Top 10 Fascinating Best Places to Visit For Halloween That Countries Celebrate the Most – Let’s See!

When the leaves change color, the weather cools down, and pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns return to front porches, it’s our favorite time of year. It’s Halloween weekend, babe! Even though we can’t travel the way we …

Best Places to Visit For Halloween

When the leaves change color, the weather cools down, and pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns return to front porches, it’s our favorite time of year. It’s Halloween weekend, babe! Even though we can’t travel the way we used to, we can still plan for the best Halloween scare next year.

Many countries have started to follow the North American custom of dressing up in costumes for Halloween, but Halloween has a long history of remembering the dead. In fact, Halloween started in Ireland more than 2,000 years ago, when pagans held the Samhain holiday on the day they believed the dead would come back to life and walk the Earth.

Where Do People Enjoy Halloween the Most?

For the past 99 years, Anoka, Minnesota, has celebrated Halloween like no other city in the world. Courtesy of Halloween, Inc. No place in the country or the world does Halloween like Anoka, Minnesota.

The Best Places to Visit For Halloween

We’re looking forward to Halloween, so we thought we’d help you with your next new theme: The Best Places to Go for Halloween. So turn off the lights, grab a warm blanket, and get ready to take a trip around the world with these ideas for the scariest and creepiest places to enjoy Halloween.

1. Dublin and Derry, Ireland

As we said above, Halloween started in Ireland. Halloween wasn’t a holiday back then. Instead, it was a day when the ancient Celts dressed up in animal skins to scare away bad spirits and avoid being taken away.

 The Best Places to Visit For Halloween

Even though it didn’t start dressing up as Spiderman or The Squid Game Red Jumpsuit, it did start the practice of dressing up. Winter was often linked with death, and people thought that the ghosts of the dead came back to earth on this night. It started on the night of October 31 and went on into the next day.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland comes in a close second when it comes to Halloween celebrations. After all, Halloween started in old Celtic times. So, in reality, Scotland and Ireland both have the right to say they were the first.

 The Best Places to Visit For Halloween

Both countries have similar Halloween customs. Both have haunted castles and tombs, and both celebrate the Celtic holiday Samhain (Samhuinn), which was held from October 31 to November 1 to mark the end of the harvest and summer. Today, it marks the night of October 31 with the Samhuinn Fire Festival, which mixes Celtic traditions with modern entertainment. There is a fight between the winter and summer kings to mark the start of the long, dark nights that are coming.

3. Transylvania, Romania

Whenever I think of Halloween, I always think of Dracula. And what better place to go than Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania? The Bran Castle, which is near the city of Brasov, is Romania’s national monument. It may be one of many castles connected to Dracula, but it is certainly the most famous. How did the tale of Dracula start?

 The Best Places to Visit For Halloween

Well, Vlad Tepes was a cruel ruler who impaled, skinned, and boiled those who were against him. He was known as Vlad the Impaler. When you kill up to 100,000 people in this way, a horrible legend is sure to follow.

4. New Orleans – United States

New Orleans is the most haunted city in the United States and it is perfect for a good scare. This city was made for hauntings. With the perfect blend of water, weather, and wind for a haunting, New Orleans takes the cake.

 The Best Places to Visit For Halloween

Haunted places are usually surrounded by water, and New Orleans is not just a coastal city, it is engulfed in water from Lake Pontchartrain to the Mississippi River. Take a Haunted New Orleans ghost tour to learn of the haunted hotels and voodoo history and beautifully scary cemeteries.

5. Ottawa – Canada

 The Best Places to Visit For Halloween

Ottawa has plenty of hauntings, but at the moment, many of the haunted tours are closed. Canada has been stricter than other countries when it comes to gatherings, but that has kept our numbers down, so we’ll take it! But when 2022 rolls around you don’t want to miss visiting Ottawa at Halloween.

6. Day of the Dead, Mexico

Halloween is a big part of the culture in Central America, but not in the same way that we enjoy it in Canada and the United States. Day of the Dead, or Da de los Muertos, is a holiday that is celebrated at the end of October in Mexico, just like it is in Ireland and Scotland. When someone close to them has died, family and friends get together to remember them.

 The Best Places to Visit For Halloween

Even though it is a sad event, it is a day of celebration, and people think that those who have died are there with them. The Day of the Dead is enjoyed all over Mexico, but Oaxaca, Chiapas, and the Yucatan, in particular, do it with more color and flair than the quiet rural areas. It has to do with the Catholic holidays All Saints Day (November 1) and All Souls Day (November 2).

7. Catacombs in Paris, France

The Catacombs in Paris to scare people on Halloween
When bones are stacked on top of each other, it’s clear that someone has died. There are 6 million bones from the 1700s in the Catacombs of Paris. It is a very creepy place.

 The Best Places to Visit For Halloween

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In 18th-century Paris, graveyards were full, so bodies had to be moved to old mines to keep the plague from spreading through the city. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you can look past the bones, you’ll be amazed by the beauty.

8. Paris Graveyards

After you see the Catacombs, go to one of Paris’s famous graves. In the nearby Montparnasse Cemetery, famous writers and thinkers like Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Charles Baudelaire, and Julio Cortázar are buried. Cimetiere Pere La Chaise is the best and most well-known graveyard in Paris for people who are looking for their souls.

 The Best Places to Visit For Halloween

It holds the ashes of Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Chopin, Moliere, and Edith Piaf. Its huge mausoleums, broken-down graves, and ornate figures make for a unique, if not spooky, experience.

9. Tower of London in England

There were beheadings, killings, prisoners, and royal plots. The Tower of London is a scary place to visit on Halloween because it has a bloody past.

 The Best Places to Visit For Halloween

Queen Elizabeth was imprisoned here, but she was not burned at the stake like the heroine Anne Askew. Sir Walter Raleigh, the poet, was killed here, but Sir Everard Digby, who was hung, drawn, and quartered, sounds worse. Ugh, what a horrible way to die!

10. Chateau D’If and Marsaille

Once they were sent into exile off the coast of southern France, the prisoners of Chateau D’If didn’t have much hope. They could only look longingly at the beautiful port city of Marseille if they were lucky enough to be able to see it.

 The Best Places to Visit For Halloween

Year after year, people were tortured and hurt. When you go to Chateau d’If, you can watch The Count of Monte Cristo, which was made popular by Alexander Dumas’s book of the same name. After seeing the horrible history of Chateau D’If, you can go out in Marseille.


Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and it’s been on my list of things to do to enjoy the holiday in spooky places in the US and other countries. Something about October’s brightly colored leaves and crisp, cool nights always makes me excited for Halloween. I like to celebrate every day of the month!

In many places around the world, Halloween is celebrated in unique and fun ways. Here are some of the best places to go on Halloween for an adventure you’ll never forget.

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