The Top 10 Best Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Georgia, USA!

The finest family attractions in Georgia include thrilling rides, animal viewing, train excursions, and fruit harvesting. Visit the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta to sip sodas and encounter a polar bear. Visit Six Flags and …

Best Family Places to Visit in Georgia

The finest family attractions in Georgia include thrilling rides, animal viewing, train excursions, and fruit harvesting. Visit the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta to sip sodas and encounter a polar bear. Visit Six Flags and ride a 200-foot roller coaster.

A huge bas-relief sculpture may be seen as you climb Stone Mountain. Visit the Georgia State Railway Museum by train. Watch the wild horses near Cumberland Island’s castle remains.

Best Family Places to Visit in Georgia

To observe alligators, otters, and egrets, go to the Okefenokee. Visit Cartersville to see a Brontosaurus skeleton. Helen can be traversed by a river tube. In Fort Valley, you can pick your own peaches. Here are Georgia’s top family attractions.

1. Coca-Cola World

The 1886 birth of Coca-Cola in Atlanta cemented its place in American popular culture. Over a century has passed since its indelible characters and catchphrases first appeared, such as Max Headroom, the Coca-Cola Polar Bear, and “It’s the Real Thing.”

Best Family Places to Visit in Georgia

Visit Atlanta’s World of Coca-Cola to learn about the company’s global beverage production history in terms of its scientific, commercial, and cultural contributions.

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Many evaluations point out the tasting room, where you can try more than 100 different cocktails. Additionally, you can explore hundreds of artifacts, try your own recipe for a fizzy beverage, and meet the Coca-Cola Polar Bear in addition to learning about the bottling process. There is also a VIP-only tour offered.

2. Six Flags Georgia

Seven Flags Over It’s understandable why Georgia dubbed itself the “thrill capital of the South.” One of the park’s 11 roller coasters, the Great American Scream Machine, is ten floors tall. Goliath stands 20 floors high and can travel at a top speed of 70 mph. Another ride is a free-fall plummet from 200 feet on the aptly titled Acrophobia.

Best Family Places to Visit in Georgia

Six Flags is the largest regional theme park in the Southeast with 290 acres. It’s in Austell, close to Atlanta. It contains rides aimed at families and children as well as a water park named Hurricane Harbour. Its festivities include Halloween-themed Kids Boo Night and fireworks displays.

3. Park at Stone Mountain

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Georgia, Stone Mountain Park is home to the largest bas-relief sculpture in the world. Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis are depicted in a 90-foot-tall by 190-foot-wide sculpture while riding horses. It penetrates the mountain by 42 feet.

Best Family Places to Visit in Georgia

The 3,200-acre park is located 16 miles outside of Atlanta. It offers outdoor sports including golf, biking, and kayaking in addition to a mile-long trek to the summit. The Summit Skyride, an 825-foot-high cable transportation, is one of the attractions. A high-definition light show and music are part of the activities.

4. Georgia State Railway Museum

A former production and repair facility for the Central of Georgia Railway is now home to the Georgia State Railway Museum. It is situated at Tricentennial Park in Savannah. The museum contains a turntable (where engines were spun around) that is completely functional. Visitors can ride on a handcar and examine vintage locomotives and railcars. Additionally, the museum can be toured by rail multiple times daily.

Best Family Places to Visit in Georgia

The museum houses the only fully operational antebellum railway manufacturing and maintenance plant that has survived in the country. A print factory, a HO-scale model train layout, antique machinery, and pictures of Savannah’s railroad during its 150-year period as the city’s major employment are among the exhibits.

5. Cumberland Island

Georgia’s southernmost barrier island, Cumberland Island, is home to marine forests, a variety of species, and unspoiled beaches. The Cumberland Island National Seashore is a part of it. You may see dolphins and birds there and get there by National Park Service ferry.

Best Family Places to Visit in Georgia

Indigenous peoples, Spanish missions, British occupation, slavery, and the estate of entrepreneur Thomas Carnegie and his family, who sold the property to the federal government in order to preserve it, are all parts of Cumberland Island’s rich history.

6. Macon

Outdoor recreation, musical heritage, architecture, and southern charm are all abundant in Macon. There are numerous family-friendly activities available. In addition to playgrounds, biking trails, and beautiful hikes, the 180-acre Amerson River Park offers access to the Ocmulgee River for tubing.

Best Family Places to Visit in Georgia

Picnic shelters can also be reserved for families. Sandy Beach Water Park, boating, and beachside swimming are all available at Lake Tobesofkee. At Claystone Park, play disc golf.

The 14-acre Museum of Arts and Sciences features exhibits, a planetarium, a hands-on Discovery House, and nature trails. 350,000 Yoshino cherry trees will bloom in Macon in March. You can attend events like magic shows and a family-friendly comedy circus during the International Cherry Blossom Festival.

7. Folkson

Southern Georgia’s Folkston is well-known for its railroad heritage and for being close to the sizable Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. Learn about the 680 square mile refuge’s recreational possibilities and the most recent wildlife observations at Okefenokee’s Richard S. Bolt Visitor Center.

Best Family Places to Visit in Georgia

River otters, red foxes, deer, alligators, pelicans, herons, and egrets are among the various creatures. Popular activities include hiking, kayaking, and boat cruises. Wander up to the Owl’s Roost Tower for breathtaking views of the prairies and swamps.

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Families can watch train traffic on the Folkston Funnel, a double track that runs between Florida and Georgia, back in town at the Folkston Funnel Platform. The platform contains grills and picnic tables in addition to a scanner that listens for radioactivity between trains.

8. Cartersville

A short distance from Atlanta, Cartersville serves as the entry point to Georgia’s hilly north. Families can choose from a wide variety of attractions and activities. In the Tellus Science Museum, natural history is emphasized.

Best Family Places to Visit in Georgia

In addition to a sizable fossil exhibit, a mineral display, and a planetarium, it features a sizable brontosaurus skeleton. Indian mounds that originally housed religious structures can be found at the Etowah Indian Mounds Historic Site, which is located south of the city center. Visit the on-site museum to see artifacts from the region.

9. Helen, Georgia

Families will find Helen, a Bavarian-style community in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northeast Georgia, to be interesting and entertaining. Watch the making of fudge on marble tables at the Hansel & Gretel Sweets Kitchen in the city center. Spend the day tubing down the Chattahoochee River, which passes through the city. Some providers, like Cool River Tubing, offer drop-off and pickup services.

Best Family Places to Visit in Georgia

With Nacoochee Adventures, zipline from tree to tree for a bird’s eye view of the jungle. Visit Anna Ruby Falls, which has a paved trail for better access, to see the unusual twin waterfall. Make travel arrangements for June to see Helen’s departure for the Atlantic Balloon Race and Festival.

10. Valley Fort

The peach industry in Georgia is centered around Fort Valley, and many family activities revolve around this and other fruit goods. Visit the peach and pecan orchards at Lane Southern Orchards.

Best Family Places to Visit in Georgia

You can purchase fresh peaches or go to the Peachtree Café, which serves desserts like peach cobbler, peach ice cream, and pecan bars. In addition to producing peaches and pecans, Pearson Farm also offers a self-guided tour of its packing house.


Kids will adore the limitless possibilities that a trip to Georgia offers with their inquisitive brains and a seemingly unending supply of energy. Whether you’re lounging on Jekyll Island’s breezy beaches or strolling through the Savannah Historic District’s cobblestone streets, the whole family can create priceless experiences that spark imagination and innovation.

These Georgia vacation suggestions are likely to please the whole family, whether you’re planning a getaway for spring break, the summer, or a holiday break.

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