My Perfect Landing Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

The Canadian pre-teen TV show “My Perfect Landing” is another one of Frank Van Keken’s great works. He is well-known for TV shows like “The Next Step.” The first episode was written by Frank and …

My Perfect Landing Season 2 Release Date

The Canadian pre-teen TV show “My Perfect Landing” is another one of Frank Van Keken’s great works. He is well-known for TV shows like “The Next Step.” The first episode was written by Frank and Lyndon Casey together. He was also the only one who wrote the thirteenth and fifteenth shows.

The first episode aired on the Family Channel on January 8, 2020. Because of that, people of all ages have found it interesting. Its selling points are its skill at telling stories and its attention to detail in character growth and design. That’s why it’s called a pre-teen wonder.

When Is My Perfect Landing Season 2 Release Date?

Fans of the pre-teen sensation, My Perfect Landing, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season 2, which is rumored to hit screens in late 2024. Huge numbers of people watched and loved the first season of this Canadian TV show, leaving them wanting more. Although the show’s renewal hasn’t been officially announced, recent updates from the creators hint that Season 2 is already being worked on and will air in 2024.

My Perfect Landing Season 2 Release DateNote that these details are still just guesses, as the developers of My Perfect Landing have not yet announced a release date. More information about what will happen with their favorite show will be released soon, so fans will have to stay tuned. Here’s your Netflix guide.

My Perfect Landing Season 2 Plot: What Would It Be Able to Be About?

Whitney Cortez’s life changed a lot when she lost her job. She chose to move to Toronto with her kids, Jenny and Joon, from warm Miami.

Their goal was to start a gymnastics club with Whitney’s dad. It shows a mix of friendship, adventure, and good competition among the kids as they try to make it in this sport.

Jenny is very good at gymnastics. She is very good at quickly getting used to and making friends in a new place. There were good and bad people for her at her new school. She also did something brave when she chose to try out for the school gymnastics team.

my perfect landing season 2 release date

The show she and her friends put on was amazing, and there was an unexpected guest there to add some spice to the afternoon. On their way, they ran into a lot of problems. An old rival of one of the main characters, Gus, came back as a reporter, which made things nasty between them.

Olivia’s anger started to show at this point, and she began to think of a way to get Jenny to quit the time. Joon and his friends got there just in time to help Jenny by taking down Olivia’s video of her blackmailing her.

During this athletic trip, characters like Rachel and Keisha wished they had scientific project partners. This gave the story the much-needed humor and reality it needed. “Cortez Gymnastics” wasn’t just a gym anymore; it turned into a story about sticking with something, getting help, and making friends—all of which are very important when you are trying to reach your goal.

Who Will Be Part of My Perfect Landing Season 2? (Cast and Character)

Actor Character
Morgan Wigle Jenny Cortez
Tom Hulshof Joon Cortez
Helena Marie Whitney Cortez
Shawn Thompson Gus McIlroy
Natasha Zaborski Olivia Shaw
Francesca Van Keeken Rachel Osbourne
Ajanae Stephenson Keisha Armstrong
Jordan Clark Miss Allister
Holly Belbeck Cassie Lavoisier
Keira Still Bops Percival
Luca Assad Lena Montgomery

What Can We Expect from My Perfect Landing Season 2?

Many people are looking forward to seeing “Cortez Gymnastics,” which might come back for a second season of “My Perfect Landing,” but the plot is still unknown. But by the end of the first season, they still hadn’t finished or revealed a lot of stories and plots. This gives us many choices for Season 2 of My Perfect Landing.

There are many chances and many stories that haven’t been told yet. Jenny wants to be a gymnast, but she wants to be more competitive. Will her relationship with Gus grow as she asks him for help without telling her mother? Some possible focus points are the unresolved arguments, rivalries, and the fight against Olivia’s sneaky plans.

My Perfect Landing Season 2 Release Date

What happened to the Cortez Gymnastics Club adds to the puzzle. They have to deal with more problems now. People who watch will likely learn more about sports and other topics.

At the same time, family problems, new bonds, and rivalries can arise. Season 2 of My Perfect Landing will definitely be a great continuation of the story of the Cortez family, no matter what it brings.

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Where Can You Watch the Show?

Back in 2020, the show first aired on the Family Channel. Now, you can’t see it on television anymore. Netflix, on the other hand, has all of the shows from the first season for people who want to watch them. Do not wait to watch the shows; get a Netflix account right away and start watching.

Is There Any News “My Perfect Landing Season 2” Trailer?

There’s been no new information about “My Perfect Landing’s” second season. But as soon as sources confirm that there will be a second season, a video will be released. Here is the trailer for the first season:

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