Explore the New Top 12 Best Places to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend!

Because of the clear blue skies and mild temperatures in May, many destinations in the United States and throughout the world are ideal for vacationing during this month. It is possible that this Memorial Day …

Best Places to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend

Because of the clear blue skies and mild temperatures in May, many destinations in the United States and throughout the world are ideal for vacationing during this month. It is possible that this Memorial Day weekend will provide you with the opportunity to take the long-overdue vacation you have been pining for, and you should make the most of the time off to make travel preparations.

These locations provide the opportunity to enjoy the three-day weekend outside of the confines of your own home, whether you choose to spend Memorial Day relaxing on a beach with white sand, reflecting on the past year in the mountains, or honoring fallen troops at war memorials in large cities.

Is the Weekend of Memorial Day a Suitable Time to Go on Vacation?

Not only is taking a break over the Memorial Day weekend a good idea because you definitely need one, but it’s also a terrific way to kick off the summer season.

This is the weekend that most seasonal resorts begin operating their summer schedules, but the rates at these resorts are typically lower than they will be later in the month of June, when summer really begins to get into full swing.

There are a lot of swimming pools, parks, and beaches that have opened for the summer, but there aren’t quite as many people there as there will be in just a few weeks.

Best Places to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend

Aside from the Thanksgiving holiday and the weekend following Labor Day, the Memorial Day weekend is without a doubt one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. These are the following tourist places:

1. The City of Annapolis in Maryland

Visitors who would like to honor the men and women who have served in the armed forces on Memorial Day can do so in the city of Annapolis, which is located on the water.

Get some fresh air and take in the Memorial Day Parade that travels down Main Street, or take a walk through the rest of Historic Annapolis, where you’re sure to come across a number of American flags lined up in rows. Head on over to Quiet Waters Park if you’re in need of a little extra room to spread out and relax.

Best Places to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend

In late May, when temperatures are often in the mid-70s to low 80s, the 340-acre park is an excellent location for outdoor activities such as riding, kayaking, picnicking, or simply taking in panoramic views of the South River.

2. United States Virgin Islands, St. Thomas

St. Thomas offers the experience of traveling abroad while maintaining the convenience of traveling within the United States (visitors from the United States do not require a passport to enter this United States territory).

Best Places to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend

Even though it is not the largest of the United States Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is widely considered to be the most well-known of the three primary islands.

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In addition, the peak tourist season runs from December to March, during which time you might be able to get better deals on hotel rooms and encounter fewer people while still taking advantage of pleasant weather in the 70s and 80s. Honored One

3. The City of Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a wonderful escape any time of year thanks to its historic architecture, oak trees that are hundreds of years old, and cobblestone streets. However, going during the holiday weekend of Memorial Day will allow you to experience the city at its finest (albeit it will likely be its busiest) before the stifling heat of the summer sets in.

Best Places to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend

In May, the average temperature is in the high 70s, there is very little precipitation, and colorful gardens are in their peak bloom. Take a boat tour of Charleston Harbor and learn about the city’s history, or visit Magnolia Plantation and Gardens to take in the local flora and wildlife while getting an education on Charleston’s past.

4. The Location of Big Bear Lake in California

By the end of May, visitors to Big Bear Lake may wave goodbye to winter and say hello to comfortable temperatures in the mid-70s.

Best Places to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend

Big Bear, which can be found in Southern California’s San Bernardino National Forest and is about 80 miles northwest of Palm Springs, distinguishes itself from conventional long-weekend beach locations with its countless opportunities for engaging in outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, mountain biking, paddling, and kayaking.

5. The New Jersey Town of Cape May

It should come as no surprise that the unofficial beginning of the summer tourist season in Cape May is the weekend of Memorial Day. This ancient beachfront town, which offers moderate temperatures in the 70s come late spring, was an important part of the United States military defense during World War II and is considered by many Americans to be the ultimate summer vacation destination.

Best Places to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend

Travelers will have a great time lounging on Cape May’s city beaches, taking a leisurely stroll along the outdoor Washington Street Mall, and gazing in awe at the well-preserved Victorian buildings in the area immediately close to the water.

6. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Best Places to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend

Plan a trip to Puerto Rico to take advantage of the island’s beaches and nature preserves, such as El Yunque National Forest, and be sure to schedule some time in your itinerary to explore the historic district of Old San Juan, which is full of charm. Condado Beach and Ocean Park Beach both have temperatures of 80 degrees in May, so if you want to feel the sand between your toes, you should go there.

7. Washington, D.C.

Washington, District of Columbia, is without a doubt the most patriotic location in the world when it comes to commemorating the real meaning of Memorial Day.

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Pay your respects to those who have served our country by going to Arlington National Cemetery, which is home to the graves of more than 400,000 deceased troops and veterans, in addition to the members of their families.

Best Places to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend

You can read the names of the more than 58 thousand Americans who lost their lives in the Vietnam War by walking down the long granite wall that is part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which is located on the National Mall.

8. The Town of Jackson Hole in Wyoming

Even though temperatures will still be edging their way into the mid-60s by the time Memorial Day rolls around, traveling to Jackson Hole during this shoulder season will provide visitors with an excellent opportunity to watch wildlife (think: eagles, bison, and moose), cheaper lodging prices, and fewer crowds to worry about.

Best Places to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend

Along with the reopening of many park roadways, the beginning of the whitewater rafting season coincides with the arrival of spring in the vicinity of Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.

9. Austin, Texas

My home away from home is in the city of Austin, Texas. I was born in Corpus Christi, and I spent my childhood on the beach, where I developed a deep appreciation for unspoiled nature and hard work.

Best Places to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend

Barton Springs is a swimming pool filled with cold spring water that is crystal clear, and Austin is a clean, progressive city that is rising in the background. Austin is the ideal home away from home. During the tranquil summer months, a drone captured a view of Barton Springs from above.

10. The Beach Town of Rehoboth in Delaware

Best Places to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend

On the sands of Rehoboth Beach, you may celebrate the beginning of summertime. This Delaware beach town is a terrific option for families because of its placid waves and temperatures that hover around the middle of the 70s. Travelers of all ages will love strolling down the mile-long boardwalk that is lined with restaurants and stores.

11. Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Ocho Rios, Jamaica, is the perfect place to forget your cares and unwind over a three-day weekend. This location in Jamaica provides visitors with a diverse selection of possible places to stay, such as hotels, villas, all-inclusive resorts, apartments, and guest houses.

Best Places to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend

Among the many things to do, some of the most popular things to do include going on an excursion to Dunn’s River Falls and Park, unwinding on Mahogany Beach or Ocho Rios Bay Beach, going on a sunset cruise, and snorkeling in the crystal clear seas of the Caribbean.

12. The City of Denver

If you are ready to put up with a little rain (May is traditionally the wettest month in the city, experiencing approximately 2 inches of rainfall on average), you may enjoy the city’s wealth of outdoor areas and weather in the 70s during Memorial Day weekend in Denver.

Best Places to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend

One of the most interesting places to visit is Washington Park, which spans 165 acres and includes a variety of amenities like walking routes, picnic areas, gardens, and lakes.


The anticipation of going on vacation increases as the temperature outside rises and the number of daylight hours grows longer. And there is no better way to kick off the summer than by traveling to a location that is convenient to reach.

These locations either offer the opportunity to honor the veterans of the United States by holding parades or other special activities, or they are places where you can simply relax and enjoy your short trip.

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