location, and it is a well-liked location for photo shoots (by permit only).

6. Visit Franklin Canyon Park Outside

On the north side of Beverly Hills, Franklin Canyon Park spans over 600 acres and is easily accessible from Beverly Drive. Those who enjoy being in nature will appreciate this vast area of open space in this otherwise crowded area of Los Angeles.

Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills

A network of trails runs the entire length of the park. The 2.3-mile Hastain Trail and the 0.3-mile Discovery Trail are the closest trails to Beverly Hills. The Hastain Trail has a steep uphill climb, whereas the Discovery Trail has an easy loop through a walnut woodland that makes it a popular family hike.

7. The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Arts

Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills

In the center of Beverly Hills, there is a top-notch performance venue called the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. It is praised in Southern California for its diverse roster of performances and is located close to Crescent Drive, across Santa Monica Boulevard from Beverly Gardens Park.

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It seems like the center occupies an entire city block. It consists of two striking buildings, including the Beverly Hills Post Office from 1933. The 500-seat Goldsmith Theater is next to this iconic public building designed in Italianate architecture. Many of the events and performances the performance center puts on each year are made possible by this fusion of the historical and modern.

8. Beverly Hills events

In Beverly Hills, there’s always something entertaining going on. The city hosts events all throughout the year, and the weather is usually agreeable. Many of these community gatherings, such as pet parades and classic car shows, take place on the weekends, but there are also weekly celebrations like the First Thursdays events.

Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Farmers Market, which takes place every Sunday, rain or shine, and Concerts on Canon, which take place every Thursday during the summer, are a couple of iconic Beverly Hills events. Free to attend and frequently featuring some of the best people-watching in town are these family-friendly events.

9. Take a Picture of the Spadina House

On the opposite side of Santa Monica Boulevard from the Golden Triangle shops is this distinctive and picturesque home. Its whimsical and spooky characteristics have earned it the other common name, The Witch’s House.

Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills

The Spadina House is a private residence and can only be seen from the sidewalk as a tourist attraction. It’s still worth the detour to see the attention to detail because of how close it is to Beverly Gardens Park.

10. Virginia Robinson Gardens

When Virginia Robinson Gardens was constructed in 1911, it raised the bar for opulent Beverly Hills homes. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is regarded as the first opulent estate in the city. This still opulent residence and grounds are open to the public by appointment only.

Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills

The home’s long history and the docent-led tours draw history buffs to this popular hangout in old Hollywood. Additionally, the six acres of the property’s lavish landscaping draw photographers and people with green thumbs.


Beverly Hills is probably already well-known to you for its distinctive zip code, opulent hotels, and one of the most well-known shopping districts in the nation: Rodeo Drive. However, Beverly Hills offers much more than just upscale shopping, although we assure you that it is also widely available.

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