Top Tourist Places Alert: 10 Best Unforgettable Places to Visit in Azores!

The months of June through August are ideal for visiting the Azores. Temperatures are at their peak, there are fewer and farther between cloudy days, and there is little chance of rain during this season. …

Best Places to Visit in Azores

The months of June through August are ideal for visiting the Azores. Temperatures are at their peak, there are fewer and farther between cloudy days, and there is little chance of rain during this season.

The Azores are not the kind of island escape you’re searching for if you want nice weather and plenty of sunshine all year long. Given that the Azores are located in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, 1,000 miles from the coast of western Portugal, you can expect to experience warm temperatures and rainy weather all year long.

No matter what time of year you decide to travel, be aware that the weather can change quickly, especially in the summer. Layer your clothing, wear durable, waterproof shoes, and always carry an umbrella.

Best Places to Visit in Azores

With so much to see and do, I’d advise renting a car in the Azores so you can see all the top attractions. Here are the top attractions in the Azores, as determined by my time spent traveling around this emerging European destination.

1. Sete Cidades, Azores

This region might be included in one of the world’s top road excursions. The principal civil parish of Ponto Delgada, Sete Cidades, is frequently referred to as a lovely paradise.

Best Places to Visit in Azores

For those who enjoy the outdoors, this quaint settlement on the west coast of the island of San Miguel is a must-visit.

You may witness a variety of breathtaking sites, including volcanic craters and magnificent lakes. A ferry ride is a necessity, and there are also frequent village visits.

2. Explore Caldeira, a stunning natural area in the Azores

This caldera, which is a hollow that formed as a result of volcanic activity, is situated in the midst of Faial, and it is nothing short of breathtaking to look at.

Best Places to Visit in Azores

It was just a small lake until the 1950s, but now that it has grown to almost 5,000 feet in diameter, everyone who visits should see it.

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The caldera is primarily dry, although there is some plant life and vegetation there that, depending on where you look, ranges in color from light to dark. Even more exciting, there is a trail that allows you to trek up to the crater’s rim.

3. Pico Natural Park: Some of Portugal’s most beautiful scenery

The Pico Natural Park, one of the Triangle Islands’ three natural reserves, is highly worth visiting and easily reachable if you have a rental car.

Best Places to Visit in Azores

Tours of the park are a must for animal and nature lovers. It is the largest of the three parks and has more than 20 protected areas.

The highlight of any vacation will undoubtedly be getting the chance to observe some of the native species of the Azores up close! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can walk up Pico, the tallest mountain in the Azores, and you can also tour the remainder of Pico Island.

4. Terra Nostra Gardens, a stunning and well-liked tourist destination

One of the two main locations on the islands, along with Poca da Dona Beija, where you may swim in a geothermal pool filled with water that has medicinal properties, is Terra Nostra Gardens.

Best Places to Visit in Azores

Millions of people swim in the water every year, and it always seems to be the ideal temperature.

A number of very intriguing features, including different plant species, surround the waters, enhancing the gardens’ already exceptional beauty. Any visitor to the Azores should stop here because of the area’s beauty and the pleasant, warm sea.

5. Porto Pim Bay, one of the Azores’ Most Stunning Beaches

An emerging star among tourists On the Island of Faial, Porto Pim Bay is situated close to the Horta city coast. This breathtaking bay, which was created by the Monte da Guia volcano’s lava, is a natural landmark and the location of a tranquil fine-sand beach.

Best Places to Visit in Azores

Even without the surrounding taverns and restaurants, the Porto Pim Bay area is well worth the travel for a visit because of the area’s natural beauty.

Make sure you take time to visit this breathtaking location whether you are staying nearby in the city of Horta or just stopping by for a quick trip.

6. Lagoa do Fogo, Azores

There are numerous lakes on the island of San Miguel, but none compare to Lagoa do Fogo. A crater lake that is a component of the Aqua de Pau Massif complex can be found in the middle of the island of Lagoa do Fogo.

Best Places to Visit in Azores

This lake, which is a part of the So Miguel nature park, is an unspoiled wonderland and a wonderful wonder to witness.

One of the must-see locations in the Azores is the Lagoa do Fogo, which is undoubtedly breathtaking and seems almost like traveling back in time! The Lagoa do Fogo, which provides an outstanding view, perfectly captures the natural splendor of the Azores. It is definitely worth visiting.

7. Explore the lovely Azores island of So Miguel

There is a lot to see and do on So Miguel Island, which has previously been featured quite a bit on this list.

Best Places to Visit in Azores

The largest and most populated island in the Azores, with a lot to offer tourists, is a top destination and is definitely worth the drive!

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There are many nature preserves and island excursions, as well as whale watching, sailing, and peaceful beaches to discover. Additionally a well-liked stop for cruises, So Miguel provides some fantastic shopping opportunities.

8. Explore Marina Da Horta, a Stunning Location in the Azores

It should be obvious from the name that this wonderful marina is located in Horta. Due to the breathtaking views, it immediately became a tourist favorite. From the marina, you can see the towering peak of Pico, and it is the ideal location to drive there and shoot pictures for Instagram.

Best Places to Visit in Azores

A morning spent strolling across the Marina Da Horta is ideal, and there are lots of nearby eateries and stores to explore.

You will truly experience island life as a result of the lovely boats and clean sea air. The artwork left by several visitors all over the marina is also well worth seeing; it’s like taking a journey through history and is undoubtedly a unique experience.

9. Furnas, one of the most picturesque communities in the Azores

Despite not being as well-known as some of the popular tourist destinations in So Miguel, the village of Furnas is well worth seeing! While Furnas doesn’t have many beaches, it does have a ton of other incredible things to see and do.

Best Places to Visit in Azores

The Terra Nostra Gardens and the Shrine of Senhora da Paz are two exquisite examples of old-world architecture.

A special treat and the ideal spot to unwind are the hot springs and thermal pools. Lagoa das Furnas, another renowned lake on the island of Azore, is also accessible, as are some breathtaking tropical scenery.

10. Lagoa das Furnas, a stunning crater lake with geothermal hot springs

This lake, which lies on the island of Sao Miguel, has elevated boardwalks that provide excellent views of the surrounding miniature steaming calderas and pools.

Best Places to Visit in Azores

Cozido, a beef and vegetable stew, is prepared in little craters by chefs from various restaurants, and if you visit the town proper, you may sample delectable regional fare that you won’t soon forget.


The Azores, a gorgeous archipelago in the mid-Atlantic and an autonomous province of Portugal are made up of nine glorious and distinctive islands. It is sometimes referred to as the Hawaii of the mid-Atlantic.

Each of these islands has its own distinct personality, way of life, and alluring natural features, such as crater lakes, hedgerows of blue hydrangeas, lush pastures, and volcanic landscapes.

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