Who Is Charli XCX Dating? All About His Relationships and Love Life!

Charlotte Emma Aitchison is an English singer and songwriter born on August 2, 1992, who goes by the stage name Charli XCX. She was born in Cambridge and grew up in Start Hill, Essex. In …

who is charli xcx dating

Charlotte Emma Aitchison is an English singer and songwriter born on August 2, 1992, who goes by the stage name Charli XCX. She was born in Cambridge and grew up in Start Hill, Essex. In 2008, she started putting songs on MySpace, which is how a promoter found her and asked her to play at warehouse raves. She got a recording contract with Asylum Records in 2010 and put out several singles and mixtapes in 2011 and 2012.

Charli XCX became famous in 2012 with the song “I Love It” she did with Icona Pop. It was a big hit worldwide, making it top 10 in North America and Europe. People liked her first studio record, True Romance (2013), when it came out, but it didn’t do as well as she had hoped in the sales department. She wrote the hook and bridge for rapper Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” in 2014. The song was one of the best-selling tracks in the world that year and was nominated for two Grammy Awards.

Who Is Charli XCX Dating?

Charlie XCX dated The 1975’s drummer, George Daniel, for a year before they announced their engagement in November 2023. The pair broke the news with an Instagram post of the two embracing one another.

The post showed the engagement ring and the statement, “Charli XCX and George Daniel f******g for life!” According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Charli XCX and her ex-boyfriend Huck Kwong dated for more than seven years, on and off.

Who is Charli XCX Engaged To?

George plays drums for the band The 1975. The couple got engaged, and Charli shared two photos of them on Instagram and a picture of her ring sitting on a tray with two teacups. The singer wrote under her picture, “Charlie XCX and George Daniel f-king for life!”

One day before the public announcement, Charli shared the news on a private Instagram page. She posted a picture of herself holding her left hand to show off the diamond ring.

Charli XCX Dating

Charli hinted that she was ready for marriage months before the engagement when she posted an Instagram post in 1975 about a tour. The “Boom Clap” singer made fun of George, saying, “Stop touring; George needs to buy a ring.”

How did Charli XCX and George Daniel meet?

George is a producer who has worked with Charli on several tracks. He is also a drummer. They worked together for the first time on the song “Spinning” in 2021. In May 2022, Charli posted pictures of her and George on holiday together on Instagram, proving they were dating.

Who Is Charli XCX Dating

After that, the musician created a few songs on Charli’s album Crash in 2022. He is listed as a producer and songwriter on Charli’s 2023 song “In the City” with Sam Smith. They also remixed Caroline Polachek’s “Welcome to My Island” together at the start of 2023. Charli sang in her verse, “It was love at first sight from the moment we kissed. I want a white dress, a house in the country, and kids.”

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Charli XCX Career

It was “the most pop thing and the most electronic thing” that Charli XCX had ever done when she talked about her third record. Sophie, a Scottish producer, BloodPop, and Stargate were revealed to have worked on the album.

Charli XCX

She played a new song called “Vroom Vroom” for the first time on the Beats 1 Radio Show in October 2015 and said it would be the first song from her third solo album. She started a new experimental pop record label called Vroom Vroom Recordings on February 23, 2016, and her first EP, Vroom Vroom, would be out on February 26, 2016.

That day, the main song came out for real. Another song from the EP called “Trophy” was played for the first time that night on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show. It was also said that she would have her Beats 1 show every two weeks. Sophie mostly made Vroom Vroom as a teaser for her third studio record. When her avant-pop EP came out, it was a big change from her previous record, and reviews were mixed.

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