Dependent Protection Scheme 2024: What is DPS Scheme and Who is Eligible? Payment Date and Amount

Explore Dependent Protection Scheme 2024 in its entirety: Who Qualifies for the DPS Scheme and What Is It? Date and Sum of Payment. In the event of unforeseen events, the family may benefit from having …

Explore Dependent Protection Scheme 2024 in its entirety: Who Qualifies for the DPS Scheme and What Is It? Date and Sum of Payment. In the event of unforeseen events, the family may benefit from having short-term life insurance. We have given the Dependent Protection Scheme a lot of attention because it will undoubtedly be useful in unforeseen circumstances.

Dependent Protection Scheme 2024

Contributors to the CPF are eligible for the DPS. All residents are assisted in saving an additional amount for retirement through the CPF, a supplemental and mandated social security savings program. Both employees and employers actively contribute to the plan, and both parties have access to it upon retirement.

It is the country’s biggest retirement funding program. The money is transferred to a number of accounts, including savings accounts, Medicare accounts, and special accounts, which can be used to pay for other financial services, Medicare costs, or the purchase of a new house. In addition to CPF, other retirement savings choices include other investment opportunities and private pension plans.

DPS offers the claimant’s family financial help in the event of death, severe illness, or disability. A vital component of safeguarding the spouse and any dependent children is owning life insurance. The entire DPS in Singapore is overseen by Greater Eastern Life.

What is the DPS Scheme?

If a candidate has already paid their first contribution to the CPF, they are not required to complete the application. Usually, completing manual DPS applications requires going to the local office. The deserving citizen instantly calls the website’s hotline number or goes to the Great Eastern Centers if the DPS has not been involved.

Dependent Protection Scheme

Because the DPS payment is deducted straight from the CPF plan, members do not need to worry about setting aside additional funds to participate in the program. Cash payments are required if there are not enough money in the CPF account or if the full premium fund is being paid at once.

Who is Eligible For DPS?

The application process is free of charge, so take advantage of this opportunity and contribute to safeguarding your family in the event of impending adversity. Examine your eligibility using the information provided in the points below.

Take a look at the detailed distinction between a terminal illness and a permanent handicap. A terminal illness is a physical or mental ailment that is incurable and may potentially result in the patient’s death. On the other hand, a lifelong impairment is one that doesn’t heal and doesn’t have an end in sight.

Dependent Protection Scheme Payment Date 2024

Cash, paper checks, GIRO, Great Eastern Application, and CPF are the payment gateways used to receive the DPS payment. By completing the online opt-out form, the beneficiary can obtain the DPS amount at any time.

Members should carefully consider opting out only after being aware of their eligibility and benefits. People must access their medical records in order to re-join the DPS, and enrollment is contingent upon the applicant’s overall health.

Dependent Protection Scheme Amount 2024

A lump sum payment of $70,000 will be made to the member who is between the ages of 21 and 60. In addition, the member will receive $55,000 for being between the ages of 60 and 65. Remember to take out the Dependent Protection Scheme Amount prior to reaching 65 years of age.

Members of the CPF are automatically registered in the DPS program; if you would want to participate in Great Eastern Life term insurance, please follow our instructions.

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