Agent Elvis Season 2 Release Date: Get Ready for More Action with Many Twists!

The last season of Agent Elvis came out on Netflix seven months ago. Now, fans of the animated show want to know when Season 2 will be available. Netflix still hasn’t said when Agent Elvis …

Agent Elvis Season 2 Release Date

The last season of Agent Elvis came out on Netflix seven months ago. Now, fans of the animated show want to know when Season 2 will be available.

Netflix still hasn’t said when Agent Elvis season 2 will be available as of October 2023. A second season of the show has not yet been picked up.

We are still keeping an eye on the news, but this piece has everything you need to know about the possible next season, including news, rumors, and the cast.

When will Agent Elvis Season 2 Release Date?

Shows Streaming says that Netflix has not yet officially picked up Agent Elvis for a second season.

When did Agent Elvis end? No. This doesn’t always mean that the show has been dropped. The show might be on break, and the start date for the next season has not been announced yet. The show wasn’t really canceled by Netflix.

Agent Elvis Season 2 Release Date

→ Will Agent Elvis have a second season? We still don’t know when the next season will start. As soon as more information comes in, this page will be changed. If you’d like to know when a new season starts, sign up for updates below.

The next season will also have ten shows, which can be watched whenever you want on Netflix. The pilot show starts on March 15, 2024. Here is a list of shows with more information:

Episode Number Netflix Release Date Episode Name
2X01 March 15th, 2024 Episode 1
2X02 March 15th, 2024 Episode 2
2X03 March 15th, 2024 Episode 3
2X04 March 15th, 2024 Episode 4
2X05 March 15th, 2024 Episode 5
2X06 March 15th, 2024 Episode 6
2X07 March 15th, 2024 Episode 7
2X08 March 15th, 2024 Episode 8
2X09 March 15th, 2024 Episode 9
2X10 March 15th, 2024 Episode 10

Agent Elvis Season 2 Cast: Who’s in It?

Matthew McConaughey is a producer on the show, so it seems possible that he would return to voice the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll if the show gets a second season. The same goes for Priscilla Presley, who plays herself on the show.

These other voice artists could come back:

• Kaitlin Olson as special agent Cece
• Johnny Knoxville as Elvis’s pal Bobby Ray
• Niecy Nash as Bertie
• Tom Kenny as Scatter the chimpanzee
• Don Cheadle as The Commander
• Ed Helms as singer Robert Goulet
• Kieran Culkin as bad guy Gabriel Wolf

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Agent Elvis Season 2 Plot: What Will Happen?

If you watched the first 10 episodes of Agent Elvis, you know that the last episode left you hanging. If you haven’t, please turn away now.

Elvis and Cece found out that singer Robert Goulet, who may also be Cece’s dad, was the spy in TCB. He is now being held by The Commander, but there is a bigger bad guy planning to use a satellite broadcast of Elvis’s 1973 Aloha from Hawaii shows to brainwash everyone.

Agent Elvis Season 2 Release Date

That bad guy is Gabriel Wolf, and he thinks Elvis killed his preacher father. When Gabriel’s dad tried to burn Elvis’s album because he thought it was devil’s music, he burned himself and his house instead. At the end of the last episode, Gabriel is still on the run.

They need to catch him. Actually, that’s not really clear. Their plan to save Scatter from space (where he was damaging the satellite) ran into some problems when Bobby Ray told them that Elvis’s private plane didn’t have a heat shield to protect them when they came back to Earth.

At the end of the show, Elvis offered to protect the spaceship, probably using his amazing charisma, as it hurtled toward Earth and started to catch fire. Bobby Ray, Scatter, and Cece were inside, and Elvis was in front of the plane blocking the fire.

Even The Commander isn’t sure if The King will make it through that, so he calls Howard Hughes, a millionaire eccentric, to see if he is still making clones in his free time, in case the world needs another Elvis.

As far as we know, the real Elvis never fell through the atmosphere while attached to a spaceship. He lived until August 16, 1977. Since this season ends in 1973, there is room for more stories that mix fact and fiction about Elvis if a second season is made.

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